Dota 2 DPC Tour 2 Division I Week 2 Overview - Western Europe and Eastern Europe

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Week 2 in the Western European and Eastern European Tour 2 Division I is over, meaning we’re one step closer to seeing which teams will advance to the Major. Needless to say, these two Dota 2 regions are the most competitive ones in the world right now, meaning we had a lot of epic matches. Week 3 will be even more interesting to watch because it’s the last chance for some teams to secure a Major slot or their survival in the division.

With that said, let’s return to Week 2 and review some of the series that stood out from Western and Eastern Europe’s Division I. Remember that you can check the action from Week 1, as well as many other interesting Dota 2-related news and articles by visiting our full Dota 2 section.

Western Europe

The most competitive Dota 2 region in the world is always an arena of epic series, and Week 2 of the Tour 2 wasn’t an exception. There were a couple more exciting matches to watch, so in this article, we’ll go over them.

Team Liquid and Nigma Galaxy

The first one we had the chance to watch in WEU’s Division 1 Tour 2 was between Liquid and Nigma Galaxy. Although people expected Liquid to win (and it did), the series was much more intense than most people thought.

The first clash stood out because it was almost one hour long. During these 57 minutes, we had the chance to watch some of the best heroes from both teams, including Ammar’s Timbersaw. Unfortunately, although Liquid had good chances of winning, they couldn’t win and lost the first match.

The excellent news for Nisha and the rest was that the squad bounced back and won the subsequent games. Even more impressive is that Liquid had hardly any problems in both and won in 30 minutes.

The second game was a bloodbath because Nigma’s greedy draft with Huskar and Luna didn’t work as planned. Unsurprisingly, Liquid took full advantage and ripped through its opponents.

In the last game of the series, Liquid got Nisha his favorite Morphling, and he proved once again he’s among the best in the world. After winning all lanes, Liquid used the momentum and defeated NGX, delivering another loss to KuroKy’s squad.

Eastern Europe

Albeit less attractive than Western Europe, the Eastern European DPC 2023 Tour 2 Week 2 gave us access to a few intriguing matches. The usual suspects performed well and almost secured their slots for the upcoming Major.

Team Spirit defeats HYDRA.

HYDRA is one of the new teams in Division I, and it is performing better than expected. However, despite securing 2 victories and one loss before the match, it had to face its biggest challenge yet in the face of Team Spirit.

While discussing Team Spirit, we must mention that the squad has had a few problems with Tour 2. It secured 2 victories before this match, and as expected, it also won this series. However, it wasn’t easy because we watched 3 complete games.

After getting Drow Ranger and Sniper in the first map, we all expected Spirit to win in under 30 minutes. However, the team made many mistakes, allowing their opponents to take control of the match and eventually win.

Even though HYDRA got a pretty good pick for the second game, it wasn’t powerful enough to deal with Yatoro’s Anti-Mage. However, one of the best CIS carries had no problems helping his team equalize the match.

The third game between the 2 was the most intriguing yet. HYDRA’s Storm Spirit and Pudge draft did better than expected, but in the end, Team Spirit’s Morphling proved too strong. Slowly, the hero became too powerful to bring down and won the match.

Other important results

Aside from the series mentioned above, WEU and EEU gave us access to many other exciting results. For example, Nigma Galaxy bounced back after its loss against Liquid and defeated Monaspa and Oorendoo Thunders. This was very important because SumaiL and the rest escaped from the last 2 spots in Division I.

Speaking of the devil, OG continues to have problems after losing 2 matches during Week 2. Bzm and co. They couldn’t overcome Gaimin Gladiators, and the squad lost its series against Monaspa. This puts them in a tough spot because OG only has 2 more matches until the end of Tour 2 in WEU.

Regarding Eastern Europe, Team Spirit continued its dominance and dealt with Natus Vincere and Darkside. However, Yatoro and the rest are on another level, so we can’t wait to see the match between them and HellRaisers in Week 3.

While we’re on RAMZES666 and the rest, HR secured 2 critical victories this week. First, the team dealt with BetBoom Team and HYDRA, which gave them the second spot in Division I.

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