Dota 2 Patch 7.36b Main Updates and Meta Changes

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Dota 2 released patch 7.36b, which includes changes to hero and item balance, bug fixes, and improvements to the "Vision Sharing" and "Forced Movement & Knockback" mechanics.

Vision Sharing

The mechanics of how vision sharing works for units outside the player's control have been updated. This affects some facets of Mars and Night Stalker.

Forced Movement & Knockback

Forced Movement is an action that moves a unit against its will. Knockback is any effect that can push or pull a unit to a certain distance in a short period.

The Following Abilities Are Considered Knockback:

  • Arc Warden's Magnetic Field
  • Batrider's Flame Break
  • Beastmaster's Primal Roar
  • Bloodseeker's Rupture with Arterial Spray
  • Clockwerk's Power Cogs
  • Disruptor's Electromagnetic Repulsion
  • Drow Ranger's Gust
  • Earth Spirit's Boulder Smash
  • Invoker's Defeaning Blast
  • Keeper of the Light's Blinding Light
  • Magnus' Shockwave
  • Magnus' Reverse Reverse Polarity
  • Mars' God's Rebuke
  • Morphling's Adaptive Strike
  • Puck's Jostling Rift
  • Roshan's Walk
  • Queen of Pain's Sonic Wave
  • Sniper's Headshot
  • Spirit Breaker's Greater Bash
  • Tusk's Walrus Kick
  • Force Staff
  • Hurricane Pike
  • Havoc Hammer

Top 5 Heroes With The Highest Win-rate in This Patch:

Let's analyze how patch 7.36b impacted the game's meta. These five heroes didn't get a significant boost in the new patch, but their win percentages increased significantly due to fixes to other characters.

Dark Seer

Dota 2 Hero: Dark Seer

Win Rate: 56.75%

Facet: Heart of Battle

Dark Seer is one of the strongest offlaners in the current patch, excelling in the laning phase and team fights.

Dark Seer Facet: Heart of Battle


Dota 2 Hero: Underlord

Win Rate: 56.12%

Facet: Abyssal Horde

Underlord is a top-tier hero for purchasing team auras. His item build and AOE abilities make him an excellent character for team fights. His ultimate significantly enhances the team's mobility.

Underlord Facet: Abyssal Horde

Lone Druid

Dota 2 Hero: Lone Druid

Win Rate: 56.11%

Facet: Bear with Me

Lone Druid is most effective in the midlaner role. He's solid at the laning stage and has one of the best push potentials in the game.

Lone Druid Facet: Bear with Me

Arc Warden

Dota 2 Hero: Arc Warden

Win Rate: 55.76%

Facet: Disorder

Arc Warden is one of the strongest split-pushers in Dota 2. His ultimate ability allows this hero to continually push lanes. Arc Warden's strengths include his ability to pressure opponents significantly during the laning phase and his fast farming speed.

Arc Warden Facet: Disorder


Dota 2 Hero: Lifestealer

Win Rate: 55.18%

Facet: Corpse Eater

Lifestealer can be called the best carry of this patch. With the new Facet, this hero can easily have over 500 bonus health by mid-game.

Lifestealer Facet: Corpse Eater

Top 5 Heroes With The Lowest Win-rate:


Dota 2 Hero: Batrider

Win Rate: 37.09%

Facet: Arsonist

Batrider, in this Facet, shows one of the lowest win rates in the game. This hero could be more effective at dealing damage to structures. He is much more suitable for other game tasks, such as initiating fights.

Batrider Facet: Arsonist


Dota 2 Hero: Magnus

Win Rate: 37.93%

Facet: Reverse Reverse Polarity

Magnus has always been a great hero for team fights, especially with his ultimate ability, which often left the entire enemy team in awe. However, the new Facet, Reverse Reverse Polarity, is among the worst. It renders the ultimate practically useless. Perhaps players will discover new strategies for this character in the future.

Magnus Facet: Reverse Reverse Polarity

Keeper of the Light

Dota 2 Hero: Keeper of the Light

Win Rate: 38.93%

Facet: Recall

The Recall ability is quite interesting as it can significantly increase the mobility of allies. However, it cannot compete with Solar Bind, substantially increasing the hero's and allies' kill potential.

Keeper of the Light Facet: Recall


Dota 2 Hero: Morphling

Win Rate: 39.22%

Facet: Flow

The new Facet: Flow makes strength the primary attribute for the hero. This build is less effective for farming and fighting than the classic Morphling build. Nevertheless, we might see this hero returning to the support or offlane positions.

Morphling Facet: Flow

Sand King

Dota 2 Hero: Sand King

Win Rate: 39.80%

Facet: Dust Devil

Sand King has undergone some of the patch's most significant changes, and Dust Devil Facet received an important fix.

Radius decreased from 425/500/575/650 to 300/350/400/450. It also no longer centers on Sand King after Burrowstrike.

Sand King Facet: Dust Devil


In the latest update, Patch 7.36b, many balance changes were made to the game, and new mechanics like "Vision Sharing" and "Forced Movement & Knockback" were introduced. The game's meta has significantly shifted due to the Facets change. Unfortunately, Sand King, one of the strongest characters in the previous patch, has been heavily nerfed.

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