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    Let’s learn more about BetBoom Dacha, one of the interesting Dota 2 tournaments before The International 12.

    Following the end of the Riyadh Masters 2023, most of us expected that the best Dota 2 teams would relax and start preparing for The International 12. Dota 2’s biggest tournament of the year will take place around two months from now, so teams need to come up with new ideas.

    While it’s true that some of them will do that, others will take part in yet another online/offline tournament called BetBoom Dacha. The latter will take place in Yerevan and include many of the biggest Dota 2 players in the world. Even though this event is not a part of the DPC, its $250K reward attracted a lot of big names, so let’s learn more about it and which teams can be potential favorites.

    Overview and Format

    The first important thing you need to know about the BetBoom Dacha tournament is that it will begin on 7 August and end on 16 September. FISSURE and BetBoom Esports are behind this event, which explains why it has a $250,000 prize pool.

    Regarding the format, there will be 16 teams, eight seeded into an online stage, and the rest seeded into the LAN stage. The online format will begin on 7 August and last until 13 August, whereas the LAN format will start on 10 September and last until 16 September.

    What’s interesting about the online format is that it will have a Play-In stage with two GSL groups of four teams each, where the games are Bo3, and only two teams will advance to the next stage. The Decider will be a double-elimination bracket with Bo3 matches and a Bo5 Grand Final. The winner will receive a slot for the LAN stage.

    The latter will have two groups of four teams, but the matches will be in Bo2. The two teams from each group go to the Upper Bracket, the third team goes to the Lower Bracket, and the last one is eliminated.

    The playoffs will have Bo3 matches and a Bo5 Grand Final, where the winner will take $150,000. Interestingly, the second team will take $62,500, whereas the third one will get $25,000 (the 4th one receives $12,500).


    Both the online and LAN stages will allow us to watch many of the biggest names in Dota 2. We are yet to learn the name of the last squad, but here’s what we know so far.

    Online stage

    The teams that will take part in the online stage include:

    • Virtus.Pro
    • One Move
    • Level UP
    • Nemiga Gaming
    • KZ Team
    • Alliance
    • Luna Galaxy
    • Nigma Galaxy

    Even though you are probably not familiar with some of the teams here, there’s no arguing that 3 of them stand out. Of course, Nigma Galaxy is the first name that comes to mind because the squad is ready to break the curse. Following the roster changes, the team consists of interesting players who will try to secure the last spot for the LAN event. is the second big team that people will pay attention to. The CIS powerhouse hasn’t been able to overcome some of the biggest names in the region lately, but it has the firepower to do so. This will be a good test for squad1x and the rest to see if they have what it takes to be among the best in Europe.

    Last but not least, we have Alliance, the team that has made many roster changes but hasn’t been able to shine. With players like s4 and Handsken on its roster, Alliance is a team that’s always worth paying attention to.

    The remaining teams on the Online stage are also interesting because they have some big names. KZ Team, for example, has dEsire and SsaSpartan, two of the best Greek Dota 2 players. Luna Galaxy will play alongside Davai Lama and Shad, whereas One Move consists of AfterLife. In other words, BetBoom Dacha will be an interesting tournament to follow.

    LAN Stage

    As mentioned, we are yet to learn the name of the last team that will take part in the LAN stage of the event. With that said, here are the participants that have confirmed they’ll be a part of it:

    • Gaimin Gladiators
    • Team Spirit
    • BetBoom Team
    • 9Pandas
    • Team Aster
    • Beastcoast

    At first glance, Team Spirit is the biggest name on the list because the squad just won the Riyadh Masters 2023. Even though most of us did not expect these results, Yatoro and the rest impressed us with their performance and won the largest prize pool in 2023.

    The second big club that players will be eager to watch in action is Gaimin Gladiators. The Riyadh Masters 2023 was the only event in 2023 that the team couldn’t win so far, which means that a lot of players and Dota 2 experts still think this is the best team in the world. Of course, Quinn and the rest must prove this again by competing against some of the best during BetBoom Dacha.

    The third big squad at BetBoom Dacha that we will pay more attention to is the BetBoom Team, which also happens to be one of the organizers. The CIS powerhouse has achieved impressive results lately, even though it was involved in a controversy during the Bali Major 2023. Pure~and his team looks very dangerous, so we can’t wait to see if they can win against some of the best in CIS and WEU.

    Last but not least, we need to include Team Aster. Even though some people will say that the Chinese are not in the same league as the WEU and EEU teams, Aster is an exception. Thanks to players like SumaiL, the team has had good results lately and proven it can take down bigger names.

    Be sure to follow for more information about this Dota 2 tournament. We will also make sure to provide you with details about The International 12.

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