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    DreamLeague Season 20 is among the most impressive non-DPC tournaments in 2023, and it's the last big event before The Bali Major 2023. As mentioned in the DreamLeague Season 20 Overview, the competition will have two Group Stages, and the first has just ended. Some of the results were shocking, to say the least, so it's time to go over both groups and see which teams will advance to the event's next stage and which will be heading home.

    It's worth reminding you that only four teams out of eight in Group A and B will advance to Group Stage 2. This made all games even more interesting to watch.

    Group A - Winners

    Even though some Dota 2 players could disagree, Group A was the more interesting to watch. Besides most of the favorites being there, some results shocked everyone. After numerous epic series, in the end, these four teams will advance to Group Stage 2:

    • PSG.LGD
    • Team Spirit
    • Talon Esports
    • Evil Geniuses

    Unsurprisingly, China's most dominant team became the first to qualify for Group Stage 2 of the event. PSG.LGD didn't have that many problems and didn't lose a single match. However, the team secured a lot of draws, so it'll be interesting to see its results in the Bo3 series.

    The second team that advances to the event's next stage is Talon Esports. Unlike their Chinese counterparts, Talon couldn't qualify for the Bali Major 2023. However, the team performed better than expected in Group Stage 1.

    Next, we have Team Spirit, the best squad in Eastern Europe. Dota 2 fans who've kept an eye on this squad are not surprised by the team's results. Team Spirit also didn't lose a single series and will take its place among the best in Europe.

    Finally, we have Evil Geniuses, the team that had to participate in the Tiebreaker to earn its place among the best. It wasn't easy, but the two victories against Tundra and Team Secret allowed the team to finish 4th.

    Group A - Eliminations

    Sadly, not everyone in Group A lived up to their fans' expectations. The most notable name here is Team Liquid, one of the big favorites to win DreamLeague Season 20. Nisha's team has reached the finals of all three big tournaments, including DreamLeague Season 19. However, the team has had many problems following the arrival of 7.33 and does not know how to use the patch to its advantage yet.

    Team Liquid didn't win a single series after the first three days at the event. As a result, the team became the first to be eliminated from DreamLeague Season 20. Hopefully, the squad will be able to bounce back for The Bali Major 2023, which starts in just a couple of days from now.

    The second team we won't see in Group Stage 2 of DreamLeague Season 20 is TSM. Bryle and his crew also need help adapting to the new meta, which became apparent during the North America Tour 3 Division I. After the team failed to qualify for The Bali Major 2023, it couldn't shine in this event either.

    Number 3 on the list is Team Secret. Despite the promising start of the event, Puppey's squad could not use the momentum and qualify for Group Stage 2. Sadly, the team had problems in the Tiebreakers and lost.

    The last spot that definitely shocked everyone is Tundra Esports. The squad that finished first in Western Europe's Tour 3 without a single loss could not qualify among the top 4 after losing the Bo1 match against EG.

    Group B - Winners

    People who were surprised by the results from Group A were even more puzzled after the end of the series in Group B. There were a couple of favorites here that we paid close attention to, and most of them lived up to the expectations. However, some teams weren't so fortunate, meaning we won't be able to see them in Group Stage 2 of DreamLeague Season 20.

    With that said, here are the squads that will advance to the event's next stage:

    • 9Pandas
    • Gaimin Gladiators
    • Team Aster
    • BetBoom Team

    Even though 9Pandas is one of the Eastern European squads, we didn't expect it to perform as well as it did. RAMZES666 and his teammates exceeded expectations and had fewer problems against their opponents. Ultimately, the team secured enough victories to guarantee itself a sport in the event's next stage.

    The second big name we will have the chance to watch in the next Group Stage is Gaimin Gladiators. Most people are not surprised the squad made it because GG is the best team in the world right now. Quinn and the rest are on a massive winning streak after securing all three big events.

    BetBoom Team, one of Eastern Europe's pride and joy, will also be among the eight best at DreamLeague Season 20. Despite losing two series, gpk, and his crew won 3 matches and finished second in Group B. That said, the team lost the game versus 9Pandas, so it will be interesting to see if there will be a rematch.

    Lastly, we have Team Aster, the second team from China that will advance to Group Stage 2. Even though the team barely made it, in the end, two victories, four draws, and one loss were enough for Monet's team to finish 4th.

    Group B - Eliminations

    In terms of the squads at DreamLeague Season 20 Group B that we won't see in Group Stage 2, there are a few big names we did not expect to see. That said, Entity became the first squad that won't be at the next stage of this event after seducing three losses and three draws within the first three days. The Dota 2 players who've followed the Western European DPC are probably not surprised because Entity couldn't qualify for the Major. In fact, it barely secured its Tour 1 slot.

    The list of eliminated teams continues with another Western European representative - OG. Even though the squad was among the favorites, the DreamLeague Season 20 Group Stage 1 results didn't allow the squad to move forward.

    The third team that surprised many Dota 2 fans worldwide is Shopify Rebellion. The best team in North America was on an excellent streak after qualifying for The Bali Major 2023. However, more was needed for Arteezy and the rest to advance to the next stage of this event.

    Finally, we have the second big South American team at DreamLeague Season 20 - beastcoast. With one loss, one victory, and five draws, the team finished just behind Team Aster and won't be able to show its prowess.

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