How To Play Faceless Void in Dota 2? Tips and Tricks by Pro

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Faceless Void is an excellent carry hero who remains relevant at all game stages. He has high mobility and excellent team-fighting potential. Thanks to Time Walk, Void is quite strong in the laning stage. Efficient use of this ability allows the hero to save a lot of resources.

Hero Pros:

  • High mobility thanks to Time Walk
  • Solo kill potential
  • One of the best heroes for team fights in the game
  • Great for scalability in the game's late-game


  • Dependent on items and farming
  • Long Chronosphere cooldown
  • Face difficulties while laning against heroes with periodic damage

Item Build

Starting Items

This starting purchase will provide sufficient stats and allow you to easily last-hit creeps.

Early Game

This is a versatile early-game build. MoM enhances the hero's killing potential and speeds up creep farming.

Mid Game

This build will be optimal in most games as it provides enough damage and survivability for the Faceless Void. If the enemy team consists of heroes such as Naga Siren, Bounty Hunter, Slardar, and others with abilities that need to be dispelled but don't rely heavily on magic damage, purchasing Manta Style over Black King Bar would be wise.

Late Game

It is advantageous to optimize builds for a specific late-game peak continuously. If your team includes heroes capable of dealing significant damage within Chronosphere, consider purchasing Refresher Orb earlier.

Situational Items

Top Neutral Items

Skill Build

  • Time Walk: is a very effective ability, as it allows you to start fights and quickly change position to avoid unnecessary deaths. It's a valuable skill in the laning phase because it lets you soak up significant damage from enemies, allowing you to play more aggressively.
  • Time Dilation: This spell is particularly effective against heroes like Batrider or Bristleback, who often spam their abilities.
  • Time Lock: This ability enables you to attack enemy heroes, dealing increased damage, and significantly improves Faceless Void's farming potential.
  • Chronosphere: is Faceless Void's crucial ability. It is this ability that makes this hero incredibly strong in team fights. Use it as efficiently as possible, as this spell has a long cooldown. The key to using Chrono correctly is prioritizing your targets and choosing your position in the fight. Coordinate with your allies to properly prioritize your targets in a fight.


  • Level 10: Choosing +0.5s Time WalkBacktrack Duration as the first talent is better. This talent slightly increases the hero's survivability.
  • Level 15: The second talent is +30 Time Lock Damage, significantly increasing the hero's kill potential.
  • Level 20: The third talent is +80 Attack Speed during Chronosphere. This talent is one of Faceless Void's "Power Peaks".
  • Level 25: The final talent is 20% Backtrack. This ability is a universal dodge, against which neither MKB nor Bloodthorn will help.

Game Phases

Usually, Faceless Void plays as a Carry (with rare exceptions when he is taken as Offline or Full Support). His main goal is to reach his peak strength quickly and participate in fights with his Ultimate.

Laning Phase

During the laning phase, Faceless Void should focus on farming creeps. He can be more aggressive early on with Time Walk, so trying to attack enemy heroes and watch out for Time Lock is essential. If Bash hits an enemy hero a few times, it's an excellent opportunity to set up a kill.


Playing around your hero's and allies' power peaks in the mid-game is essential. Keep farming, but also watch the action across the map. Always have a Town Portal Scroll so you can join the fight when needed.


In the late game, prioritize fighting around the Chronosphere ability. Ensure you have enough gold for Buyback, which can be crucial in deciding the game's outcome.


When playing as Faceless Void, it's crucial to farm effectively. As a Carry, there are different farming patterns to consider. The choice of pattern depends on a few key factors:

  • The current game situation, such as whether your team is winning or losing.
  • The status of the enemy's Tier 1 and Tier 2 Towers directly affects the available farming space.
  • The cooldown status of Chronosphere.

Void is a hero who heavily relies on items for his effectiveness. It's important to boost his farming potential to maximize his farming efficiency. Purchasing Maelstrom is crucial as it is one of the best items for Void, especially when combined with Mask of Madness.

Once you've obtained Maelstrom, focus on moving towards the hard lane and consistently farming in that area. Clear the "triangle", eliminate the nearby Ancient Creep camp, and push the lane as much as possible. Afterward, clear the next Neutral camp, return to the triangle, and repeat the process.

How to Use Resources?

During the laning phase, it is crucial to use your resources efficiently. Time Walk allows you to play more aggressively. If possible, engage enemy heroes, use their abilities, and trade HP. Time Walk allows you to replenish your health instantly. However, if you are up against heroes with a lot of periodic damage, such as Viper, Jakiro, Dazzle, or Venomancer, consider getting additional resource recovery items like Tango, Healing Salve, and Clarity.


When playing as Faceless Void during team fights, the most important thing is to choose the proper position. Always use Time Walk wisely. This ability allows you to initiate a fight and quickly change your position in a team fight. Suppose your opponents have heroes like Dazzle, Io, Oracle, Omniknight, Lich, and Winter Wyvern who can save your allies, focus on them first. Use Chronosphere on the most critical enemy heroes.


1. Stay in touch with your allies at all times.

2. During the laning phase, communicate with your teammate about your intentions to attack opponents or play more defensively. Don't hesitate to ask your teammate for "Tango" or "Healing Salve" to farm the lane better. Also, communicate when to pull neutral creeps to regain a favorable position on the lane.

3. Inform your teammates when your Chronosphere ability is off cooldown, and you're ready to join a fight.

4. Take on a leadership role within the team. Communicate which part of the map you want to engage in fights and which targets to focus on.

Tips by Pro

  • If facing a hard lane with opponents constantly pressuring you, consider farming the nearest neutral camps. This will allow you to earn extra gold and experience.
  • Ask your Support to stack neutral camps whenever possible to increase your gold and experience income.
  • Time Lock has a pseudorandom chance of triggering. If you have attacked a creep several times without triggering Bash, try attacking the enemy hero next. This significantly increases the probability of triggering the ability.
  • Be careful when using Chronosphere against Rubick. While Void can move within the enemy Chronosphere, allies cannot.

What Are The Common Void Suggestions?

Which heroes best match up with Faceless Void?

The best heroes to pair with Faceless Void are those who can deal significant damage in Chronosphere. Some of the best allies for Faceless Void include Invoker, Phoenix, Lich, Snapfire, Jakiro, Dark Seer, Crystal Maiden, Skywrath Mage, and others.

What heroes is Faceless Void bad against?

Faceless Void is weak against heroes like Lone Druid, Meepo, Naga Siren, Night Stalker, Outworld Destroyer, Shadow Demon, Oracle, and Omniknight.

When should you buy a fast Black King Bar, and when should you buy a Manta Style?

Manta Style should be purchased when facing enemy heroes such as Naga Siren, Bounty Hunter, and Slardar, who rely on abilities that need to be dispelled rather than magic damage.

What is the best way to use Chronosphere?

When playing as Faceless Void, you must be ready to fight when your ultimate ability is available. When selecting targets, prioritize using Chronosphere on heroes that can save their allies, such as Oracle, Shadow Demon, Omniknight, and Dazzle. In other cases, the Chronosphere is used for the most crucial enemy heroes.

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