Vengeful Spirit Guide In Dota 2. New Facets And Battle Fury Build

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Today, we want to tell you about a new build for Vengeful Spirit as Carry. This build was made possible by patch 7.36 by adding Aspectmechanics to the game.

The build is based on the Soul Strike Aspect. It allows the hero to take advantage of all the benefits of melee attacks while staying distant from enemies.

Vengeful Spirit is a versatile ranged hero that is quite effective at all game stages. Venge is usually used as a Support, but her high base stats combined with a new Aspect allow you to turn this hero into a full-fledged Carry.

Hero Pros:

  • Great base damage
  • Excellent base stats with a good boost
  • Good farming potential
  • Great scaling in the late-game
  • No long cooldowns

Hero Cons:

  • Low mobility
  • Dependent on items and farming
  • Short attack range

Item Build

Starting Items

At the start of the game, we take as many stats as possible. The new Soul Strike Aspect allows us to get all the benefits of Quelling Blade.

Early Game

At the laning stage, we gain stats and start building Battle Fury. This item is fully functional on our hero and will significantly speed up farming.

Mid Game

In the middle stage of the game, we have several options to choose from. It is still right to depend on the specific situation in the game, but we will try to find you the most universal items that will be effective in most cases.

Late Game

Collect as much damage and stats as possible late in the game. If necessary, Black King Bar can be bought earlier.

Situational Items

Here, we have provided examples of items that may be needed in various situations. For instance, in a patch against Windranger or Phantom Assassin, you will need to buy Monkey King Bar. And if you lack mobility, Shadow Blade and Silver Edge are good choices.

Top Neutral Items

We've selected the most effective neutral items from each category for you.

Skill Build

This skill build is versatile and will work for most games.

  • Magic Missile is an excellent targeting nuke and disabling ability that allows us to stun heroes for a long time and damage single targets. Aghanim's Shard is a significant boost to this ability. However, this spell has a high mana cost, so you should use it wisely.
  • Wave of Terror is a tremendous radius ability that deals a small amount of damage but significantly reduces the armor of affected enemies. Effective use of this spell can knock out an opponent's Blink Dagger, and it is also quite effective against Healing Salve and Clarity during the laning phase.
  • Vengeance Aura significantly increases damage to yourself and your allies.
  • Nether Swap allows you to switch positions with the chosen hero instantly. This spell effectively initiates fights and saves allied heroes from a critical situation.


  • Level 10: It is better to choose the +100 Magic Missile Cast Range as the first talent. This allows us to disable opponents more effectively.
  • Level 15: The second talent is -5 Wave of Terror Armor. This talent speeds up our farming and enhances the hero's combat potential.
  • Level 20: The third talent is Wave of Terror Steals 20% of Reduced Damage. This talent lets you deal more melee damage during fights.
  • Level 25: The last talent to choose is a +16% Vengeance Aura Base Damage Bonus to boost your and your allies' damage.

Game Phases

This guide will tell you how to play as Vengeful Spirit in the Carry position at all game stages. The main objective is to farm the necessary items quickly, reach your power peak, and gain an advantage.

Laning Phase

Vengeful Spirit is vital in the laning phase. This is a versatile ranged hero that has a lot of stats. Don't hesitate to trade attacks with your opponents and try to put pressure on them constantly. However, use Magic Missile wisely, as this ability costs relatively high mana.


In the middle stage of the game, try to play from your hero's and allies' "Power Peaks". Buy Battle Fury and focus on farming, but at the same time, keep an eye on the action all over the map. Ask your Supports to do Neutral Stacks for you. This will significantly increase your farming speed.

Always have a Town Portal Scroll so you can join the fight when needed.


Choosing the correct position during team fights is the key to victory late in the game. Vengeful Spirit can not only initiate fights but also save allies. While it's not worth risking it to save your Support, sometimes it's appropriate if one of your allied Core heroes gets ambushed.


How do you farm effectively when playing Vengeful Spirit? There are several basic farming patterns when playing as a Carry. These depend on a few key things:

  • What is the current situation in the game, whether your team is winning or losing?
  • Whether enemy Tier-1 or Tier-2 Towers are destroyed directly affects how much space you have for farming.
  • What items do you have in the stash?

Vengeful Spirit is a hero who is very dependent on items and stats. To start farming as efficiently as possible, you must increase the hero's farming potential. To do this, you can buy Battle Fury. The Soul Strike aspect will maximize the effectiveness of this item and significantly accelerate our farming.

After buying Battle Fury, always try to move towards the hard lane and keep playing on this part of the map. Always use Wave of Terror to kill creeps faster.

Clean up the "Triangle," kill the next Ancient Creep camp, and clear the lane as much as possible. Then, kill the next Neutral camp, return to the Triangle, and do it again.

How to Use Resources?

During the laning stage, it's essential to use your resources efficiently.

Whenever possible, attack enemy heroes, and don't hesitate to trade attacks with enemies. Try to use Wave of Terror actively.

If necessary, get additional resource recovery items such as Tango, Healing Salve, and Clarity. This will allow you to defend your lane more effectively.


Positioning is the most important when playing as Vengeful Spirit during team fights.

Nether Swap allows you to initiate fights and ruin the positioning of the enemy team. If your opponents have heroes like Dazzle, Io, Oracle, Omniknight, Lich, and Winter Wyvern that can save allies, try focusing them first.

Use Nether Swap on the most important and easy enemy targets to deal with them quickly. However, remember to ensure you don't end up in a terrible position after using your Ultimate.


It is vital always to maintain contact with your allies.

During the laning phase, tell your teammate when you want to attack your opponents or when you want to play less aggressively. Don't hesitate to ask your teammate for "Tango" or "Flask" so that you can defend the lane more effectively. Tell your teammate when to pull Neutral creeps to get the lane back to a more favorable position if necessary.

Tell your teammates if you will use Nether Swap on one of the enemy heroes.

Try to be the leader of the team.

Tips by Pro

  • If you have a tough lane and the opponents constantly press you, go to the nearest Neutral spot to farm it. This will allow you to earn some extra gold and experience.
  • Ask your Supports to stack neutrals, earning you extra gold and experience.
  • Wave of Terror gives you a vision. You can use this ability in combination with Nether Swap to pull enemy heroes from high ground.
  • Always be careful when using Nether Swap. Make sure you avoid accidentally putting yourself in a disadvantageous position.

What Are The Common Issues When Playing Vengeful Spirit?

What are the best allies for the Vengeful Spirit?

The best allies are heroes with disables, debuffs and slows. Slardar, Treant Protector, Tiny, Muerta, Ogre Magi, etc.

Which heroes is Vengeful Spirit bad against?

Anti-Mage, Slark, Spectre, and Phantom Assassin work best against Vengeful Spirit.

Will Battle Fury, Basher, Abyssal Blade, Echo Sabre, and Harpoon be fully functional?

Yes, they will, thanks to the new Soul Strike aspect.

What is the best way to use Nether Swap?

Nether Swap can be used both to initiate a fight, to get a chance to start a team fight at a favorable moment for the team, and for counter-initiation, for example, to knock out key enemy abilities like Black Hole or Flaming Lasso.

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