The International 12 Qualifiers - Which Teams To Keep an Eye On?

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Here's more information about The International 12 qualifiers and the teams to keep an eye on.

Even though we already know the names of the first 12 teams that will participate in The International 12, several other slots must be determined. That's why Dota 2 fans worldwide are slowly preparing for the upcoming TI12 qualifiers. In fact, some of the matches have already begun in places like North America, but we're still waiting to see what will happen in the rest.

Regarding TI 12, Dota 2's most prominent event will occur this October. Taking place in Seattle, the world's best teams will compete for jaw-dropping prize pools. The first 12 teams attending the competition earned their place by collecting enough DPC points. The rest must go through the qualifiers, so let's learn more about them.


When it comes down to the TI12 qualifiers, each region has different slots. It probably does not come as a surprise that the more popular regions also have more places, so here's the distribution:

  • Western Europe - 2 Slots. The matches start on August 27
  • South America - 2 Slots. The games begin on August 22
  • North America - 1 Slot. The competitions began on August 17
  • China - 1 Slot. The games started on August 17
  • Southeast Asia - 1 Slot. The games begin on August 27
  • Eastern Europe - 1 Slot. The matches start on August 22

Some of you may be surprised that regions like South America have two slots, whereas EEU has 1. However, if you've followed the most recent results across the competitions, South American teams are doing much better than the rest. That said, EEU probably deserves to get at least one more slot, especially after Team Spirit won the Riyadh Masters 2023.

Aside from the different slots, the regions will use the same format. The teams will have to compete in a double-elimination bracket. Each region has a different number of groups, but in the end, only one or two will reach the world's most prestigious Dota 2 competition.

Which teams to pay attention to?

When discussing the Dota 2 TI12 qualifiers, looking at the participating teams is essential. Every region has its big names that people need to pay close attention to, and in this article, we'll go over each one.

Western Europe - OG and Quest Esports

Even though Western Europe has a couple of big names that should be on the list, two are clearly above the rest. OG and Quest Esports are two teams that will be a great addition to the other The International 12 squads. Considering WEU has two slots, seeing both at the event is possible.

Most people will agree that Quest Esports is the big favorite because the team has been solid recently. QE only came to the big scene a few months ago, so if it were here from the beginning, it would collect enough DPC points to receive a direct slot.

We can't say the same about OG, the team that has had a lot of issues in 2023. OG is not the same team as last year; its results prove it. The group's been struggling a lot recently, but the recent addition of Ceb to the roster could significantly affect the team. Ceb can be considered a TI expert because he won this event twice in a row, so his experience will be helpful.

Eastern Europe -

Considering the best teams from Eastern Europe secured a slot for The International 12, it's no surprise the region only gets one slot. There are a few exciting names here, such as Nemiga, but if you analyze each team's previous results, you will see is the big Dota 2 TI 12 qualifiers' favorite. has yet to be able to keep up with the likes of BetBoom and Team Spirit, but the squad usually has no problems against the rest. Since they won't be playing in these Dota 2 Eastern European TI12 qualifiers, VP has all the chances to advance to the big event.

North America - nouns

Three big teams in North America have some chance of defeating the big players in other parts of the world. TSM and Shopify Rebellion are among them, but both received a direct invitation for TI. Luckily, nouns are the last team from this region with potential, and we expect to see it at the event.

South America - Thunder Awaken and Keyd Stars

The best teams from South America already secured a slot for the 2023 The International. However, a few other big names are left, such as Thunder Awaken and Keyd Stars.

While it's true that Thunder Awaken's current roster is a lot different than before, the team is still among the best. After failing to secure enough DPC points, it will have another chance to go to Seattle.

Many people think that Infinity is the 2nd squad from South America that may qualify for the event, but we believe this is Keyd Stars. The Brazilian unit has proven it can play well under pressure, so the team should be able to survive in the group and secure the last slot.

Southeast Asia - Execration, Blacklist International, Team SMG, BOOM Esports

Once again, Southeast Asia is the most competitive region in the world. Even though only 1 team can secure a slot following these Dota 2 TI12 qualifiers, four teams here have absolute chances of doing it.

Execration is the big favorite because it's been one of the most consistent teams. Sadly, it wasn't able to secure enough DPC points.

Blacklist International is the second big name that could qualify for TI. This team consists of some of the best individual players in SEA, all with experience.

While talking about good players, we also need to mention Team SMG. MidOne and No[o]ne are two of the most experienced professional players and will be eager to participate in another TI.

Lastly, we have BOOM Esports, one of the strongest teams in SEA. Despite dropping in Division II, Yopaj's crew is one of the big names in the region and will try to join their est.

China - Team Aster, Azure Ray, and Invictus Gaming

Team Aster is the biggest favorite to win China's Dota 2 TI12 qualifiers. SumaiL and Monet are on the level of PSG.LGD, so the team is undoubtedly the biggest favorite for the last Chinese slot.

With that said, China has another big team - Azure Ray. Somnous and his crew have many years of experience and will do everything possible to secure the last slot for TI 12.

Lastly, we have Invictus Gaming, a team that has earned the chance to play among the best in the world several times. However, iG could have done better against the other favorites in China, so the team must step up if it wants to win.

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