Who are the best Carry Heroes to play in Patch 7.34e?

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    Are you a carry player and want to dominate in 7.34e? Here’s who you should pick.

    The most recent Dota 2 patch 7.34e didn’t bring the changes many people hoped for. Instead, it nerfed and buffed a lot of heroes. You can take a look at the winners and losers of the patch so you can get an idea of what happened.

    Instead of going through all positions, this article pays close attention to one specific role — carry. Many Dota 2 players are interested in the carry’s role because it allows them to control what’s happening in the game. Knowing which carries to get in Dota 2’s current patch, 7.34e, is important, so let’s learn more about the best options right now.

    Wraith King

    If we take a look at the leading site for Dota 2 stats, we can see Wraith King is leading the chart as the most successful Dota 2 carry in patch 7.34e. He has been on the rise in the last few months, and it seems like the most recent nerfs to Chaos Knight were enough to give him the first spot.

    Interestingly, Wraith King also received a small nerf in the most recent patch. The hero's skeletons deal slightly less damage than before, resulting in slower farming speed. However, Wraith King’s overall playstyle did not change, and he continues to be one of the best picks.


    Credit: Valve

    The second spot on the list right now is for a hero who almost always has a high win rate. Spectre is a late game monster and an option who you can often find in PUBs and pro games. Although she is a situation hero, her impressive win makes her among the best in the current meta.

    Speaking of stats, Wraith King’s win rate is around 55.50%, whereas Spectre's is 55%. Like WK, Spectre also got a very small nerf because her armor is down by 1. This makes her more vulnerable in the early game, especially against offlaners who do a lot of physical damage. That’s probably one of the reasons why Lycan is often played there.

    Drow Ranger

    In a meta where Spectre is a solid option, Drow Ranger is usually nowhere to be found. However, the situation is a bit different now because this is among the heroes who received buffs in the Dota 2 patch 7.34e. Consequently, she is among the best carries you can get right now.

    The data shows Drow’s win rate is 53%, which is a bit lower than the first two options on the list. With that said, we expect this to change in the next couple of weeks because it seems like the push meta is back. Heroes like Beastmaster are becoming a lot more popular than before, which will also increase Drow Ranger’s pick rate.


    Credit: Valve

    Although some Dota 2 players use Riki as support, you can often find the hero in the carry position. Many players underestimate him, but he is extremely strong and can rip through his enemies when he is ahead. However, the slow farming speed and his glass-cannon nature means he is not the best option in every situation.

    Riki did not get any buff or nerfs in the Dota 2 patch 7.34e. He was a situational pick in the previous meta, but after the nerfs to some of the popular carries, he became more popular. Nowadays, you can see him in every MMR bracket, but he is not an option who works in every setup. You need to make sure he has a solid laning stage because he does not farm fast.

    Phantom Lancer

    Despite the fact PL is not a meta hero and hasn’t been in such a position for a while, the hero is good for PUB games. An overview of the current Dota 2 meta in patch 7.34e reveals PL’s win rate is 53.22%, which is pretty good when you compare it to others.

    Phantom Lancer is an excellent option, but before picking him, you need to make sure there are no counters. He didn’t get any buffs or nerfs in the most recent patch, but there are certain heroes who can counter him. That’s one of the reasons why you should try to secure him as the last pick.

    In terms of his playstyle, playing against Phantom Lancer is as if you are playing against the clock. The hero becomes almost impossible to kill later on, so you need to try and win before that, or, if you are playing with him, do everything in your power to farm for the later game.

    Troll Warlord

    Credit: Valve

    The last Dota 2 hero we want to include here is Troll Warlord. He is an option who appeared from time to time at TI12 and in other professional tournaments, but he hasn’t been a part of the PUB Dota 2 meta. However, his current win rate is impressive, which means we’re expecting to see a lot more of him.

    Troll Warlord’s current win rate is slightly below 52%, which isn’t bad when you compare him to others. He is really strong in most setups and is excellent when it comes down to pushing, so we expect to see him in action.

    We are a few days away from the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023, which will be the first Dota 2 tournament after The International 12. All of these heroes are strong right now, so we expect to see them in action. Feel free to follow us for more information.

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