Dota 2 Lima Major 2023 Group Stage Top Players

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Now the Group Stage is over, let’s take a look at some of the best Dota 2 Lima Major players from this first stage.

The Dota 2 Lima Major 2023 Group Stage Top Players

Yesterday marked the end of the Group Stage of The Lima Major 2023. We had the chance to watch tons of games over the course of the last five days. Some of them were way more interesting to watch than others, but in the end, we know the names of all teams that have qualified for the Upper and Lower Brackets. Speaking of the event itself, you can read more about it here, where we have given a rundown of everything you need to know about The Lima Major.

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Even though the Playoffs haven’t started yet, some of the best Dota 2 players in the world definitely impressed us with their performances. We expected them to shine in the upcoming matches too, so let’s learn more about them and what they’ve achieved so far.

Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk

Starting with one of the most talented individual Dota 2 players in Eastern Europe, we have Yatoro. He and Team Spirit were in Group A of the Lima Major 2023 and had to play against many top teams. Even though it wasn’t easy, Yatoro carried his team to victory several times.

Since Team Spirit Won TI 10, Yatoro established himself as the team’s leader. The talented carry player is almost always among the best in the game, regardless of the heroes he focuses on. Speak of the devil, he is known for being one of the best Morphling players in Dota 2, which explains why we’ve seen the hero several times so far in Peru.

Yatoro’s stellar performance in Group A allowed Team Spirit to secure second place in the group. That said, the squad will have to go up against Shopify Rebellion in the Upper Bracket. As you can probably guess, this will be an amazing series, so follow BLIX.GG for more information.

Quinn "Quinn" Callahan

Regarding some of the hot mid-laners at The Lima Major 2023, we have to include Gaimin Gladiator’s midder. Quinn is one of the best core players in the world right now, and his performance for GG has been nothing short of impressive.

The American superstar had the chance to use many of his favorite heroes during the event. Unsurprisingly, he is one of the big reasons why GG finished first in Group A.

This first-place finish sets up Quinn and the rest of his team with a game against Team Aster. The best-performing Chinese squad at TI 11 barely made it into the top four in Group B, but Monet and the rest have more than enough experience in these kinds of situations.

Michał "Nisha" Jankowski

If we have to point out one player that was way above the rest so far, we have to include Nisha. The legendary Polish midder/carry transformed Team Liquid when he became a part of the team. Suddenly, the Western European powerhouse ripped through the competition and finished first in Division I. Needless to say, the same happened in Group B of The Lima Major 2023.

Nisha’s ability to adapt and carry his team has had a major role in Liquid’s success so far. The WEU squad became the only team in the tournament that didn’t lose a single series. In fact, Liquid only got 2 draws, which means they won all of their other matches.

During the Group Stage, Nisha allowed us to watch him playing all kinds of heroes. He shined with his incredible Terrorblade, but we’ve also seen him on Lina and other meta options.

The next challenge ahead of Nisha and his team is Talon Esports. The latter secured a top-four finish in Group A, but they will have a mountain to climb because Liquid looks like they are the best team in the world.

Dzmitry "Fishman" Palishchuk

Most support players in professional Dota 2 do not get the recognition they deserve. People usually only pay attention to the core players (carry/mid/offlane) and forget that support players have a key role in every team’s success. This is true for every team, including Entity.

Even though everyone from the WEU squad deserves to be on the list, those who’ve followed the action know that Fisherman stood out. The Belarusian support is among the best position five players at The Lima Major 2023. His ability to support, gank and initiate fights makes him invaluable to every team.

Fishman and the rest didn’t have many problems in Group B and finished second. This means the first challenge in the Playoffs will be Evil Geniuses. The South American squad surprised everyone by reaching this event stage, but they will have the tall task of facing their strong opponent in Entity.

Jonáš "SabeRLight-" Volek

Even though SabeRLight-’s addition to the ex-EG roster definitely surprised a lot of people, it seems like the decision was worth it. The 22-year-old Czech superstar joined the team from TSM, and he quickly established himself as one of SR’s most important players.

Many people believe that SabeRLight- is in Arteezy and Abed’s shadow, but the player proved that this isn’t the case at The Lima Major 2023. His incredible plays with some of the hottest heroes in the meta right now helped SR a lot. Even though the North American squad was in a very competitive group, they managed to secure a top-four finish.

Speaking on SabeRLight-’s team, SR will have to go up against Team Spirit. This will be an amazing match to watch, so don’t miss it.


The Lima Major 2023 Playoffs start just a day from now. We will have six days of epic matches until we learn the team's name that wins the first Major of the 2023 DPC. The Grand Final will take place this Sunday.

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