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The 2023 DPC in China began a couple of days before the rest, which is why we’ve already covered what happened during week 1. If you’ve read our recap, you already know that EHOME and PSG.LGD got 2 wins, which is why they share first place in Division I. However, things didn’t go as planned during Week 2, so let’s learn more about the most interesting results.

Xtreme Gaming put an end to EHOME’s winning streak

The first series of Week 2 in the 2023 China DPC was between Paparazzi’s squad and EHOME. Despite being one of the big favorites in the region, Xtreme Gaming lost its match against Team Aster, so they had to win this match to keep their Top 4 dreams.

Even though it wasn’t easy, Xtreme Gaming managed to win both maps. The first one was relatively even in the early game, but Xtreme Gaming’s Drow Ranger and Timbersaw pick slowly took over and started pushing.

After securing the mid-lane of rax, Xtreme did the same in the top lane, which put them one step closer to victory. EHOME tried to split push, and defend as much as possible. In fact, their Furion even got a triple kill, but it wasn’t enough for them to win.

Game 2

EHOME didn’t want to go down without a fight, so they decided to get their famous Sniper. Surprisingly, Xtreme Gaming didn’t have any big counters, which allowed EHOME to win the early game and even gain a small lead.

The team even increased its lead to around 8k net worth, but a very messy team fight 23 minutes after the start put an end to Salad and his teammates’ dreams. Xtreme Gaming killed every important hero and snatched the Aegis, which was the beginning of the end for EHOME.

Several minutes later, Xtreme Gaming wiped their opponents again and put the last nail in the coffin.

LGD lost its match against Knights, but it defeated EHOME and iG

After EHOME lost its first match in the 2023 DPC, the same happened to PSG.LGD. The Chinese powerhouse had to face Knights in its third series, and even though it was the favorite, eGo and the rest won the match.

The battle between Lina and Templar Assassin in game one ended in Lina’s favor as eGo ripped through his opponents. In fact, it is safe to say that he was the main reason for his team’s success.

Game 2

Losing the first game was like a cold shower to PSG.LGD, so fans expected the team to bounce back in the second map. Even though WhyouSm1Le and the rest had a good pick, Knights were the team that wanted to win more and eventually succeeded.

The team started playing together early and slowly secured a comfortable lead. However, the team wasn’t able to gain complete control until much later.

LGD and Knights had a lot of back-and-forth as neither team could get a comfortable lead that would allow it to win. However, the big fight 33 minutes after the start gave Knights the needed advantage to win and deliver LGD’s first loss.

The match vs EHOME

Despite losing against Knights, PSG.LGD successfully defeated EHOME. Even though the China DPC Division I fans expected three very long games, the two powerhouses played aggressively. Consequently, we saw three games of around 30 minutes each.

LGD grabbed the lead in the match after twinning with their signature Luna. The team picked MK and DP in the second match, but this time, EHOME’s Drow and Primal Beast setup didn’t allow them to shine.

As for game 3, both teams used a completely different tactic. Although EHOME’s draft with Ursa looked scary, PSG.LGD decided to roll out Troll Warlord, a hero that is becoming more popular by the day. After a series of back-and-forth fights, Troll and the rest eventually got the Aegis and secured themselves a very comfortable lead and the victor in the series.

Vs iG

The last series of the China DPC Division I week 2 was between LGD and IG. We expected an easy win for one of the best teams in the region, but the series was a lot more interesting.

Game 1 was a truly epic 70-minute battle with tons of moments. We can go on and on about this match, but in the end, Enigma’s Black Hole was enough to defeat an ultra-late Morphling.

After iG took the lead in the series, PSG.LGD was eager to bounce back, so they ripped through their opponents in the second game. The map lasted just 18 minutes, which was the quickest victory so far.

Game 3 was also interesting to watch because iG’s draft looked really good on paper. Although the team had some success, in the end, LGD’s Ursa and Lich proved to be too strong. Hence, LGD won its last match and secures 2nd place in Division I.

Team Aster won 3 important series

Following last week’s impressive results, Team Aster proved yet again why many people regard it as the best team in China. After defeating Xtreme Gaming and Knights, Aster also won against Aster.Aries.

The battle between the two teams from the same organization was way more interesting than we expected. Even though the first game was an easy win for Team Aster, the second one was almost one hour long. In fact, Aster.Aries even had a small advantage, but in the end, their draft wasn’t powerful enough to stop Team Aster from winning.

After the victory against Aster.Aries, Monet, and the rest had a walk in the park in the series against Dawn Gaming. The newcomers in the Chinese DPC Division I have yet to win a single game after the team lost again. As expected, Aster had no problems and needed around 22 minutes to win both matches.

What’s interesting is that Team Aster had a third series for the week. This time, Monet and the rest had to face their biggest challenge yet in the face of EHOME. The latter started really well after securing 2 victories, but the team lost 2 series this week.


As mentioned, EHOME already lost 2 matches this week, so Salad and the rest had to win this match in order to keep their chances for a top 4 finish. However, Aster proved to be too strong.

Although EHOME had a few chances in game 1, the Chinese controlled the game from the very beginning. After winning the first map, the second one was even easier after a flawless laning stage. In other words, Aster won its third series of the week and secured its first place in the Chinese Division I.

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