DPC Tour 3: Five Hot Matches Of Week 4

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June is coming to an end, as well as the first third of summer! Nevertheless, the DPC 21/22 Summer Tour is in full swing, and, wow, the temperature in some regions is high! Week 4 marks the beginning of the end for some of the teams, both for the top spot struggles and in the fight for survival.

But this week is all about the title contenders. A lot of meetings during Week 4 will be decisive in getting to the Major in Arlington, so you better not miss them!

In the meantime, a brief summary of the most interesting events over the past week.

  • In North America, Quincy Crew played two matches in a week (and did it confidently), which placed them at the top of the league. There is one match left to solve all questions about the ticket to the Major. By the way, you can read a precise review of NA DPC Week 3 here.
  • Entity slammed Team Secret while Team Liquid outplayed Tundra Esports. Western Europe, this season is only continuing to surprise! Are you also more interested in who's going to drop to Div II than in who's going to get Major tickets?
  • In Eastern Europe, the three favorites (Team Spirit, BetBoom, NAVI) confidently outperform all the rest, which is likely to continue. Convenient: there are three tickets to the Major played in this region.
  • In Southeast Asia, five teams are battling for prize tickets and the DPC points, and there is no clear favorite. Fun!
  • In South America, Thunder Awaken, beastcoast and Infamous clash for two Major slots on an equal footing, and this week there will be a very important match.
  • Meanwhile, in China, everything is simple: Aster and RNG dominate and will meet this week, while the rest are in total confusion.

So, here comes the DPC 21/22 Summer Tour Week 4!

The schedule for Week 4 of the DPC Summer Tour

Credit: u/CorruptDropbear

IVY vs. Into The Breach

When: Wednesday, June 29, 18.00 CEST

Where: DreamHack

Why: Western Europe Div II Decider

We don't often recommend Division II matches, but this particular one promises to be very interesting.

Everything is clear with Div II: Team Nigma has unbelievable shape, Miracle and SumaiL destroying every single object on their way, showing that Nigma is no match for the rest. But for second place, a real battle unfolded: IVY suddenly gained incredible form this season, and Into The Breach, who until recently were Chicken Fighters, have an unstoppable desire to break into the elite.

And while ITB is on the first line and Nigma on the second as they have the same score. But IVY's advantage is that they have already played against Nigma, and they only have to finish their season clearly, while ITB will have to fight against KuroKy's gang in the final match of the second division.

Nouns vs. Quincy Crew

When: Wednesday, June 29, 21.00 CEST

Where: ESL

Why: 4-0's meet between each other

This matchup will show if the Nouns really have a Major in sight or if they just got lucky in all previous matches. Both teams are on the top lines in the league, with the difference that the Quincy Crew did not give up a single map.

Most likely, in a tight fight, Quincy will still come out victorious and sit atop of the division, but who knows what can happen?

Talon Esports vs. T1

When: Thursday, June 30, 12.00 CEST

Where: BeyondTheSummit

Why: T1's hopes for Major lie on this one

Last week, Talon missed their chance to close questions regarding the top team in the region, losing to Fnatic. At the moment, in Southeast Asia, five teams at once have approximately the same score and in almost equal degrees apply for a trip to Arlington for the Major. And now T1 must definitely overcome Talon in order to declare themselves.

In the SEA region, everything can now be decided in a couple of matches, or it may not be decided at all. So the match will be great!

Beascoast vs. Infamous

When: Saturday, July 2, 00.01 CEST

Where: EpulzeGaming

Why: Best SA teams finally meet

In South America, three teams are in contention for the top 1: Beastcoast, Infamous, and Thunder Awaken. They all go 3-1. But this week, Thunder is playing with the outsider Wolf Team (who, by the way, have beaten beascoast yet are unlikely to repeat their success against TA), but the remaining two teams will fight each other. Beastcoast, although they started not very confidently, got back on track and started playing better and better with each map. Infamous, on the other hand, are the unexpected underdogs.

Quite fascinating: SA has only two slots for the Major, and this season there are three contenders. Infamous and TA have already played with each other, but Beastcoast will still have to decide everything in the match against TA either in a week or two. So the tension in the division is at its maximum.

Team Aster vs. RoyalNeverGiveUp

When: Sunday, July 3, 09.00 CEST

Where: Perfect World

Why: Chinese top-spot decider

Something very strange is happening in China: PSG.LGD has completely fallen apart and is not playing seriously, while the rest of the teams are having an All Random Death Match, and two weeks before the end, only one thing is clear: RNG and Aster will occupy the highest positions, and they have the most zeal to do it.

These two meet in a face-to-face match on Sunday to determine who will take a comfortable position on the top line and who will have to finish the season suspensefully. Both teams are playing just fine right now, so we advise you not to miss this clash of titans.

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