EHOME and Aster.Aries will finish their interrupted match on July 4

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Published  2 Jul, 19:35
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Tournament operator Perfect World has announced that interrupted match EHOME vs Aster.Aries will be ended on July 4.

"After coordinating with Valve, this series will be restarted at 1-0 with EHOME up, with game 2 in a similar gamestate as when the bug occurred, including kills, gold/networth, game clock, and same draft and items", Perfect World informed.

As BLIX.GG earlier reported, in the EHOME vs Aster.Aries series on June 28 in DPC CN Tour 3, an unresolvable lobby bug occurred in game 2 with EHOME leading the overall series score at 1-0.

On the second map (with a score of 7:2), all the participants of the match were eliminated from the game due to server malfunctions. When they returned to the map, EHOME had a slot for a 6th player. After a long pause, the participants tried to resume the game, but almost immediately returned the pause.

The teams refused to replay the second map from scratch.

After that Perfect World promised to look together with Valve for a way to resume this match.