ENCE SunPayus: “I don't think too much about individual performance, but I can tell I'm playing more active and more aggressive”

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    ENCE capped their group stage showing in IEM Dallas 2023 by securing the first seed in Group B. The team did so by beating the likes of Complexity, FaZe Clan, and Astralis en route to the playoffs. Even after a shaky performance in the Paris Major, which saw ENCE crash out in 12-14th place, they have refound their groove in the Lone Star State as the event transitions to playoffs.

    Following ENCE’s progression to the semifinals of IEM Dallas 2023, BLIX talked to Alvaro "SunPayus" Garcia about how the team has been performing well so far in the competition, his experience with Movistar Riders in last year’s event, how people will look back on his career in CS:GO and more.

    Competing in IEM Dallas 2023

    Pedro Romero, BLIX: To begin, I want to know your thoughts as to your general experience of being in Dallas for this IEM event and also finishing atop your respective group prior to playoffs.

    Alvaro "SunPayus" Garcia: I'm really happy to be here in Dallas because last year, when I played with Movistar, we didn't even win a single match, so right now, I'm glad to have progressed to the semifinals of the tournament. I think we did a really good job, and we hope to move on.

    BLIX: What were the biggest observations you took away from last year's event with Movistar that you have used with ENCE for this year?

    SunPayus: I tried to change a bit of my routine one week before coming here because it's completely different in terms of time. I started changing things bit by bit, like taking breakfast and going to sleep earlier---those are the major things. Last year, I didn't have a good run with Movistar, but it looks like this is a good run with ENCE, so I'm really happy about that.

    BLIX: What do you think enabled ENCE to perform so well off of that shaky performance the team had in the Paris Major, both as a team and as an individual?

    SunPayus: We talked a lot after the Major because it was disappointing for everyone. The things we fixed were not actually found inside the server. Obviously, there are a few that were in the server, but most came outside of it. We had to fix some things in terms of mental, supporting each other, the food we were taking every day, and stuff like this. Right now, we're in a little good way and in a little good mood inside the team, so it's huge.

    BLIX: Individual-wise, you've been performing pretty well against the teams you faced (Complexity, FaZe Clan and Astralis) en route to the playoffs. How do you personally view your performance?

    SunPayus: I don't think too much about individual performance, but I can tell I'm playing more active and more aggressive in general. That means I have more impact, and I am helping my team more, so maybe that is something that is changing in my playstyle right now. It depends also on the feelings you have inside the game, but right now, I think that's the main change I made.

    On the rest of ENCE

    SunPayus and ENCE in Paris SunPayus and Ence in Paris (Image Credits: ENCE/Twitter)

    BLIX: One interesting thing to observe when it comes to this ENCE team is the arrival of NertZ, who joined in February of this year. How have you viewed his integration in particular? What were some of the biggest positives and negatives you've seen of him?

    SunPayus: The only good thing I like to say about NertZ, and it's nothing negative by the way, is that, like me, we are very emotional players. Our performance depends on how the team is performing and if we are in a good mood or not. Secondly, I have no bad words for him. I think he's amazing. I think he's a superstar. He can be one of the best entries, lurkers, or whichever position he's in. I think he's been doing a really good job adapting to the team, and as of right now, we are also really adapting to the team because he deserves it. He has shown that he deserves to be one of the best in the world.

    BLIX: I also want to know your input as to how the IGLing has been with Snappi. How have you worked with him in trying to find that correct synergy to perform well in officials?

    SunPayus: I think it's not because of a different way of playing CS, right? It's good to have different points of view. We have been mixing a lot of things. That's why right now, we are quite unpredictable. We know how to play slow, we know how to play fast, we know how to stop the rounds when we have to stop them, and right now, I think we are quite unpredictable. Right now, I think he's doing a great job with it, and everyone is doing a good job, so I'm really happy about it.

    BLIX: With the end of the Paris Major, people are already talking about how it meant the end of CS:GO, even though we have a few more events to finish up. That said, I want to cover your personal development in this game for its entirety. How have you been able to reach this point in your career as a member of ENCE in a general sense?

    SunPayus: It's a lot of work, right? I have studied the game a lot. When you study it and play against Tier-4 and Tier-3 teams, then you start to get experience, and then you start to understand things like how to play against certain teams. You keep going higher and gaining levels, and then suddenly, you start playing better tournaments with better teams, and at some point, with Movistar, we started to qualify for the Tier-1 tournaments. That's actually my development because it's from the ground up, I think.

    Looking at SunPayus’ place in CS:GO

    BLIX: There's going to come a time after CS:GO ends when people will look back at how SunPayus was as a player and an individual. For you, what do you think your legacy is going to look like when all is said and done in CS:GO?

    SunPayus: Well, I don't know exactly. I don't want to think too much because when someone lives something at some point, of which I think I have a long before reaching that moment, it will be the people that will talk about it or not. For example, Michael Jordan didn't know if people were going to talk about him. He has made something really huge, and people keep talking about him every day.

    BLIX: What do you think is going to be the biggest thing ENCE will have to focus on when it comes to contending for the IEM Dallas crown?

    SunPayus: I think we just focus on ourselves and enjoy the moment because there's a long way [to go]. We didn't play with a crowd, so we just need to enjoy it, focus on ourselves, be in the moment, and have fun.

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