Ex-Gaimin Gladiators launch crowdfunding to prepare for the IEM Rio Major Americas RMR

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Published  5 Sep, 17:26
Reading time  ~2  mins

CS:GO team ex-Gaimin Gladiators started crowdfunding to go to bootcamp in Germany, ahead of the IEM Rio Major Americas RMR.

"Ex-Gaimin Gladiators need your support, as we've lost our org and have yet to find a replacement our plans of boot camping in Germany before the RMR are becoming grim. We know time's are tough, any donation helps! Even if you can't we still love you. I've outlined a few prizes for people who donate, any idea's or thing's you'd like to see us add you can comment below! We aren't staying in hotel's or doing anything fancy, were doing it as cheaply as possible. Three people per room inside the boot camp facility," Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen, Ex-Gaimin Gladiators' coach, said on Twitter.

Ex-Gladiators collected 1,575 CAD out of the 10,000 CAD needed at that time. They were one of the six CS:GO teams who had earned a spot in the IEM Rio Major Americas RMR via the North American open qualifiers. The circuit will take place in Stockholm on October 5-9.

Canadian esports organization Gaimin Gladiators had parted ways with their CS:GO team on August 18.