FaZe wins at IEM Cologne 2022

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Modified  17 Jul, 21:08
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FaZe Clan beats Natus Vincere in the final of IEM Cologne 2022 with a score of 3:2.

We witnessed an extremely spectacular show. Both CS:GO colossus went toe-to-toe throughout the match. Until the end, it was not clear who would win.

First two maps, the teams exchanged one-to-one with an equal score of 16:13. FaZe won on Inferno, and Overpass remained to NAVI.

On the third map, at first, NAVI confidently led. After 15:4, FaZe got ready and rallied to 15:15. Finally, in a tough fight, NAVI took Ancient, resulting in 19:16.

On the fourth map, Mirage, FaZe took the lead and won 16:9.

In the end, the Nuke map, in a tough fight, was taken by FaZe with a result of 16:14.

Interestingly, bookmakers expected NAVI to win. According to the statistics of NAVI-FaZe matches, the Ukrainian team also won more often.