Sources: G2 to sell Superliga spot for the next year

Modified  30 Aug, 17:07
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According to sources close to the move, G2 Esports would sell its academy spot by 2023. This would end the agreement that G2 and Arctic had in Superliga.

The future of Arctic is uncertain and we will report more details about this move soon. The sources close to BLIX.GG do not assure the possible buyers, but some time ago several organizations that are in the second division of LVP showed great interest to enter this league.

In addition, some rumors pointed out that Sevilla FC was interested in entering to compete, but at the moment nothing was heard for 2023.

The spot would belong to LVP, so they would be the sellers of the slot. However, everything points that the sale process would go through LVP and would be announced soon.

(the publication is being updated)

Cover image credit: LVP Global