All Vehicles in Battlefield 2042

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Battlefield 2042 provides players with many different vehicles that players can use to cross the map or engage the enemy.

This article will be about all types of vehicles, their effectiveness in different situations, how to use them, and where to get them.

How To Call Vehicles In Battlefield 2042?

The vast maps of Battlefield 2042 are difficult to cover by foot, so players can use a vehicle to cross the area really quickly. Do not neglect this option, because in the new part of the game, such actionscan determine crucial moments of the battle. It is worth noting that there is a new opportunity - to call different types of vehicles at a specified point on the map.

Try to use this opportunity whenever there is no tank or jeep nearby. Delivery is almost instantaneous, and the player can not only move faster but he can also use the equipment to wipe out enemy points or defend his own against the onslaught of enemy soldiers.

Calling a vehicle in Battlefield 2042 is incredibly easy. For PC users, press the left and right bumper buttons on the controller or the B key for those using a mouse and keyboard. These actions will bring up a call sheet that can be used to summon the vehicle where all the equipment will be listed.

So after selecting the desired vehicle, confirm the drop-off location. A blue circle will appear on the HUD. The vehicle will spawn immediately. If the circle turns red, the player will not summon the vehicle at a drop-off point in that area. Please, note that this must be an open area. It is not possible to spawn vehicles inside the building.

A team can only have a certain number of vehicles on the map at any given time.

Not all forms of transportation can be summoned by players to the call-in tablet. For example, players cannot call helicopters or planes to their position immediately. They search for them at their main base, like in traditional Battlefield games. Keep in mind that not all equipment is available by default. Some of these will have to be unlocked by the level increase.

It is important to note that players are vulnerable while summoning a vehicle, and there is always a chance they will be killed by enemies while summoning. For this reason, it is a good idea to summon a heavy piece of armor, such as a tank, away from high-attack terrain. Players cannot call the same item for a while if the vehicle is destroyed. This action is to prevent tanks from being used by the same people.

Best Ways To Destroy Vehicles In Battlefield 2042?

There are many ways to destroy vehicles, and the below will be the most effective. For each type of equipment, there are different possibilities of destroying it.

Battlefield 2042 has several armored vehicles, such as tanks, the LATV4, and the EBAA Wildcat, which can run over players on the map. These heavy vehicles are equipped with guns that can penetrate armor and destroy enemies with minimal effort. Players can counter these armored vehicles with a bunch of explosives. Throwing several C5 at a tank and detonating bombs, the machine can explode, killing the enemy controlling it. One way to deal with a hovercraft or any other small armored vehicle is to throw/launch an incendiary grenade. It damages the driver/passengers without them realizing it.

Helicopters and planes require special attention.

Navin Rao Anti-Aircraft Missile + FA XX

Use the Navin Rao device to disable any vehicle, disabling all offensive and defensive capabilities. Once the helicopter is hacked, repair it immediately and open fire. The enemy will not be able to use countermeasures.

It is also worth mentioning one of the universal ways. NTW 50 Anti Material is suitable for any vehicle. It is a deadly combination of M5 Recoilless and FA XX missiles. However, Level 60 is required to unlock this rifle. It takes four shots to completely destroy a tank with a rifle - about 7-8 seconds.

Battlefield 2042 Has No Vehicle Mode

There is no single-player mode in Battlefield 2042. However, after the game was announced to the community, a new unique mode called Battlefield Portal was introduced.

This game mode has several features. As part of Portal, there are classic modes with the original balance that allow players to dive into memories and shoot in familiar locations. For those users who find it boring, there is the ability to create unique modes from scratch or modify existing ones, using a visual script editor to set any game rules and conditions that must be followed to win.

But most importantly, players can add and disable any weapons, gadgets, modifications, or equipment in the game. Users can also set "no vehicles" mode. As in the main game, it is possible to play against bots. In this way, Battlefield Portal allows experienced players to try out custom modes or create PVE challenges, and newcomers to hone their skills in a quiet environment.

Battlefield 2042 All Vehicle Types

Battlefield has always been a franchise that prides itself on its vehicular combat, and in Battlefield 2042, the vehicles are more varied than ever. Here is the list of vehicle types in Battlefield 2042.

Tanks and Armored Vehicles

Battlefield 2042's tanks and armored vehicles fill the role of supporting infantry soldiers with heavy firepower and transportation. One of the most dangerous and powerful ground vehicles is the M1A5. The tank has heavy 120mm cannons and a coaxial machine gun for infantry combat. It also has two additionalgunner positions and a spotter position for other players to enter the tank. Tanks can use smoke as a countermeasure to resist trapped explosives and hide.

Civilian Vehicles

Finally, Battlefield 2042 includes a small selection of civilian vehicles, including a pickup truck, a rickshaw, and an ATV. Players can destroy these vehicles with most weapons, especially heavy ones, but they are fast and can transport troops in a pinch. Because of their vulnerability, it is best not to use them in combat.


Helicopters play the role of direct air support and rapid transport.

The KA-520 Super Hokum is suitable for attack. It has hand-held missiles and vehicle-mounted missiles. It has medium armor, speed, and maneuverability, making it a well-balanced aircraft.

The best way to move troops around the map is to use a transport helicopter like the MI-240 Super Hind. It has heavy armor and can deal a lot of damage, but it is slow and not very maneuverable. It has no heavy weapons but miniguns and grenade launchers.

There is also the MD540 Nightbird reconnaissance helicopter. It has high speed and maneuverability, but poor armor and low capacity. However, it is armed with twin miniguns and rockets, which are very effective against infantry and lightly armored vehicles.

How To Fly Helicopters In Battlefield 2042?

The main task of controlling the helicopter is to keep it stable in the air. The vehicle can simply hang in the air by using the "A" and "D" keys to turn, but the helicopter moves up and down. So pressing "W" will make it fly up, and pressing "S" will make it fly down. There is a feature in the game options that includes an assistant to control the helicopter. It will make it easier to keep it in the air.


The LCAA Hovercraft is fast and maneuverable and can get past enemy lines, clearing soldiers in the way and getting away with just a few scratches. It has low protection and can easily explode, so it is better not to use it as a combat vehicle.

It is possible to use a hovercraft to reach the walls of a building by accelerating and climbing the building. This method will not work if the wall of the building has a flat surface.


The planes perform low-level flights against ground targets, destroying enemy helicopters and keeping the skies clear of other aircraft. Su-57, for example, is armed with deadly miniguns and missiles that can lock onto enemy vehicles and inflict heavy damage if hit. It is well-armored but will be brought down relatively quickly by a few missiles or sustained fire from an EBAA Wildcat anti-aircraft vehicle.

How To Fly Planes Or Jets In Battlefield 2042?

Taking off is pretty simple. To lift the plane the player needs to press W on the keyboard. Once the transport has gained good speed, press S to raise or remove the water cannon.

To make a turn, a player needs to press the left Tab key on the keyboard.

A plane can be landed by pressing S on the keyboard.

In order to shoot, press the Spacebar and use the left mouse button.

Where To Get Vehicles In Battlefield 2042?

Most vehicles are available in common and have no unlock criteria. However, some transports become available after reaching a certain level.

The ones that are not available to unlock initially can be found below:

In addition, players are able to unlock different equipment for vehicles to customize their loads.

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