Apex Legends $3.4B Revenue Milestone

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Apex Legends Battle Royale came out in 2019 and gained popularity dramatically. It remains one of the mastodons of conventionally free-to-play games. Over the years, the project has generated $3.4 billion in revenue for Electronic Arts.

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  • Details on how much Apex Legends brings in for EA
  • Sources and EA's financial report

FY24 Results

Presentation of EA's financial results

Electronic Arts (EA) recently announced that its free-to-play battle royal game Apex Legends has generated over three billion dollars for the company. This figure proves Apex Legends' status as a significant player in the free-to-play space and positions it among the most successful video games ever.

According to comments in the full document and presentation outlining the contents of EA's latest financial earnings report, CEO Andrew Wilson said: "Since its surprise release in 2019, the Apex Legends HD game has surpassed $3.4 billion in all-time net bookings."

Wilson noted: "Our fourth quarter saw a resurgence in Apex Legends performance. Season 16 powered by massive game enhancements like a new class system transformed the way core Legends played. Our strong community of players responded favorably, lifting peak engagement more than 20% from the previous season".

Select FY24 Highlights from EA's presentation

And there's already a lot of discussion about this news on Reddit! Players share their thoughts, comparisons, and ideas about where this money can be spent and what still needs improvement and updates in the game.

Technically speaking, "lifetime bookings" are not the same as revenue, but the difference is in the accounting. Translated into simple language: when someone buys $100 worth of Apex coins, EA records $100 in "bookings". When a player spends coins on a skin, EA records that as revenue.

By Electronic Arts' standards, $3.4 billion is earnest money. The company earns this amount in a few quarters: for example, EA's revenue for the first quarter of 2024 was $1.7 billion.

Apex Legends remains Electronic Arts' most crucial game. Despite its recent decline, it remains trendy, with over 300,000 players playing daily.

Analyzing concurrent players in Apex Legends

About the Future

Alter is the new Apex Legends

Wilson talked about some of the changes in FY 2024 for "future revenue growth."

"We ended the year with significant changes to the mechanics of our Apex Legends' Ranked mode," the CEO reported. "We engaged with the community, increased transparency and thoughtfully considered their feedback, and as a result we saw a significant improvement in player sentiment scores around the world."

Apex Legends ranked system

Apex Legends' Ranked mode has been generating a lot of discussion and debate among fans for quite some time now, and developer Respawn is constantly tweaking and changing elements of the game mode.

However, complaints remain about the abundance of teamers and cheaters in the mode throughout Season 20.

Wilson also mentioned that the company is looking to expand its audience and pay attention to any details to make it easier for new players to get into the game despite it lasting over 20 seasons.

Respawn is also keen to incorporate player feedback. Upheaval's latest season will see the return of the game's limited-time mode for Apex Legends, which fans have been asking for, and single-player modes that will replace duos until June 24.

Respawn made Apex Legends more appealing to newcomers last year with limited-time Three Strikes and StraightShot events.


During the quarterly report, Andrew Wilson also discussed Electronic Arts's future. The company plans to introduce generative AI into all game development processes soon.

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson believes that generative AI can increase game development efficiency by 50%.

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in the game industry. At the conference GDC 2024, a survey revealed that 31% of developers already use AI for various purposes.

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