Battlefield 2024 Attachment Guide

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In Battlefield 2042, players can install many attachments on weapons to impact their performance. Players can equip these devices on the fly, either. Such actions allow players to adapt to any combat. For players of the previous Battlefield, this can take a while to get used to.

The team did a little research and prepared a detailed guide on how the attachments work and how they have changed in Battlefield 2042.


  • Detailed coverage of the attachment system in Battlefield 2042
  • A review of the best adaptations for all weapons in Battlefield 2042
  • Details on how to unlock and equip attachments in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Attachment System

Compared to the initial version of the game, Battlefield has altered how you change and equip attachments. Players no longer have to add attachments through the weapon selection screen. A long time ago, the developers added a new method to the game that is faster and easier to use in battle. Those who played the game when it first came out had difficulty adjusting, but now this feature is familiar.

New within Battlefield 2042 is the plus menu, a centralized screen that players can access while on the go to change the attachments on their weapons. Players can continuously adjust their playstyle throughout a match's duration.

It makes everyone unpredictable but, at the same time, more of a challenge and convenience. There is no more need to «die first to change load-outs» now since players can make changes on the fly.

Battlefield 2042: How To Change Attachments

There are two convenient ways to change attachments: during the game process, through the respawn screen, or through the «Collection» tab in the main menu.

The fastest way to get the needed set is right before a match.

To change everything a weapon has to offer, hold the «T» key and use a mouse to navigate the choices.

This action will include a list of all available fixtures and what each does.

The player must choose what to take into the battle and release the button.

In the main menu, click «Collection» in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then select the «Weapons» sub-tab under «Collections». This will bring up a set of weapons.

During a match, you can access this menu from the respawn screen.

It is worth being careful during the game, as there is a battle going on around the player, and there's always a chance of getting killed by enemies.

How To Unlock Attachments In Battlefield 2042

To unlock attachments in Battlefield 2042, the player must use the weapon for which they want the attachment when destroying an enemy. The easiest way to open attachments faster is by using the Portal exploit.

1. Unlock the weapon that needs unlocking of attachments.

2. Head to the main and select «Battlefield Portal».

3. In Portal mode, select «Browse Community Experiences,» located at the bottom of the menu.

4. Select and enter any match with «XP Grind» or «Bot Lobby» in the server name.

5. These lobbies should have an opposing team of bots with only 1HP and carrying a knife.

6. Kill all enemies using the weapon that needs unlocking of attachments.

7. New unlocked attachments can now be found in the Collection menu.

8. Repeat every weapon and attachment that needs to be unlocked.

Players using this method can easily unlock all attachments for every gun in very little time. Furthermore, since XP earned from Portal mode in Battlefield 2042 carries over to the overall progression, this exploit is the fastest way to rack up levels.

How To Equip Attachments In Battlefield 2042

To equip attachments, first, go to the main menu. Go to «Collection» and then select «Weapons» from here. These actions will bring a list of unlocked available firearms. Choose the one on which the attachment will be installed, like «Customize». A menu of attachments will appear that allows you to customize the scope, ammo, receiver, and barrel.

Not every category will be available for each gun, and not every attachment will fit each firearm. The player sets several attachments for each category that can be changed in-game.

Once the player has loaded into the game, press the «T» key to bring up the in-game attachment menu. A cross will be displayed with all the items selected in the Customize menu. Now, click on the desired nozzles on the weapon to install this item.

It is essential to notice that in Hazard Zone mode, equipping weapons with attachments is slightly different. In this mode, weapons are purchased. The player can use a free weapon but will come with zero attachments. Paying money will not only unlock the gun but also give the player access to all the attachments equipped in the Customize menu.

Hazard Zone uses the same loading as the standard multiplayer mode, so any sights, mounts under the barrel, muzzle tips, and ammo types from the multiplayer settings will be retained.

Battlefield 2042 Attachment Differences

Weapons in Battlefield 2042 are divided into several classes. For every weapon, some devices are best suited.

Submachine Guns (SMG)


Submachine Guns | PBX-45

SightFusion Holo

Ammunition - Close Combat

Underbarrel BCG Light Grip or LS-1 Laser Sight

Barrel6KU Suppressor


Submachine Guns | PP-29

Sight Fusion Holo

Ammunition - Standard

Underbarrel - BCG Light Grip or LS-1 Laser Sight

Barrel6KU Suppressor


Submachine Guns | MP9

SightFusion Holo

Ammunition - Close Combat Extended

UnderbarrelBCG Light Grip or LS-1 Laser Sight

Barrel6KU Suppressor


Submachine Guns | K30

SightDD Holo

Ammunition - Standard Issue / Extended Mag

UnderbarrelBCG Light Grip

Barrel6KU Suppressor

Assault Rifles


Assault Rifles | M5A3

Sight - TV 2x

Ammunition - High-Power or Standard Issue / Extended Mag

UnderbarrelCobra Grip

BarrelExtended Barrel


Assault Rifles | AK-24

SightK8 Holo

Ammunition - High-Power / Extended

UnderbarrelLWG Grip

Barrel - Warhawk Compensator


Assault Rifles | SFAR GL

Sight - Fusion Holo

AmmunitionStandard Issue

UnderbarrelFactory Mounts

BarrelExtended Barrel


Assault Rifles | AC-42

SightK8 Holo

AmmunitionStandard Issue / Extended Mag

UnderbarrelBCG Light Grip

BarrelWarhawk Compensator

Light Machine Guns (LMG)


Light Machine Guns | LCMG

SightGhost Hybrid 1.25-2.5x

AmmunitionClose Combat

UnderbarrelRattlesnake Light Grip

Barrel Shortened Barrel


Light Machine Guns | PKP-BP

SightK8 Holo

AmmunitionStandard Issue

UnderbarrelFactory Mounts

BarrelFactory Barrel

Marksman Rifles


Marksman Rifles | DM7

Sight - Raven 4x

Ammunition - High-Power or Close Combat

UnderbarrelCobra Grip

Barrel Extended Barrel or 6KU Suppressor


Marksman Rifles | SVK

Sight - Raven 4x

AmmunitionStandard Issue or High-Power

UnderbarrelCobra Grip

BarrelShortened Barrel


Marksman Rifles | VCAR

Sight - TV 2x

AmmunitionClose Combat / Drum

UnderbarrelRattlesnake Light Grip

BarrelShortened Barrel or Extended Barrel

Sniper Rifles


Sniper Rifles| SWS-10

Sight - M11 6x

Ammunition - High-Power

Underbarrel - LWG Grip

BarrelExtended Barrel


Sniper Rifles| DXR-1

Sight - BKS 8x

Ammunition - Standard Issue

Underbarrel - Factory Mounts

Barrel - Extended Barrel


Sniper Rifles| NTW-50

Sight - M11 6x

Ammunition - Anti-Material

Underbarrel - Factory Mounts

BarrelFactory Barrel

Utility Weapons


Utility Weapons | MCS-880

SightIron Sights or K8 Holo

Ammunition - #4 Buckshot or Slug Shell

UnderbarrelLS-1 Laser Sight

BarrelFactory Barrel

GVT 45-70

Utility Weapons | GVT 45-70

Sight - TV 2x


UnderbarrelFactory Mounts or LS-1 Laser Sight

Barrel Factory Barrel


Utility Weapons | 12M AUTO

SightFusion Holo

Ammunition - #1 Buckshot Shell / Drum or Slug Shell

Underbarrel LS-1 Laser Sight

Barrel Shortened Barrel


We want to mention an essential addition to the Hazard Zone.

Attachments are not purchased with Dark Market Credits. They always come with the gun you bought, assuming you equipped attachments to that gun via the Customize tab in the main menu.

The team recommends choosing about four or five firearms for this mode and working on getting the attachments you need for them.

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