Best Xdefiant Loadouts for Every Class and Game Mode

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Player opinions often differ on the best weapons in Xdefiant and even more on loadouts for every class.

We've written this article to identify the best guns in the different game modes and the best loadouts and explain why this is the case and no other.

Xdefiant has only recently hit the gaming market, and you may have come to this game from Call of Duty Mobile.

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  • Details about best Xdefiant loadouts for every class and game mode
  • Tips for beginners on how to become more successful in the game

Types of Primary Weapons and Their Characteristics

XDefiant's weapon list contains many weapons that can take down your opponents. But it is worth remembering that only some weapons are unlocked at once.

Below, we will list all weapons—there are 7 of them—and describe their main characteristics. We will indicate which weapon is available and from which level you can unlock it for each type.

Assault Rifles


Assault rifles are great for medium—to long-range firefights but can also perform well in close quarters.

  • M4A1 - Default.
  • AK-47 - Default.
  • M16A4 - Get 20 Assault Rifle Headshot Kills.
  • ACR 6.8 - Get 10 Assault Rifle Longshot Kills (greater than 30m).
  • MDR - Unlocked for free via the preseason Battle Pass.


Vector-45 ACP

SMGs are deadly in close combat, but the damage drops considerably at longer ranges.

  • Vector-45 ACP - Default.
  • MP5A2 - Default.
  • P90 - Get 10 SMG Hipfire Kills.
  • MP7 - Get 20 SMG Point Blank Kills (less than 5m).



Shotguns are masters of point-blank shootouts, though they are virtually useless at medium and long ranges.

  • M870 - Default.
  • Double Barrel - Get 10 Shotgun Hipfire Kills.
  • AA-12 - Get 15 Shotgun Point Blank Kills (less than 5m).



LMGs are great at suppressive fire at range and are slow but powerful killers at any range.

  • M249 - Default.
  • RPK-74 - Deal 10,000 Damage with LMGs.
  • M60 - Deal 5,000 Damage to Enemy Equipment with LMGs.

Marksman Rifles


Marksman rifles combine the capabilities of an AR or SMG with the high risk and high recoil of single shots to take out enemies at any distance quickly.

  • MK 20 SSR - Default.
  • SVD - Get 15 Marksman Rifle Longshot Kills.

Sniper Rifles


The best-ranged weapon allows you to kill with one shot despite slower movement and aiming.

  • M44 - Default.
  • TAC-50 - Get 10 Sniper Rifle One-Shot Kills.



Because of the lower damage, they are usually used as a last resort, but they can be a vital part of survival if you run out of ammo for your primary weapon.

  • 686 Magnum - Default.
  • D50 - Deal 1,000 Damage with Secondary Weapons.
  • M9 - Default.
  • 93R - Sprint for 240 Seconds with Secondary Weapons.
  • M1911 - Get 4 Secondary Weapon Point Blank Kills.

Recently, the developers of XDefiant released an update in the G1C0.5 patch with a reworked weapon progression posted on the X social network.

XDefiant Meta

Screenshot from the game

  • Meta Weapons - ACR 6.8, MP7, TAC-50
  • Meta Factions and Abilities - Libertad BioVida Boost, Cleaner Incinerator Drone
  • Meta Equipment - Frag Grenade, Sticky Grenade

Meta Loadouts

Mobility, controllability, and speed are what players want. In addition, most maps are designed for melee combat. That's why Muzzle Booster, Rapid Fire Barrel, and Quick Draw Grips are useful almost everywhere.

For weapons such as assault rifles and submachine guns, it is best to add loadouts that will increase the rate of fire and reduce recoil.

Best Loadouts for Different Classes

Loadout For Assault

ACR 6.8

Our choice is the ACR 6.8, a weapon you can use in almost any game mode and on any map in XDefiant. It provides high damage, accuracy, and mobility due to its horizontal recoil, which you can easily balance with the modules below.

The ACR modules you choose should give you better accuracy for more successful headshots and better magazine capacity or faster reload speeds. This outfit can also be considered the best XDefiant equipment:

Barrel: Recon

Front Rail: Handstop

Optics: Reflex

Magazine: Quick Mag

Rear Grip: Heavy Grip


The choice of additional weapons is arguably the most reliable pistol in the game, the M9. The frag grenade is the default choice for this gear. You want something that can do much damage and has predictable behavior.

Secondary Weapon: M9

Muzzle: Brake

Optics: Reflex

Magazine: Fast Mag

Rear Grip: Leather Wrapped

Device: Frag Grenade

Loadout For SMG


The second piece of equipment we propose is to make it more mobile so that you can outflank the enemies. We have chosen a submachine gun with high speed and low recoil—MP7. It's the all-purpose choice in this category right now.

You'll have a super fast scope and plenty of ammo in the magazine:

Front Rail: Tactical

Optics: Reflex

Magazine: Quick Mag

Rear Grip: Grip Tape

Stock: Padded

Colt M1911

As an additional weapon, choose the Colt M1911, which has more damage per bullet than the M9 but a smaller magazine - only seven rounds. Nevertheless, if the MP7 runs out of ammo, this gun will do just fine to finish the job.

For example, the flashbang grenade is suitable for creating havoc by throwing it into a room with enemies.

Secondary Weapon: M1911

Muzzle: Barrel Extender

Optics: Reflex

Rear Grip: Lightweight Grip

Device: Flashbang

Loadout For Shotgun


The shotgun is ideal for close combat. The barrel extension may seem unusual here, but it gives the M870 an extra punch on targets far from you.

We opt for the Quick Draw rear grip, which increases aiming speed and sprint time. The PEQ-15 front rail will help with bullet spread, which is a significant drawback of the shotgun category.

Muzzle: Barrel Extender

Barrel: Chrome Lined

Front Rail: PEQ-15

Rear Grip: Quick Draw

Stock: Padded

For additional weapons, we chose the M9, which has a high rate of fire and is a 15-round magazine. As for the device, we again use a Frag Grenade.


Secondary Weapon: M9

Muzzle: Brake

Optics: Reflex

Magazine: Fast Mag

Rear Grip: Leather Wrapped

Device: Frag Grenade

Loadout For LMG


On Reddit, the versatile LMG is the M249, with movement/aiming improvements and a fast magazine. However, we will still choose the M60. It has adequate damage, a huge magazine, and manageable accuracy.

Front Rail: PEQ-15

Optics: Holo

Magazine: Quick Mag

Rear Grip: Heavy Grip

Stock: Lightweight


We take the D50 as an additional weapon. It just has to match the firepower of the M60. It doesn't need any attachments. It's perfect, just the way it is. We are using an EMP grenade as a device. This will destroy any devices and prevent enemies from using their abilities.

Secondary Weapon: D50

Device: EMP Grenade

Loadout For Marksman Rifles


This weapon will not suit everyone, but the damage per shot is lethal at medium and long ranges. Among those featured in the game, the MK 20 SSR is an excellent choice with the right attachments.

The barrel extension and 3.0x optics make sense, given this weapon's ambitions for success in mid-range firefights.

Opt for the Quick Mag's 15% higher reload speed to minimize the risk of being caught while reloading. But remember that a miss here will cost you dearly due to the MK 20 SSR's semi-automatic nature.

Muzzle: Barrel Extender

Barrel: Chrome Lined

Optics: 3.0x Scope

Magazine: Quick Mag

Stock: Padded


Our secondary weapon is the 93R, which will help you deal with enemies too close. The extended clip will give you plenty of room for maneuvers and mistakes. And if you're good with accuracy, try Sticky Grenades.

Secondary Weapon: 93R

Optics: Reflex

Magazine: Ex Mag

Rear Grip: Lightweight Grip

Stock: Reinforced

Device: Sticky Grenade

Loadout For Sniper Rifles


The best sniper is the TAC-50. It is simple and powerful, and you can strike with a single shot with a pinpoint hit. It is slow to reload, but in the right hands and with the right equipment, you will kill your opponent before he realizes it.

The standard 12x scope is a nightmare against mid-range targets, so we're changing it to an 8x CQBSS scope. If you don't want to be caught like a sitting duck while reloading, select Quick Mag to increase your reload speed by 15%.

Barrel: Lightweight

Optics: CQBSS 8x

Magazine: Quick Mag

Rear Grip: Quick Draw

Stock: Reinforced

686 Magnum

You will need a sniper rifle for your second weapon if you are a sniper. Use the 686 Magnum revolver, and you can't go wrong.

Another helpful thing for you will be a mine, so you must choose a non-contact mine to cover your back in case someone outflows you.

Secondary Weapon: 686 Magnum

Optics: Red Dot

Rear Grip: Leather Wrapped

Device: Proximity Mine

Loadouts for Different Game Modes

Below, you'll find the equipment we suggest for each mode in XDefiant, using the best weapons in the game.

Best Loadout For Occupy


Occupy is a game mode where constant movement is critical, so it's worth choosing an SMG. The P90 is one of the best SMGs in the game and an excellent option for all the maps you can download for Occupy.

Barrel: Rapid Fire

Front Rail: Leather-Wrapped Foregrip

Optics: Reflex

Magazine: Fast Mag

Muzzle: Muzzle Booster

The Rapid Fire Barrel mount increases velocity by 5%, and the Muzzle Booster increases it by 2.5%. The Fast Mag will reduce reload time, which you will be vulnerable to.

This equipment makes the P90 the most helpful weapon at close range but allows you to fight at medium and long ranges.

Best Loadout For Domination


Domination is a mode where you won't be able to sit in one place for too long, but there's a good chance you'll find yourself in long-range fights where AR is best. Thus, using MDR and a faction like the Cleaners makes the most sense.

One of the MDR's most significant drawbacks is recoil, so the use of Vertical Grip and Heavy Grip is mandatory to facilitate long-range combat. The Heavy Barrel can increase damage by 5%.

Barrel: Heavy Barrel

Front Rail: Vertical Grip

Rear Grip: Heavy Grip

Optic: Reflex

Stock: Padded Stock

Best Loadout For Hot Shot

ACR 6.8

Hot Shot is closest to team deathmatch, so ACR 6.8 is the best option for this mode.

The weapon needs to be adapted to the intense Hot Shot mode.

Muzzle and velocity enhancement attachments increase the already decent velocity, while the leather forend and leather grip reduce recoil increase.

Muzzle: Muzzle Booster

Barrel: Rapid Fire

Front Rail: Leather-Wrapped Foregrip

Rear Grip: Leather Wrapped Grip

Stock: Lightweight

We recommend using the Echelon faction to make it easier to find enemies with their intelligence.

Best Loadout For Escort


Escort is a unique game mode that sometimes requires you to shoot, shoot, and shoot again, and the M60 is one of the best weapons for that. You have many choices of escort weapons, but the M60 with this build is mobile and valuable for attack and defense.

Muzzle: Muzzle Booster

Barrel: Lightweight

Front Rail: Superlight Grip

Stock: Lightweight Stock

Optic: Reflex

The reflex optic improves aiming tenfold. The Muzzle Booster increases the fire rate, and the Superlight Grip and Lightweight Stock increase the M60's movement speed.

Best Loadout For Zone Control


Zone Controls have large sight lines; the best option is to use the TAC-50.

Magazine: Quick Mag

Barrel: Lightweight

Optic: Sniper Scope

Rear Grip: Fabric Grip

Stock: Reinforced

The lightweight barrel makes aiming easier. Reinforced stock reduces any wobble.

Quick Mag reduces reload time, allowing you to get back into the action faster. This build will allow you to use the TAC-50 when defending in zone control mode while still being able to get to the front line when needed. We recommend using DedSec in this build to prevent enemy gadgets from working during combat.

Best Gear For Beginners


Your success in the game doesn't just depend on whether or not you know how to play XDefiant. You also need to find gear that you like. Finding the only one can be problematic, but you will eventually succeed after playing the game for a while.

In the meantime, we've put together one of the best XDefiant kits for beginners:

  • Weapon: M4A1
  • Barrel: Chrome Lined
  • Front Rail: Tactical
  • Optics: Reflex
  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Stock: Reinforced

The M4A1 is a fully automatic, rapid-fire, medium and long-range weapon. It does medium and accurate damage, which is good when you start playing. The M4A1's recoil is consistent, traveling above and to the right of the last shot fired in the same direction. Therefore, you won't have to spend much time dealing with it. One last thing: the M4A1 is unlocked by default.

How To Improve Your Skills And Become a Successful Xdefiant Player

Posts on Reddit on this topic have already started. We will give our tips on how to succeed in the game.

Explore the Factions

Echelon Faction

The first thing you need to do is to learn the faction system. Factions are what make the game unique. Players can experiment with the available play styles and make each match unique. Depending on which faction you choose, your XDefiant strategy will look different.

There are five factions in total:

  • Cleaners
  • Echelon
  • Libertad
  • Phantoms
  • Dedsec

Memorizing Maps

Map Attica Heights

XDefiant currently has 14 maps that you can play on. Each has its unique layout, and you must develop a specific strategy to succeed.

Knowing the map will allow you to understand your opponent's strategy, develop your strategy, and learn the critical points from which you can shoot or hide.

To Upgrade Weapons

The more kills you perform with a particular weapon, the more experience it earns, and the faster you can level up to unlock new attachments. To level up your weapons faster, always play aggressively and try to get as many kills as possible in each match.

If you want to level up quickly, stick to one weapon and keep playing longer games such as Escort or Capture. Combat achievements such as "Point-blank" or "Headshots" increase your experience, so aim always to hit the head.

Keep An Eye On The Ability Timers

A timer at the bottom of the screen shows when your abilities will be available again. Although recharging may take some time, remember to use these abilities actively. Abilities can give you a significant advantage over your enemies.

For example, if you're playing as an attacking faction like the Cleaners, you can use a fusion drone or fire bomb to create a fire barrier.

Use The Right Settings


While this only applies to the technical part of the game, it's one of those XDefiant tips that many players tend to overlook. Every extra frame can make a huge difference in a tense firefight. Also, this step is a must if you're running the game on a low-quality device.

This tip applies to graphics settings, button placement, sensitivity, etc. Experiment with different parameter settings and see which one works for you.

Avoid Direct Firefights

Although it depends on your play style and the equipment you use, we strongly recommend avoiding direct firefights.

Also, if you want to take your opponents by surprise as often as possible, you should sneak up from behind rather than attack them face-to-face. This will significantly improve your KDA ratio and allow you to play more strategically in the long run.

However, this style of play requires a decent knowledge of the map, which can be annoying for newcomers at first. Be patient and study all the maps.


Teamwork and communication are crucial in FPS games, and the faction system in XDefiant makes it even more critical.

You can rely on the support of allies who can help you with their defenses and healing at critical moments.

By listening to your companions, you can outflank your enemies and take them by surprise, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your attacking abilities and ultimates.

Move Around While Aiming

Using the Strafe - moving your character instead of moving the aim can give you two advantages at once.

First, it will make it harder to hit you. Second, adding another axis for aiming will reduce your reliance on the mouse or a suitable controller. Experienced first-person shooters have long used strafe to improve their effectiveness, and mastering this technique will allow you to level up with them.

Master Slide Canceling

In XDefiant, you must master the slide cancel among the first tricks afterward. To slide, press the crouch button and then jump in mid-animation to jump higher than usual.

This can catch enemies off guard and give you the advantage of landing a couple of punches first. This technique is beneficial when using melee weapons such as shotguns and submachine guns.


Xdefiant is actively developing, and at the moment, the developers are releasing many updates and improvements. We will follow the development of the game and review something new.

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