XDefiant: Everything We Know About The New FPS That Serves As A Second Chance For Players

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Ubisoft's latest entry into the gaming arena, XDefiant, combines the thrill of first-person shooting with a richly diverse gaming universe. This free-to-play game is designed for the adrenaline rush of online battles and promises an ever-expanding universe with regular updates that will bring new factions, maps, weapons, and modes to the fight. XDefiant stands out for its cross-play feature, allowing players on different platforms to team up and compete, breaking down barriers, and building camaraderie among gamers.

The anticipation in the gaming community is palpable: XDefiant could breathe new life into the first-person shooter (FPS) genre, bringing back memories and excitement similar to the glory days of Call of Duty. CoD is far from forgotten - at least, look at our recent article about the best gun in CoD mobile. But here we review XDefiant and its situation.

Despite bumps along the way to release, including extensive testing phases that showed promise and fine-tuning, Ubisoft's latest project is on the verge of setting a new benchmark for free-to-play shooters. The question in the balance is when players can finally dive into XDefiant, upgrading their gear and testing their mettle in its competitive arenas.


  • Review of the game's features
  • Analysis of the release delays and issues
  • Current project situation and future roadmap
  • Community retorts and developers' commentaries

Game Review

Game type: XDefiant offers a 6v6 arena shooter experience that appeals to casual gamers and competitive FPS players.

Leadership in Development: Mark Rubin, known for his work on the original Modern Warfare series, heads the game, which aims to combine nostalgia with innovative gameplay.

Unique Features

Feature-rich game

Faction System: This system is inspired by Ubisoft's flagship games, like Far Cry and Watch Dogs, and improves team-based gameplay.

Customization: Wide range of weapons and mounting systems for individual equipment.

Matchmaking: Eliminates skill-based matchmaking for core modes, offers a "welcome playlist" for newcomers, and ranked modes for competitive play.

Release Date and Development Path

Reddit: Obligatory we're so close post (found on Twitter)

Projected release window: May - June 2024 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Initial goal: XDefiant, initially scheduled for release in summer 2023, has encountered several delays.

Current state: Ubisoft is preparing for a final technical test to resolve the remaining issues before finalizing a new launch date. This decision underscores our commitment to delivering a seamless gaming experience.

Latest update from Mark Rubin

Ubisoft's Mark Rubin shared an update on the release of XDefiant, detailing the game's submission and testing process to companies like Sony and Xbox and explaining the recent delay due to compliance issues. They plan to release the album between late September and mid-October, depending on the results of their next performance. Rubin highlights the team's unconventional approach to development, including early public testing and actions based on player feedback, such as adding map voting and an S&D-like mode. The update highlights Ubisoft's commitment to transparency and collaboration with the community during the game's launch.

Key Updates and Issues

Startup delays: Ubisoft could not meet the March 31, 2024 deadline, and it plans to conduct a critical technical review after April, after which a new launch date will be announced.

Obstacles to certification and testing: The Summer 2023 window has been missed due to certification issues and identified gameplay inconsistencies requiring increased development time.

Main Reasons For Delays

Beta testing revelations: The June 2023 open beta revealed the need for significant adjustments, especially for last-gen consoles, leading to delays.

Technical failures: Quality assurance failures and public testing sessions revealed inconsistencies in gameplay, and the integration of anti-cheat software caused noticeable frame rate spikes. This led to a comprehensive overhaul of the social system and network infrastructure and the transition of Linux servers to improve performance.

New comments on Reddit

Current Development Status and Gameplay Overview

Leadership: Led by Mark Rubin of Modern Warfare fame, XDefiant is being created to combine the essence of classic Call of Duty with the diversity of Ubisoft's universes, promising an intense team-based first-person shooter adventure.

Gameplay Promise: XDefiant aims to offer an eclectic mix of gameplay elements from various Ubisoft IPs, creating a unique team-based experience.

Community Feedback Expectations and Expectations

Community-based development: By emphasizing the value of player feedback, Ubisoft aims to make XDefiant a beloved team-based first-person shooter and create an immersive multiplayer experience.

Open communication: Ubisoft's transparent approach to reviewing feedback and discussing game development challenges has been well received, highlighting the importance of quality and player satisfaction in a tight timeframe.

Further delay discussion on Reddit

Great anticipation: Despite release delays, the gaming community still eagerly awaits XDefiant, drawn by its promises of intense gameplay, customizable gear, and distinctive factions.

Community response: Discussions on forums such as Reddit reflect excitement and cautious optimism. Users praise Ubisoft's openness while voicing concerns based on beta testing experiences, particularly regarding the game's party system. Reviews highlight the balance between anticipation of the game's potential and a desire to resolve reported issues before launch.

XDefiant represents an essential venture for Ubisoft as it seeks to position itself in the competitive first-person shooter market. With a unique combination of universes, player focus, and an experienced development team, XDefiant can become a mainstay for first-person shooter enthusiasts. As the game approaches its updated launch window, the gaming community looks forward to further updates and the opportunity to dive into Ubisoft's latest creation.

Roadmap For The Future and Expectations

Skins, skins, skins

Initial plans: Ubisoft has unveiled a bold plan for XDefiant's first year, committing to introducing new factions, weapons, maps, and modes post-launch despite delays.

Primary goals: Despite development hurdles, the commitment to developing the content pipeline remains unchanged, ensuring XDefiant's growth post-launch.


Ubisoft's XDefiant is a cross-play first-person shooter that blends various Ubisoft universes into an innovative experience. Despite facing delays, Ubisoft is dedicated to delivering a polished product, conducting extensive testing to ensure the game meets players' high expectations. The game's development is led by Mark Rubin, promising a mix of nostalgic and innovative gameplay features. The anticipated release date is between May and June 2024, with Ubisoft preparing for a final technical test. Players are excited about the faction system, customization options, and team-oriented gameplay without skill-based matchmaking. The release date draws closer, and gamers eagerly await further updates and the chance to explore XDefiant's expansive universe.

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