What Is The Best Gun In COD Mobile 2024?

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Season 3: Vintage Vigilance is the last major update for Call of Duty: Mobile. In the new season, the weapons were balanced, changing the meta of COD: Mobile.

All these changes can make it challenging to decide which weapon is the best in COD: Mobile, so the blix.gg team has analyzed the guns in the game, and we are ready to present our favorites.

For everyone to find what they like, we will describe one weapon from each of the nine available categories.


  • A selection of the best weapons in each category in COD: Mobile Season in 2024
  • Some weapons that are worthy of honorable mentions

Best Shotgun In COD: Mobile Season 3


The R9-0 is used in close combat and dominates the metagame, and it looks like that will stay the same. A mix of a semi-automatic and a pump shotgun, the R9-0 can fire more than one shot before reloading. You don't need to have super skills to master this weapon.

The high-capacity magazine and many attachments make this shotgun versatile, and the KRM-262, which is very similar to the R9-0, is the only real competitor in the metagame.

Honorable mentions: KRM-262, BY-15.

Best SMG In COD: Mobile Season 3


The PDW-57 is an SMG that can easily take out enemies, dealing a lot of damage with very low recoil and a high-capacity magazine.

It's not the best option for long-range shooting, but if you can get close enough, the PDW-57 is incredibly dangerous.

A good competitor is probably the CBR4. It is a fast-firing, low-recoil weapon that can hit enemies at medium range.

Honorable mentions: CBR4, MX9, PPSh-41.

Best AR In COD: Mobile Season 3


The HVK-30 is the best gun in COD Mobile due to its high damage output within close and medium ranges. With the "Large Calibre Ammo" attachment equipped, you can take down the enemies with only three shots. The recoil is not too strong, which makes it easier to aim.

Honorable mentions: Type 19, M13, Peacekeeper MK2, Kilo 141.

Best LMG In COD: Mobile Season 3


The Holger-26 has always been a good LMG. Damage, effective range, and bullet spread have all been improved in the update.

You can play with it in many different ways, and that is what makes it so good. There are so many combinations you can use.

Since only a little will change in other LMGs, we expect the Holger-26 to remain the most popular LMG.

Honorable mentions: UL736, Bruen MK9, Chopper, S36.

Best Marksman Rifle In COD: Mobile Season 3


The SKS is a challenging weapon to use. It requires a decent amount of skill to get kills from it. But mastering this weapon will justify the effort. This is one of the best guns in COD Mobile to date.

This marksmanship rifle is capable of one-shot kills when hitting the head and two shots when hitting the upper body.

Honorable mentions: SVD.

Best Sniper Rifle In COD: Mobile Season 3

DL Q33

The DL Q33 remains the most reliable sniper rifle and has better mobility regarding sprint-to-fire delay.

The new proprietary nozzle was loosened in previous seasons of the DL Q33, but this only affected the weapon's performance in battle royale. A significant change needs to be made to move it off the top of the rankings.

Honorable mentions: ZRG 20mm, XPR-50.

Best Secondary In COD: Mobile Season 3


L-CAR9 is a pistol with automatic fire and very low recoil. It is best paired with a sniper rifle because it will help you avoid death when your primary gun runs out of ammo.

It can also compete with the MW11. Although its power has been reduced a bit with the update, it is still a fast-firing, high-recoil pistol that can be equipped with a wide range of attachments.

Honorable mentions: MW11, 50GS, Katana.


The advantage of using most of the guns mentioned in this list is that you will only have to learn how to use them briefly.

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