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Tarka Ji stands out among the other characters of Naraka: Bladepoint with quite an important feature: he is considered one of the best heroes to play solo. A team is not necessary. The player does not depend on anyone and can relish the hero's powers without a second thought. No special skills are required, as long as you have good aim. So, here is the Tarka Ji guide!


First, the basis of the game with Tarka Ji's hero is the power to block enemy invasions provided by the character's abilities. The principal thing is to ensure that the opponents attack him first. Since Tarka Ji is a flame manipulator, he will use fire to fight the flame. InnerFire and Blackout - the names of Tarka Ji's abilities speak for themselves!

Thanks to Inner Fire, Tarka Ji can switch into a defensive stance and start blocking attacks if they come from close range. The counterattack and the burn debuff are Tarka Ji's main offensive moves! So, in general, he is a defensive character. The debuff causes enemies to lose health and armor points for five seconds in a row, and the rate of recovery of the lost is halved.

Tarka Ji: How To Get

Tarka Ji is one of the significant heroes of Naraka: Bladepoint. No wonder he is open right after the start of the play. No additional requirements!

Skills and Ultimate

Blackout is an ability that allows Tarka Ji to become surrounded by flames, giving him excellent protection from non-explosive projectiles and increasing his mastery! Tarka Ji leaves a fire trail as she runs, and hitting this trail causes the Burn debuff. If a player completes the Cultivation quests, additional variations for abilities will appear!

In Inner Fire, the first variation of Tarka Ji's skills is called Waiting - in fact, the same Inner Fire. Still, its counterattack is very powerful. The more hits you take in melee combat, the stronger the counterattack! But to launch Inner Fire: Waiting, the player first needs the character to strike. The second variation, Giant Flame, is to throw a great fireball and knock enemies to the ground. Enemies experience both damage and the Burndebuff at the same time. If the enemies stop to repair their weapons, this variation becomes the perfect way to attack them!

As for the varieties of Blackout, one of them is called Volcano, and the second - is Madness. The Volcano significantly increases the mobility of the character. He gets the ability to throw fireballs in the amount of several pieces. Well, Madness is, it seems, the usual Blackout, but the damage, in this case, becomes much higher. Madness quickly drains your rage, butthe damage you deal to enemies is so high that it's worth it.

The best combo for Tarka Ji (how to play him) is Inner Fire: Giant Flame and Blackout, either standard or Madness. Using Blackout while the player's character is under enemy attack will help you counterattack or re-form more easily. GiantFlame as a version of InnerFire will allow Tarka Ji to have much more control over the situation. Before using this skill, he does not need to take damage. And thanks to a long-range attack, players can hit an area with the imposition of the Burn debuff.

Glyphs of Tarka Ji


  • Spirit x4
  • Wildness x2


  • Agility x3
  • Fury x3


  • Intelligence x6


  • Marvel x3
  • Genius x3


  • Stat SoulJades
  • Attack Souljades Melee
  • Resistance

Special SoulJade

  • Skyforce
  • Heal

Weapons of Tarka Ji

  1. S-Tier
    Longsword, Bloodripper, Katana
  2. A-Tier
    Spear, Dagger, Flamebringer, Greatsword, Bow, Swarm
  3. B-Tier
    Cannon, Repeating Crossbow
  4. C-Tier
  5. D-Tier


During the first beta version of the game, Tarka Ji could hurl fireballs at enemies with Inner Fire, an F-skill. But today, such a skill has been made less powerful. Once every twenty-two seconds, players can block melee attacks, and thanks to Gigaflame, fireballs cause area damage. Also, a good solution!

The Tarka Ji character as a person is constantly craving brew - more alcohol, more freedom, more fire from the inside! No wonder they call him the Faithful Drunkard. The fiery energy with which his abilities fill him works wonders! Let's not forget that with the help of Blackout Ultimate, Tarka Ji is much faster than without it.

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