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Wuchen isn't just the latest addition to Naraka: Bladepoint's pool of heroes. He's quite an influential character, even though Wuchen doesn't have as much to do with attacking or healing as others. He is anavigator with additional functions: he moves allies around the field, buffs allies, and debuffs enemies. Indispensable in a good crew! So, here goes the Wuchen guide!


SpiritBlades, the base skill of Wuchen, summons five swords. Each can be released at the enemy separately from the others or fired together for maximum damage. Suppose the player pumps the skill to the SpiritBladeShield modification. In that case, Wuchen can create a barrier that protects the team from incoming attacks of enemy projectiles.

As well, thanks to the ability of TaiChiRift, Wuchen can teleport the entire team for as much as one hundred and twenty meters (or less). After using the Ultimate, the team is granted damage reduction - depending on the characters' health. Thanks to Wuchen, you can escape the battle, avoid defeat, and think about astrategy that will help you cope in the future.

Wuchen: How to Get

Wuchen is one of the later Naraka: Bladepoint additions, so she costs money. The player can open him for 12,000 Tae or 600 Gold.

Skills and Ultimate

Here are Wuchen's skills. Among other things, Wuchen can open portals and use a grappling hook to reduce or increase the distance to an enemy. In addition to throwing blades, Wuchen also has a luxurious crossbow.An amazing character! And his story is brilliant as well.

Wuchen is a descendant of both humans and heralds. A half-breed is always an outcast and is actively taunted by the other heralds. But when Omnius, the leader of the heralds, took over Wuchen's training, years of ridicule and bullying proved to be just more motivation to win the fight. Wuchen was sure that by establishing a direct connection with Heaven, he could free himself from the chains of this world. That's why his skill is called SpiritBlades - these blades are formed directly from the air through Wuchen's efforts. Plus, they exist for sixty seconds. And the damage from them will depend on the weapon from which the player shoots.

If it hits an attacking enemy, the blade collides with the attack, lowering the durability of the enemy weapon. The sword will attack the enemy directly with zero durability of the enemy's weapon. If the blade does not hit the enemy or his weapon, the allies closest to the landing site will recover two hundred points of armor. An air barrier will appear in front of the blade for eight seconds, blocking the skills and long-range attacks of the enemy.

More of Wuchen how to play. If we talk more about the ability of TaiChiRift, then it allows players to move fifty meters to the side normally. Players can place the Yin-YangSphere in the desired position for 150 seconds and install the TaiChiRiftMagic Circle in its work. If allies are within the circle two seconds after it is placed, they will be teleported to the Yin-Yang Orb. If a teleported supporter is at least 80% health, they will gain an attack buff for thirty seconds. Below 80% health will apply a damage reduction debuff. Remember that the enemy can destroy the Yin-YangSphere, so you must teleport quickly! And enemies get a vulnerability debuff if they are inside the magic circle.

When players set up the portal, allies can move to the other side of the portal - but you must recharge the portal within two seconds. Players can send multiple long-range attacks - just like through portals. Unfortunately, the enemy may destroy the portal provided by Wuchen, in which case the player must install a new one.

Wuchen Glyphs Build


  • Spirit x4
  • Savagery x2


  • Agility x4
  • Decide x2


  • Intelligence x6


  • Marvel x2
  • Genius x4


  • Stat SoulJades
  • Health Souljade
  • Attack Souljades

Special SoulJade

  • Skyforce
  • Tu On

Weapons of Wuchen

  1. S-Tier
    Longsword, Bloodripper, Katana
  2. A-Tier
    Spear, Dagger, Flamebringer, Greatsword, Bow, Swarm
  3. B-Tier
    Cannon, Repeating Crossbow
  4. C-Tier
  5. D-Tier


Wuchen is a fighter above all. His personality is rather mysterious, but that is more of a matter of in-game lore. Wuchen's tactical skills focus on inflicting damage on opponents and helping teammates do the same. One of Wuchen's strengths is the ability to quickly close the gap between him and his enemies, allowing him to deal damage and retreat to safety. His mobility makes him hard to hit - a challenging target for opponents. However, Wuchen's weaknesses include low health and a lack of ranged attack options, making him vulnerable when he cannot get close to his enemies. Additionally, his abilities have relatively long cooldowns, making it essential for players to use them strategically.

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