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Yueshan is arguably the best of all Naraka: Bladepoint combatants in terms of versatility! He can strike adversaries and defend, guarding his own, thus allowing the team to stay complete, leading the battle to victory. Thanks to his essential skill, Linebreaker, Yueshan can deal damage while arranging an escape or combo as needed. So no wonder here goes a Yueshan guide!


According to Yueshan, the kingdom fell into decline, and the emperor shunned him despite this hero's military prowess. So now he should meet the opposing malicious wretch face to face, for this land must have a rightful ruler!

That is why Yueshan's ultimate is the Almighty General, that is, one who is ready to face opponents for the glory of his kingdom. The AlmightyGeneral has other movements and a completely different health pool. Yueshan's new attacks are Leaping Slash and Dragontail - incredibly destructive to enemies. Still, they take a lot of time to perform. This is the main disadvantage of such a character.

Yueshan: How to Get

Yueshan is a hero that is both easy and hard to get. Players can buy him for 12,000 Tae or 600 Gold. Pay the price, and he is yours!

Skills and Ultimate

Yueshan skills are such that he can be ideally used on a trial map for three matches in a row. But in the future, the player will have to buy a character. The cost is six hundred gold (a premium currency required to spend real money) or twelvethousand units of the in-game currency, Tae.

The developers of 24 Entertainment said that they took the design of this character from the ancient history of China, from those times when states actively fought among themselves. And so, Yueshan is dressed in plate armor capable of attacking the enemy with the shoulder. The enemy will fall and can easily be hit while on the ground.

The all-powerful general that Yueshan transforms into is a terracotta warrior with a large fire halberd. This halberd excels in slashing enemies, scattering them, and leaving fire trails with each swing. Very impressive! When transforming, he can, as mentioned above, use Leaping Slash or Dragontail. With the help of the first one, you can jump into the sky, and with the second one, inflict a decisive blow on the ground from below and throw enemies into the air.

That is the point of Yueshan how to play. The player can remain as an almighty general for thirty seconds. It is possible to exit this state at any second. But the General’s survivability is very high, which is generally very important in battle. For example, by transforming into an AlmightyGeneral using the SkyDescent ultimate, the new armor dramatically reduces the damage Yueshan can take. And thanks to the LineBreaker ability, by inflicting significant damage on enemies, the player can give allies time to counterattack.

By leveling up his mastership, the player can also get variations of Ambition and Rush. Thanks to Rush, Yueshan will rush in the right direction to hit the target he sees first - inflict a severe blow and stun for one second. But if Yueshan is attacked, Rush cannot be used. With Ambition, the entire team's attack increases by ten percent or reduces enemy attack by 25% for eight seconds.

Glyphs Build


  • Spiri x6


  • Agility x6


  • Intelligence x6


  • Flying x2
  • Genius x4

Stat SoulJades

  • Attack Souljades Melee
  • Resistance

Special SoulJade

  • Skyforce
  • Ghost Step

Weapons of Yueshan

  1. S-Tier
    Longsword, Bloodripper, Katana
  2. A-Tier
    Spear, Dagger, Flamebringer, Greatsword, Bow, Swarm
  3. B-Tier
    Cannon, Repeating Crossbow
  4. C-Tier
  5. D-Tier


Unfortunately, Yeshan's abilities take a long time to cooldown. Deciding when to use them will have to be done with the help of strategic decisions, choosing whether to launch this or that ability in a particular battle. Therefore, Yueshan is the choice for a player who wants to get serious strength and power. At the same time, that player must be ready to manage it wisely, logically understanding when it is appropriate and when it will be a waste of resources and time.

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