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Yoto Hime is not just a spartan hero of Naraka: Bladepoint. She is an aggressive, bloodthirsty assailant who wields agigantic demon sword! And the coverage of the edge is such that the impairment it grants affects numerous foes! Those who set extermination and destruction as their goal in the game are eager to play Yoto Hime. So here goes the Yoto Hime guide!


As mentioned above, Yoto Hime is also a pretty girl! And in the field of technique, if we talk about her abilities, she is simply an unsurpassed master. With SpiritSlash, Yoto Hime can block enemy projectiles, throw blades at enemies, and appear directly at those opponents to hit them up close. The defense remains in place, but the attack is simply incredible! The cooldown of the skill is twenty-five seconds. Still, it will be reset every thirty seconds after defeating the enemy (six spans in a row). If the health level of one or another enemy is already low enough, it takes no effort to finish him off.

Yoto Hime: How To Get

Yoto Hime is not comprehensively open, but all needed to obtain her is to go through and finish the tutorial. Do it, and Yoto Hime is yours, voila!

Skills and Ultimate

To understand Yoto Hime how to play, remember that she is considered a highly agile herowith extraordinary support abilities. Still, her damage stats are average: she has a relatively long accumulation time between hits. Players must learn it carefully to adapt to play for this girl. Yoto Hime's mobility is still somewhat limited, but the power she gains in return is worth it! In addition, the more enemies Yoto Hime defeats, the more dangerous she becomes. Experienced players do not recommend starting the game with Yoto Hime - too tricky for beginners. But those who have been playing for a long time might like to choose her!

So the Sinister Blade ability uses the same demonic sword. After swinging it three times, the result will be outstanding! The edge absorbs up to six Cairns stones in its path, significantly boosting the harm to opponents. If, after each hit, click the left mouse button, the player can establish the course of the cutter. Very convenient indeed!

SpiritSlash is a thing that is imaginable to elevate to Crush and Vortex transformations. The conjured blade dangles in the air for an extended time thanks to Crush, and then it will return to the girl to perform an additional clash. Thanks to the Vortex option, the flung sword begins to slow down after inflicting damage on enemies. At the same time, the edge can also intercept close-combat attacks, in which case Yoto Hime cannot strike.

OminousBlade also has two modification options: Restore and Combo. Thanks to Restore, soaking Cairns instead of increasing your invasion skill (i.e. Attack) will replenish your health and armor - an excellent way to recover! On the other hand, Combo removes all buffs, allowing it to deal three additional hits with a miniature version of OminousBlade.

The most helpful Combo of Yoto Hime's skills is the normal SpiritSlash plus the OminousBlade in a Restore arrangement. Thanks to the patching of her health, Yoto Hime can not stop attacks for self-healing and continues to attack. At the same time, the enemy tries to recover, run away or repair the weapon. And thanks to Spirit Slash, Yoto Hime can teleport to the enemy and attack him when she is OK with armor and health. Still, the enemy wanted to escape and repair. Well, she turns out to be a warrior from whom you cannot escape!

Yoto Hime Glyphs Build


  • Spirit x3
  • Wildness x3


  • Agility x4
  • Fury x2


  • Intelligence x6


  • Flight x2
  • Genius x4


  • Stat SoulJades
  • Attack Souljades
  • Special SoulJade

Special SoulJade

  • Skyforce
  • Tu On

Weapons of Yoto Hime

  1. S-Tier
    Longsword, Bloodripper, Katana
  2. A-Tier
    Spear, Dagger, Flamebringer, Greatsword, Bow, Swarm
  3. B-Tier
    Cannon, Repeating Crossbow
  4. C-Tier
  5. D-Tier


Yoto Hime is a melee-focused assassin who uses a pair of short swords to quickly dash into or out of combat. Her abilities include teleportation, invisibility, and stun. Yoto Hime is a skilled and elusive fighter who can deal massive damage with the right hand.

Her strengths: are high mobility, fast and versatile attacks, and the ability to teleport short distances to avoid attacks or close gaps.

She is also capable of dealing significant damage. She has a unique ability to switch between her two swords, each with distinct advantages.

On the other hand, her weak sides are her low defense and health pool, making her vulnerable to heavy attacks and crowd control abilities. Additionally, her abilities require good timing and accuracy to use effectively, which can be challenging for new players. Overall, Yoto Hime is a powerful and agile character in the right hands but requires skill and practice to master.

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