Current Meta Review in Warzone 2: Best Loadouts

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Enter the battlefield of Warzone 2 and experience the captivating and ever-changing gameplay that has captured the attention of the entire gaming community. As the latest patch rolls out, we've seen significant shifts in weapon performance and player strategies, reshaping the battlefield's hierarchy. A lot has changed since the last patch we wrote about. This article delves into the current Warzone 2 meta, offering players insights into the best loadouts to maximize their competitive edge.


  • Review of the current Warzone 2 meta
  • Analysis and Blix team opinions on the weapons types
  • Sample variants of loadouts for different situations

The dynamic nature of Warzone 2's meta sets it apart from other battle royale games. Dive deep into the current Warzone 2 meta, exploring the top loadouts, weapons, and strategies to dominate the battlefield. Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive review. Loadouts in Warzone 2's Current Meta.

ARs and SMGs


Assault Rifles (ARs)

These have always been a staple in Warzone for their versatility and reliability across various ranges. The current meta sees a particular focus on ARs that strike a balance between fire rate, damage, and recoil control. One standout AR is the M4, known for its exceptional accuracy and damage output, making it a go-to choice for many top players. No surprise, the best M4 loadout is an ever-popular theme! Else, TAO-56 could arguably be named the best AR in Warzone. Question of choice, as for us!

Submachine Guns (SMGs)

On the other hand, reign supreme in close-quarters combat. The best Fennec loadout is a favorite among the community for its rapid-fire rate and impressive mobility, allowing players to maneuver quickly in tight spaces.

Assault Rifles and Submachine Guns form the backbone of any effective loadout in Warzone 2. The balance between an AR's adaptability and an SMG's close-quarters lethality offers a comprehensive approach to combat. We've found that the versatility of ARs makes them indispensable, while SMGs' mobility allows for aggressive, fast-paced gameplay. Choosing the right combination of these weapons can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Long-Range Supremacy: Snipers and LMGs


Snipers and Light Machine Guns (LMGs)

These have become prominent in the current meta for those who prefer to engage from a distance. The MCPR-300 stands out with its unmatched precision and significant damage, capable of downing enemies with a single shot. Meanwhile, the best LMG loadout offers a perfect blend of firepower and sustained damage, ideal for laying down suppressive fire or holding down positions. Knowing the best RPK loadout is indeed a road to victory!

Long-range engagements have their strategic depth in Warzone 2. Snipers and LMGs cater to players who excel in positioning and patience, rewarding those who can anticipate enemy movements.

Our experience has shown that a sniper rifle can be a game-changer in open areas. At the same time, LMGs provide the sustained fire needed to support teammates and control enemy advances. The key is knowing when and where to deploy these weapons to their fullest potential.

How to Adapt Your Strategy with the Meta

Fennec 45

Adapting to the meta is crucial for both seasoned veterans and newcomers. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the top weapons allows players to tailor their strategies to the current battlefield conditions. Here are a few tips on how to stay ahead:

Stay Informed: Regularly check updates from trusted sources, such as the latest weapon stats and changes in player trends.

Practice and Experiment: Spend time with different weapons and loadouts in the practice range. Familiarity breeds confidence, and experimenting can uncover hidden gems that suit your playstyle.

Tactical Gameplay: Adapt your tactics based on your chosen loadout. For example, if you're wielding a top-tier SMG, focus on controlling engagements in close-quarters areas where you have the advantage.

Adaptability is arguably the most crucial skill in Warzone 2. The meta is ever-changing, influenced by patches, player discoveries, and evolving tactics. We believe that staying informed through reliable sources and being open to experimenting with different loadouts are fundamental to improving as a player. Moreover, adjusting your playstyle to complement your chosen weapons can significantly enhance your effectiveness on the battlefield. Flexibility, informed decision-making, and continuous learning are the pillars of success in Warzone 2.

Best Warzone 2 Loadouts

Choose your weapon!

Below, we delve into curated sets of weapons and equipment tailored for various playstyles and tactical approaches. Each loadout is designed to maximize efficiency and lethality in specific combat scenarios, providing hardcore and casual players with the tools they need to succeed.

Long-Range Precision: MCPR-300 and Kastov 762

Primary Weapon (Sniper): MCPR-300 with attachments like the 22" OMX-456 barrel and Forge Tac Delta 4 optic for improved range and accuracy.

Secondary Weapon (Assault Rifle): Kastov 762, optimized for control and damage with attachments like the IG-K30 406mm barrel and Cronen Mini Pro optic.

Perks and Equipment: Specter perk package, including perks like Double Time and Ghost, with C4 and Heartbeat Sensor for tactical and lethal options.

Mid-Range Dominance: Raal MG and Vaznev-9k

Primary Weapon (LMG): Raal MG, set up for mid-range suppression with attachments like the Cronen DM338 muzzle and .338 Mag High-Velocity ammunition.

Secondary Weapon (SMG): Vaznev-9k, tailored for quick, close-quarters combat, with modifications like the XTEN RR-40 muzzle and 45 Round Mag.

Perks and Equipment: Sentinel perk package with perks such as Battle Hardened and Overclock, complemented by C4 and Heartbeat Sensor.

Close Quarters Specialist: ISO Hemlock with Versatile Perks

Primary Weapon (Assault Rifle): ISO Hemlock, an assault rifle that stands out for its balance of firepower and control. Optimal attachments include the Fielder T50 barrel and FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel for enhanced damage range and bullet velocity.

Secondary Weapon: Consider a reliable pistol like the X12 or X13 for those unexpected close encounters.

Perks: Double Time for improved mobility and Fast Hands for quicker reloads, essential for maintaining pressure on the opponent.

Stealth and Precision: Cronen Squall with Overkill and KV Broadside

Primary Weapon (Tactical Rifle): Cronen Squall, set up for long-range engagements with attachments like the ZLR Talon 5 barrel and FSS OLE-V Laser for stability and accuracy.

Secondary Weapon (Shotgun): KV Broadside is a powerful option for close encounters, ensuring you're prepared for any engagement distance.

Perks and Equipment: Utilize Overkill to carry both weapons effectively, and complement your arsenal with a Heartbeat Sensor and Drill Charges for tactical superiority.

Each loadout is designed to cater to different aspects of Warzone 2's varied combat environments. By understanding and utilizing these suggested sets, players can better adapt to the current meta, enhancing their gameplay and increasing their chances of securing that coveted victory.

The shifting sands of Warzone 2's meta landscape make the game endlessly engaging. While adapting to change can be challenging, it is also what makes victory so rewarding. We see each patch as an opportunity to learn, grow, and refine our strategies.


While our suggested loadouts cover a broad range of playstyles and strategies for Warzone 2's dynamic combat, several elements we haven't touched upon can significantly influence a match's outcome.

Communication and teamwork are paramount in Warzone 2, where coordinated squads often outplay even the most skilled individual opponents. Understanding the terrain and how to use it to your advantage, from high vantage points to natural cover, can turn the tide of battle.

Moreover, leveraging field upgrades effectively — such as deploying Trophy Systems to defend against explosives or Recon Drones for scouting — can provide critical intel and protection.

Additionally, adapting to the circle's movements and predicting enemy positions are skills that, while not tied to a specific loadout, are crucial for survival and success. Mastering these aspects of the game, along with a well-chosen loadout, can elevate your Warzone 2 experience to new heights.

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