How Do I Play the Halo Infinite campaign?

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The recently revealed Halo Infinite cooperative campaign in the Winter Update offers a great chance for friends to play through the campaign together. Up to four players can join forces in a shared gaming experience in the Co-Op campaign, which is a stark contrast to facing the game's challenges alone in single-player mode. Sure thing, single-player is the bread and butter of any game - check out our article with the story of FormaL for instance. But co-op in Halo is a gem; here is the Blix team's guide!

Halo Infinity Multiplayer


  • Explanation of the Co-Op Campaigns
  • Step-by-step guide to launching Halo Infinite co-op

Halo's Joseph Morgan On The Joys Of Combat Evolved's Co-Op Campaign

Cooperative (co-op) campaigns are designed for multiplayer participation. It grants a collaborative approach to solving puzzles, engaging in combat, and progressing through the storyline. This differs from single-player campaigns tailored for solo gameplay, focusing on individual skills and decision-making.

The co-op mode often requires players to undertake roles that complement each other, enhancing strategic depth and interaction. For instance, players must coordinate their movements and attacks or strategically allocate resources and roles based on their characters' unique capabilities. And as Reddit users discuss, Halo Infinite campaign in co-op is quite good!

Playing in co-op mode can dramatically change the game dynamics. It introduces teamwork, communication, and joint strategy elements absent in single-player modes. Players must communicate effectively, using headsets to talk in real time, plan their tactics, delegate tasks, and support each other during intense combat. The success of a mission in co-op mode often hinges on the team's ability to work together cohesively.

Halo Infinite Co-op Campaign Part 1

Halo Infinite co-op is accessible across different platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and includes cross-platform capabilities. Thus, PC gamers have the flexibility to join forces with friends on consoles, broadening the community of players who can share the gaming experience.

The process for initiating a co-op session in Halo Infinite is outlined in Halo Support's publication:

Step-By-Step Guide

Halo Infinite screen

  1. Launch Halo Infinite.
  2. Select the "+" symbol underneath your Nameplate to add players to your Fireteam.
  3. From the Social menu, select the Friends tab.
  4. Here, you can join a friend's Fireteam or invite them to join yours by selecting their Gamertag and choosing options from their Profile menu.
  5. Once the Fireteam is formed, the Fireteam Leader (FTL), identifiable by a crown icon in the Fireteam widget at the screen's bottom-left and in the Social menu, navigates to the Campaign menu in the Play tab.
  6. The FTL can then select to continue their latest save file, start a new one, or load a specific one.
  7. Entering the Campaign Co-Op menu, the FTL chooses the preferred difficulty level and which Skulls to enable for added challenges.
  8. After pressing the Start Co-Op button, the rest of the Fireteam will select their save files.
  9. The FTL can start the game once all players have selected their save files.

Unfortunately, 343 Industries canceled the split-screen co-op mode last year. This mode would have allowed teammates to share the screen and play together physically. However, engaging in split-screen play through a menu glitch exclusive to Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X is still possible, allowing a maximum of three additional players to join the campaign.

Here is a tutorial from @HaloCreation and @Zeny_IC.

Also, here we add a stream of Halo Co-Op.

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Halo Infinite Campaign Co-Op


FPS games often shine with co-op campaigns, allowing players to team up for more dynamic and engaging gameplay. Titles like "Borderlands 2" and "Left 4 Dead 2" are exemplary, where players explore rich worlds and tackle enemies together, emphasizing strategic teamwork and player interaction. "Destiny 2" enhances cooperative gaming by combining MMO and FPS features, enabling teams to engage in raids and quests within a continually evolving world.

Every game offers a different approach to cooperative gameplay, with collaboration vital and satisfying in conquering the obstacles within the game. These games enhance the player's strategic thinking and the social aspect of gaming by creating lasting bonds and friendships among players.

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