Most Popular Legends in Apex Legends by Pick Rate (Tier List)

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As with all eSports games, developers introduce new features and changes via patch notes, directly affecting the Legend Pick Rates, as some get a nerf and others a buff.

The new Legend Upgrade Perks have genuinely transformed the Apex Legends' Legend Rankings, offering a crucial edge in every match!

The Blix team has compiled Apex Legend Pick Rates statistics and a Season 21 Legend Tier List.

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  • Top-10 Pick Rates of Legends on Different Ranks
  • Tier List for current meta Season 21
  • Detailed statistics on Pick Rates
  • Legend benefits explanation

Apex Legends Pick Rates

Thanks to a website that provides statistics on pick rates in the current season of Apex Legends, players can track which heroes in different divisions are popular.

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It's essential to understand that the pick rate of a Legend should not solely influence your decision. A low pick rate could be due to the Legend being challenging to play and requiring significant effort to master rather than indicating that the Legend is weak.

Apex Legends Pick Rates - Overall Score

When looking at the Overall Score, the top 10 heroes include:

  • Pathfinder - 9.8%
  • Lifeline - 9.2%
  • Octane - 8.5%
  • Bloodhound - 7.9%
  • Wraith - 7.2%
  • Bangalore - 7%
  • Horizon - 5.1%
  • Revenant - 4.8%
  • Fuse - 4.5%
  • Conduit - 3.6%

Apex Legends Pick Rates - Platinum

We've taken the average ranked platinum, and here we can already see that the top situation is changing a bit, with more team heroes starting to move up the rankings. Conduit is moving up in the rankings, and the top 10 here includes:

  • Pathfinder - 11.9%
  • Lifeline - 10.4%
  • Bangalore - 8%
  • Bloodhound - 7.3%
  • Horizon 6.8%
  • Revenant - 6%
  • Octane - 5.8%
  • Wraith - 5.7%
  • Conduit - 5%
  • Fuse - 4%

Apex Legends Pick Rates - Master / Predator

At the top of the rankings, the situation changes colossally in pick rates, with some heroes taking most of the percentage on themselves and Loba showing up. The top 10 list includes:

  • Pathfinder - 19.5%
  • Revenant - 15.2%
  • Horizon 14.6%
  • Lifeline - 9.2%
  • Bangalore - 7.2%
  • Wraith - 4.7%
  • Bloodhound - 4.6%
  • Loba - 3.8%
  • Octane - 3.5%
  • Conduit - 3.4%

Legends Tier List in Apex Legends

Based on feedback from professional and high-ranked players, the Blix team has compiled a Legends Tier List for Apex Legends Season 21.

Our team has left comments on the S and A Tiers Legends that are meta in Season 21. Legends in the B, C, and D Tiers will not have a detailed breakdown, but they most likely made it to these lists due to their abilities being nerfed in recent patches.

S - Tier


Apex Legends: Bloodhound Legend

Passive Ability - Tracker: Bloodhound's keen sense allows them to decipher clues hinting at nearby enemies' whereabouts, using white ravens as their guide.

Tactical Ability - Eye of the Allfather: Bloodhound can skillfully unveil enemies directly ahead within a generous range of 75 meters.

Ultimate Ability - Beast of the Hunt: When unleashed, Bloodhound gains a remarkable 30% surge in speed and can dynamically pinpoint enemies in a striking red hue. With each enemy takedown, this ability's duration extends by a gratifying 5 to 15 seconds, affirming Bloodhound's dominance in battle.

One of the strongest and easiest heroes to play in Apex Legends, this character's ability to scan is crucial, making her the only counter to Bangalore. She also works well in tandem with Bangalore.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Bloodhound according to


Apex Legends: Lifeline Legend

Passive Ability - Combat Revive: Reviving teammates deploy a drone, allowing Lifeline to move and shoot.

Tactical Ability - D.O.C Heal Drone: Deploy a healing drone to assist nearby players.

Ultimate Ability - Care Package: Summon a Care Package filled with beneficial loot for the team. So much support for the squad!

One of the most overpowered heroes in the current patch is Lifeline. She can revive her teammates and heal while shooting or recharging shields. These abilities make her a fantastic pick. Her Care Package ability has only gotten better over time.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Lifeline according to


Apex Legends: Conduit Legend

Passive Ability - Savior's Speed: Gain a 30% speed increase when sprinting towards allies out of range of Conduit's tactical ability.

Tactical Ability - Radiant Transfer: Temporarily restore shields to nearby teammates. Cannot recover shields if teammates are further than 50 meters.

Ultimate Ability - Energy Barricade: Deploy shield-damaging machines that slow and damage nearby enemies.

It is an excellent Legend paired with Revenant, currently known as a broken combo. Her Tactical ability, Radiant Transfer, makes her OP. She can quickly punish enemies for aggressive play.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Conduit according to


Apex Legends: Caustic Legend

Passive Ability - Nox Vision: Gain the power to spot enemies inside his Nox Gas and become immune to its effects.

Tactical Ability - Nox Gas Trap: Deploy up to 6 gas canisters that will activate when approached or shot at by enemies.

Ultimate Ability - Nox Gas Grenade: Throw a grenade to cover a wide area in Nox Gas.

He's a mighty hero these days and a great counter to Alter. Despite having a big hitbox, his perks resolve the issue. An enormous gas cloud will help you throw your barrels further and maintain pressure on your enemies.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Caustic according to


Apex Legends: Bangalore Legend

Passive Ability - Double Time: Gives you a 30% speed boost for 2 seconds when you fire your weapon.

Tactical Ability - Smoke Launcher: Launch a two-charge smoke grenade that covers a long distance, creating a smokescreen and dealing some damage.

Ultimate Ability - Rolling Thunder: Unleash an explosive artillery strike that covers an expansive outdoor area and stuns enemies caught in the blast!

A highly skilled legend who can escape a fight or limit the enemies' vision with her smokes. Not to mention, you can heal inside the smoke.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Bangalore according to

A - Tier


Apex Legends: Pathfinder Legend

Passive Ability - Insider Knowledge: Scanning care packages reduces the cooldown of his Ultimate

Tactical Ability - Grappling Hook: Grapple that propels Pathfinder to a desired location.

Ultimate Ability - Zipline Gun: Create a zipline his team can use.

It's one of the best movement characters, so his high hitbox doesn't matter. He provides support to the entire team. His upgrade options are excellent and can favor a defensive or offensive playstyle, depending on which upgrades players opt for.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Pathfinder according to


Apex Legends: Revenant Legend

Passive Ability: Assassin's Instinct - Highlights nearby enemies that are low on health. It also increases crouch walk and climbing speed.

Tactical Ability: Shadow Pounce - Allows Revenant to leap forward for a range of up to 50 meters.

Ultimate Ability: Forged Shadows - Surrounds Revenant in shadows, adding 75HP and lasting 25 seconds. Knockdowns restore the ability.

Despite recent adjustments, a powerful combatant maintains one of the highest Pick Rates in top-tier play. The Murder Machine perk caters to aggressive players.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Revenant according to


Apex Legends: Horizon Legend

Passive Ability: Spacewalk -Grants immunity to fall impacts.

Tactical Ability: Gravity Lift -Creates an upward current that launches all players upward.

Ultimate Ability: Black Hole -Throwable device that draws enemies toward it.

It's the most annoying hero when playing against her. She's one of the best movement Legends and can get your entire team up to a height by herself.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Horizon according to


Apex Legends: Valkyrie Legend

Passive Ability: VTOL Jets - Grants the ability to fly using a jetpack with regenerating fuel.

Tactical Ability: Missile Swarm - Fires several mini-rockets that damage and stun any struck enemies.

Ultimate Ability: Skyward Dive - Launches Valkyrie, connects teammates into the air and performs a skydive.

This hero is powerful, can rapidly ascend to higher positions, and engage enemies taking cover.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Valkyrie according to


Apex Legends: Wattson Legend

Passive Ability: Spark Of Genius - Instantly charge ultimate from a single Ultimate Accelerant. The ability also allows for slow passive shield regeneration, keeping you in the game longer.

Tactical Ability: Perimeter Security - Set up nodes that connect and form an electrical fence, stunning enemies who pass through it, giving you the upper hand in combat.

Ultimate Ability: Interception Pylon - Deploy a pylon that disables all ordinance in its vicinity and provides limited shield regeneration to nearby players. With these tools at your disposal, you'll be unstoppable!

She possesses one of the most potent Ultimates in the game, capable of stopping almost every offensive ability. Her passive ability recharges your shield. She can lock down buildings and slow down pushers in the late game.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Wattson according to


Apex Legends: Crypto Legend

Tactical Ability: Surveillance Drone - Activate an aerial drone to gain a strategic bird's-eye view of the surroundings. If your drone is taken out, there's a brief 40-second downtime before you can redeploy.

Passive Ability: Neurolink - When your Surveillance Drone detects enemies within 30 meters, it automatically tags them for you and your squad.

Ultimate Ability: Drone EMP - Unleash the power of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) blast from your Surveillance Drone to damage shields, hinder enemy movement, and deactivate traps.

He's always been a nuisance for most players, as you must control the drone rather than play a shooter game. However, that has changed - you are in the drone less and fighting more.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Crypto according to


Apex Legends: Catalyst Legend

Tactical Ability: Piercing Spikes - Toss out a patch of ferrofluid that transforms into spikes when enemies are close by. Catalyst is immune to enemy spikes.

Passive Ability: Barricade - Strengthen doors to block out enemies. You can also reinforce spaces where doors have been destroyed.

Ultimate Ability: Dark Veil - Summon a porous wall of ferrofluid. When enemies pass through it, they'll be temporarily slowed down and blinded.

She is good in Season 21 because she can quickly set up and control space. Her ability to rebuild doors is also nuts in gaming situations.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Catalyst according to


Apex Legends: Alter Legend

Tactical Ability: Gift From The Rift - Interact with a death box remotely to obtain one item. The item cannot be a shield core.

Passive Ability: Void Passage - Create a passage through surfaces that lasts 15 seconds.

Ultimate Ability: Void Nexus - Place a regroup nexus that can be used remotely to teleport to it. It has a 200-meter range and lasts 120 seconds.

The current Legend is both balanced and robust in Season 21. She can quickly enter or leave fights, catching the enemy by surprise and assisting teammates in bad positions.

Apex Legends Pick Rates of Alter according to

B - Tier

  • Vintage
  • Wraith
  • Rampart
  • Newcastle
  • Fuse
  • Mad Maggie

C - Tier

  • Bangalore
  • Mirage
  • Loba

D - Tier

  • Ballistic
  • Octane
  • Seer
  • Ash


That concludes the list; let's summarize the results. The top picks include Pathfinder, Lifeline, Octane, Bloodhound, Wraith, Bangalore, Horizon, Revenant, Fuse, and Conduit.

The most meta heroes in the S tier list are Bloodhound, Lifeline, Conduit, Caustic, and Bangalore.

The list will be updated regularly, so stay tuned for updates!

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