4 Ways to Get Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends has different in-game currencies, such as Apex Coins, Crafting MetalsLegend Tokens, and Heirloom Shard. There are also Event-specific currencies, such as CrownsNodes, and Camo Coins.

Speaking of Legend Tokens, they're an incredible currency available entirely for free in Apex Legends!

Unlike other in-game currencies, you can't buy them with Apex Coins or rely on loot crate drops. They're a precious resource that can only be earned through playing matches. The Blix team is excited to share this with you because it's a fantastic opportunity for players to understand how to earn these unique tokens and enhance their gaming experience.


– Explanation of in-game currency, Legend Tokens

– The ways to spend Legend Tokens

– Tips on how to obtain Legend Tokens

– Aiming tips

What Are Legend Tokens in Apex Legends?

Legend Tokens can only be obtained by getting a new level in Apex Legends. The game awards 600 Tokens for each level starting from level 4. The first Legend can be unlocked at level 23, then at level 4363, etc. To increase the speed of obtaining Legend Tokens, you need to play longer games without dropping into hotspots, which means you cannot die at the beginning of the match. This is because you will gain more experience if you survive longer.

The Battle Pass can provide an additional XP boost until the end of the season, allowing players to gain some extra benefits. Some players choose not to use Legend Tokens to buy Legends, as they believe it's easier to earn XP by playing the game and unlocking them automatically. Ultimately, the decision to spend Tokens on a Legend you like or save them for other purposes is yours.

What Can Legend Tokens Be Used For?

There are three ways to use Legend Tokens:

  1. Firstly, players can use Legend Tokens to purchase Legends for 12,000 Tokens. However, as mentioned earlier, there are more effective ways to spend your tokens.
    Check out our Top Legends to Unlock First for Beginners in Apex Legends to understand which Legend to buy next.
  2. Players can use Tokens to unlock Legendary skin recolors that cycle weekly in the in-game shop.
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  3. The last option for rerolling daily challenges is to use Legend Tokens, but we believe it's not the best choice.

How to Get Legend Tokens in Apex Legends?

Great news! Getting Legend Tokens is a breeze - simply play the game and level up by earning XP. So it means just farm exp and grind it. Players get 600 Legend Tokens with a 100% chance for every level up, and sometimes Apex Pack or Crafting Metals with 600 Legend Tokens.

Level Up

There are 2000 levels split into four tiers. Leveling up resets progress to level 1 of the following Tier after reaching level 500 in the current Tier until level 500 in Tier 4.

  • Level 1: 100XP (N/A)
  • Level 10: 8,600XP (+450)
  • Level 20: 12,500XP (+150)
  • Level 30: 14,000XP (+150)
  • Level 40: 15,500XP (+150)
  • Level 50: 17,000XP (+150)
  • Level 58+: 18,000XP (+0)

You will have reached the maximum level limit once you reach Tier 4 at level 500.

Get Max XP

Various factors determine experience. This is how the experience works:

  • Won Match: 900 XP
  • Top 5 Finish: 300 XP
  • Time Survived: 3 XP per second survived
  • Kills: 50 XP per kill
  • Damage Done: 0.25 XP per 1 damage point
  • Revive Ally: 25 XP per revive
  • Respawn Ally: 200 XP per respawn (extra 50 for revived teammate kills)
  • First Kill of the Day: 500 XP
  • Killed Champion: 500 XP per kill of the champion squad
  • Kill Leader: 50 XP if the player had been the kill leader in a match at any point
  • Champion Squad: 500 XP if the player was the champion squad going into a match
  • Playing with Friends: +5% XP bonus to Time Survived
  • Playing with Friends(x2): +10% XP bonus to Time Survived

Play in Group

How awesome is it that playing with friends in your squad gives you extra XP? With one friend, you'll receive a fantastic +5% XP bonus for your survival time, and with two friends, you'll get an incredible +10% XP bonus. Team up and increase your XP gaining.

Use Battle Pass XP Boost

The last Battle Pass, called Resurrection, was in Season 18, released on August 8, 2023, until October 31, 2023, which brought new content:

  • Complete rework to Revenant, giving him new abilities
  • Complete rework to the Charge Rifle, making it a projectile weapon
  • Addition of Broken Moon POIs to Mixtape - Production Yard for Control, The Core for Team Deathmatch and Gun Run
  • End of support for Windows 7

Reaching level 110 earned the player an EVA-8 Auto Shotgun named Heart of Brimstone and a Badge called Resurrection.

The Battle Pass XP Boost is an exclusive reward that can be earned as a Premium Battle Pass reward or as an Event reward. It grants a 10% bonus to the Top 5 and Win XP and applies to all members of the player's party (up to 300%). These bonuses reset at the start of every season.

More about How To Level Up Battle Pass Fast can be found in our guide.

How to Become Better?

If you're new to Apex Legends, start with Firing Range. You can check all the items you encounter in the game and try the guns on dummies there.

Aim Labs is an excellent option if you're looking to improve your marksmanship skills. It's an advanced training solution that uses machine learning and performance tracking to help you get better quickly.

Once you feel comfortable with movement and have practiced aiming, you can start playing regular matches with random teammates to continue learning. You can earn more experience by taking out enemies, reviving your teammates, and even more as you step up.


There are different ways to maximize your XP rewards in Apex Legends. The most effective method is to play in a full stack (3-man group), all of whom have the Battle Pass with XP boost. Additionally, you should aim to complete as many objectives as possible during the match to increase your final XP rewards.

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