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Apex Legends is a game that deservedly has remarkable popularity around the world. And changing weapons to your liking - so that the functionality remains in place, and the appearance gives self-confidence and zest to the image - is also loved by many! So the team has prepared an article about the best weapon skins in Apex Legends. The types of weapons in the game's history have accumulated a lot! That's just how to choose the right weapon - and the skin for it.

Eight character classes have unique abilities, each with its own. Some weapons just won't work for some character classes! So in the following list of the best weapons, most of the guns will be suitable for most of the same character classes - but there are rare exceptions.

Hemlock Burst AR

This is an assault rifle. It can switch between 3-round and semi-automatic fire modes. It has 210 ammo and Boosted Loader. The Boosted Loader reduces tactical reload time if done when the magazine is close to full exhaustion while adding 9 extra rounds.

As for the best skin for Hemlock, team recommends Phoenix Fire. If you look closely at the skin, it seems to have a fire on it, but it could be wings on it. It seems to be the perfect weapon skin on the Olympus map or Storm Point. It costs 400 Crafting Materials and looks as badass as can be!


An excellent pistol is more powerful than many seemingly more consequential weapon types! It inflicts 45 damage to the body, and 97 to the head, no joke. The magazine holds eleven rounds. He needs Classic 1X or Fighter 2X. If you have the Reload Accelerator gold modification, you will not be able to switch to your second weapon during a shootout.

The Red Rocket is also a must-have weapon skin to have in Apex Legends. Although it is a recolor version of the Merciless Wing, you can often find it in the recolor store. This item can be purchased in-game for 10500 Legend Tokens, the approximate price in dollars is $7.49.


Rightly considered an ageless classic! Yellow cartridges for 301 carabine and the weapon are often found in containers or on the ground. This rifle is characterized by a high rate of fire and is suitable for long-range and close-range firefights. If you plan to fire from a long distance, it is most relevant to use a 2-4x scope.

The Golden Rampage was the reactive Battlepass exclusive skin. Due to its rarity, this, along with the other recolor aptly named Iron Rampage, is highly sought after by the Apex community.


Excellent assault rifle! The cartridges are heavy. The weapon takes 32 damage if the enemy is hit in the head. Body shot damage is 18. And quite a few modifications can be put on the Flatline. Optics, a stock, an enlarged magazine, with a maximum horn capacity of only thirty rounds, is enough to cope even with an opponent in full armor.

As for the best skin for Flatline, the team chooses the Chooser of the Slain. It simply looks gorgeous!


The L-STAR is a fully automatic energy machine gun. The main feature of this machine gun: it does not need to be reloaded. Just keep an eye on the issue of the weapon overheating so that it does not suddenly stop firing on its own in the middle of a furious fight. Today, one of the most famous victory schemes is to remove armor from the enemy with this machine gun - you can also finish it off with a shotgun.

An excellent choice for this weapon would be Alien Invasion. Alien Invasion has a dark purple upper receiver and stock. Luminous green icons add an alien atmosphere to this skin. Craft it for 1200 Crafting Metals.

Charge Rifle

An excellent sniper rifle, and an extremely unusual one at that! It takes two rounds to fire a shot from the Charge Rifle. At first, it will charge, then it will shoot. There is no need to think about the distance to the desired target. It has a strictly straight-shot trajectory; it would be possible to see the enemy. And you do not need to think about any preemption! Starting from the tenth season, the Charge Rifle is offered in gold. There will be four gold items when using the Canyon Kings card in the Caustic Zone location. One of which quickly turns out to be the same energy rifle, the sight of which is 4-10x. At the same time, it highlights opponents. The only downside is that the magazine is small, and reloading takes too long.

And about the most beautiful Charge Rifle skin: Elegant Experiment! It is, well, extremely elegant! 1200 Crafting Materials is a fair price for that beauty!


The Alternator has the modification piercing ammo build in by default. Thanks to it, shield damage increases by as much as forty percent! Its recoil is easy to control. Thanks to its high rate of fire and 27-round magazine capacity, it can quickly destroy armor if the enemy is not eliminated.

The Galvanizer is a very cool skin among the Apex player community. The standard look of the Alternator is good. Butcombined with this skin, it is simply flawless. And players can create it for just 1200 Crafting Metals.


Kraber is absolutely out of competition. This is the most potent weapon in the game! Thanks to a single accurate headshot, it quickly knocks out an opponent. When hit in the body, it deals 140 damage - nothing can save you, right?

But even a certain kill is better done with style! Nothing is better than the Pioneer! 1200 Crafting Materials for an extremely futuristic space-opera-style look!


Inflicts 299 headshot damage and 144 body shot damage. But getting a Mastiff is complex, and the shooting recoil is powerful. But suppose you consider the popular Mozambique shotgun. In that case, it combines a shotgun and a pistol, and at close range, it is very effective. In addition, it is incredibly mobile, although not as deadly as the Mastiff. You can also remember the EVA-8 shotgun, an automatic one that does not need to be reloaded after each shot.

And for sure, legendary weapons need the best possible skins! The skin of the legendary Boom Stick weapon is decorated with skulls, animal skins, and various amulets. This skin was available in the Fight or Fright package in 2020 but could be purchased for 1800 Apex Coins or 2400 Crafting Metals.


There are not too many submachine guns to name: but still, there are five of them, the Alternator, C.A.R. SMG, and the R99. Prowler is by far the best, it has a very high rate of fire, and the damage is the best. An Alternator takes second place due to the high accuracy of the hit.

The most beautiful skin for the Prowler title deservedly goes tothe Lightworker. At the same time, it cries about its beauty and stays humble and white. It costs 1200 Crafting Materials.

M600 Spitfire

There are only fourLight Machine Guns in the game. Spitfire is a favorite due to its high accuracy and fast reload. The damage in case of a real hit in the head is 27 dmg, and in the body - 18, plus an increase in the rate of fire while shooting.

Perhaps this is the effect of a little old-fashioned name, but the Copper Claw, being just as visually steampunky and old-fashioned is the winner! Its price is 1200 Materials.

Devotion LMG

Devotion is worse than the Spitfire, less accurate, and slower to reload. But the rate of fire is very high! Thanks to the installation of a Turbocharger, you can reduce the return. There are 44 rounds in the Devotion magazine. Damage dealt is 15 for the body and 23 for the head. Plus energy ammo!

The skin that the team recommends is theHot Streak! It is hot, just as the name suggests. Players can purchase it for 1800 Apex Coins.

G7 Scout

This rifle has the light ammo type while dealing minimal damage - only 60 dmg for a headshot and 30 for a body shot. There are only ten rounds, but a compass on the rear display shows the player's location.

The Gold Dragon skin is the best. The weapon with this skin looks sleek and streamlined, and the dragon's maw on the front looks spectacular when fired. The gold and black details are eye-catching. The price of that awesomeness is 1200 Materials.

Longbow DMR

This rifle has a slow rate of fire, but the ammo is heavy, and it does more damage - 55 for the body shot and 110 for the headshot. Installing a Skull Piercer allows you to increase the damage to the head.

And to pay respect to the glorious history of the historical longbows, the best skin to use will be the Big Game Hunter for 1200 Materials.

Triple Take

This is one of the most exciting weapons in all of Apex Legends! The cartridges are energy rounds. Each of them fires a burst of three bullets with a small spread, which can be made even smaller with the help of the unique Precision Choke modification. The firing rate of such a weapon is comparable to the Longbow. Still, the damage from a triple shot is much more: 69 when all bullets hit the body, 23 from one bullet, 138 from three headshots, and 46 from a single bullet hit.

The best skin there is, by no doubt, theFirst Strike. Its partisan camouflaged appearance will ensure that the first shot will be the first to be hit by this weapon!


This very slow shotgun needs to be reloaded after every shot. But at the same time it fires eleven shotsat once, a star-shaped shot. You can reduce the spread by installing the Precision Choke module.

The default Peacekeeper’s iron sight is very obstructive, and because of this, it will be hard to aim without optics. However, the Northern Lights Peacekeeper has a neat iron sight that does not block your view and lets you aim flawlessly. In addition, it also looks stunning - the green streaks and yellow lines make the weapon expressive.

So that is's opinion on the best weapon skins. Apex surely can offer a lot here, and we are just navigating the players a little. Play and choose for yourselves!

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