Reviewing PUBG Tournaments 2024

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A primary development for PUBG in 2023 was the return of the PGS Global Matchmaking Series, which increased the total number of global games and the number of participating teams.

In the 2023 season, the number of game days increased from 21 (in 2022) to 36, and the total prize pool almost doubled from $2.5 million to $4.8 million. Seven championships, including PGC 2024PNC 2024, and an event in Saudi Arabia, are planned for 2024.

The team is ready to present its review of the 2024 tournaments. You can read a review of the PGC 2023 here.


  • An overview of the biggest PUBG championships in 2024
  • Results of tournaments that have already passed

Global Partner Team

In the new season in PUBG, there will be not eight partner teams, but ten.

The teams were selected based on three criteria: management component (20%), fan base (60%), and history (20%).

All of the partner teams from last year have maintained their membership in the program. CERBERUS Esports and Daytrade Gaming joined them.

The list of PUBG partners for 2024:

  1. 17Gaming
  2. FaZe CLAN
  3. Four Angry Men
  4. Gen.G
  5. Natus Vincere
  6. Petrichor Road
  7. Soniqs
  8. Twisted Minds
  9. CERBERUS Esports
  10. Daytrade Gaming

Esports World Cup 2024

Esports World Cup 2024

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS has officially joined the Esports World Cup 2024 list of disciplines, an international cybersports championship previously held under Gamers8.

The event will be held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. The organizers will announce the list of participants, prize fund, and other details of the upcoming event.

The Soniqs team won the previous PUBG Global Series 2 tournament in Riyadh and was awarded $2 million in prize money.

PUBG EMEA Championship 2024

Tournament Roadmap

PUBG EMEA Championship: Spring was held from March 15 to April 7. The total prize pool amounted to $50,000.

Twisted Minds took the first line in the final ranking, while MadBulls finished in second place. Natus Vincere took the third place, and BetBoom Team - eleventh. Twisted Minds received $12,000 and 300 PGC points for the win. MadBulls and HOWL Esports guaranteed themselves a trip to PGS3 & PGS4.

PEC: Fall will take place in September 2024.

PUBG Americas Series 2024

PAS 2024

PUBG Americas Series 3 was held from March 15 to April 7. The total prize fund of the championship amounted to $50,000. At the end of the competition, Team Falcons won the tournament, $12.000, and 300 PGC points.

Shoot To Kill and Legacy also finished in the top three of the tournament - they received $7.500 and $6.000, respectively. All three teams mentioned above guaranteed themselves tickets to PGS3 & PGS4.

PAS4 is scheduled for the end of 2024. The championship prize pool will remain the same - $50,000.

The best players from North and South America will have a chance to participate in the PUBG Nations Cup 2024, a global event to be announced in RiyadhSaudi Arabia, in August this year.

PUBG Weekly Series 2024: Korea

PUBG Weekly Series 2024

PUBG WEEKLY SERIES 2024 Korea Phase 1 is a professional league tournament organized by PUBG Corporation for teams from Korea. During the event, 16 teams will compete for a prize pool of KRW 100 million and the opportunity to participate in PGS 2024 P3 and PGS 2024 P4.

The tournament consists of Phase 1 and Phase 2. As of March 23PWS 2024 KR P1 has been ongoing until April 14The Grand Finals will be held from April 12 to April 14.

PUBG Nations Cup 2024

The community will continue to hold the traditional PUBG Nations Cup, which will be held in September.

The South Koreans' successful performance at the PUBG Nations Cup 2023 earned them a win and a hefty cash prize. $710,000 was awarded at the event, and more than a third of that big prize, $236,643, went to the winner.

PGS Tournaments

Krafton has announced the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) eSports roadmap for 2024.

PUBG eSports roadmap

The PUBG competitive community will hold seven LAN competitions. At the same time, the regional leagues kicked off in March.

The regional tournaments will be held in five regions: ChinaKoreaEMEAAPAC, and the Americas. They will act as regional qualifiers, and players can qualify for the biggest tournaments of the year through them.

The following number of teams will travel from each regional series to the PUBG International Matchmaking Series:

  • CHINA - 2 places
  • KOREA - 3 places
  • EMEA - 2 places
  • APAC - 4 places
  • AMERICA - 3 places

The Top-14 teams from the first regional series will participate in the first and second PGS tournaments, and the Top-14 teams from the second regional series will participate in the third and fourth.

Theoretically, a team could qualify for PGC without qualifying for PGS tournaments simply by earning points at each regional tournament.

PUBG Global Championship

PGC is the biggest tournament in the PUBG cybersports field. South Koreans won the last event from Danawa e-sports, which had a prize pool of $2,350,000.

We will have more information about PGC 2024 at a later date. However, an advertisement image shows that the top PGS and regional series teams will compete in the event.

Tournament structure

PUBG Mobile Global Open 2024

PMGO 2024

PMGO 2024 occurred from April 5 to 7 in São Paulo, Brazil. It is the first major eSports event in a South American country with a significant PUBG Mobile player base.

Team Reject was the most stable team in the event, dominated the 2nd and 3rd days of the tournament, and became the champion. It also became the first team from Japan to win a significant PUBG Mobile tournament. The winners took home $100,000!

Reiji "Reiji" Maeda from the Reject squad was the event's Most Valuable Player.

The PMGO 2024 event saw 16 teams competing in the main event for a massive prize pool of $356 thousand.

On the final day of PMGO BrazilTencent announced the slot allocation for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2024 league stage.

As in the previous two tournaments, 48 teams worldwide will participate in the initial stage. However, it has yet to be discovered how many teams will be directly invited to the Grand Final, which is scheduled to take place in the UK. The total prize pool for PMGC 2024 is 3 million dollars, the same as in 2023.

You can learn about last year's winner in our article.


PUBG's eSports arena continues to grow in scope year after year. We'll report on new developments in the professional PUBG scene in 2024 and beyond.

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