Warzone: Godzilla vs. Kong skins

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So many different personalities immortal Call of Duty: Warzone hosts! For example, the famous action movies about the heroes of the eighties. And now more ancient characters have come to the Warzone: Godzilla vs. Kong skins! Godzilla from the 1954 movie (plus later movies about this lizard, of course, but the first one appeared back then!), or Kong, the first movie released in 1933.


So, about the game Godzilla. His scientific name is TITANUS GOJIRA, and this cute little lizard is "only" 120 meters tall! Pretty big, right? And perfect for the image of a game character! Godzilla attacks with a heat beam, his tail which hits the victim hard enough, and pointed plates on his own back.

Godzilla's tail doesn't count toward his overall size-it's an extra177m. And the speed of his tail swing can reach up to 40 meters per second! Swims very quickly underwater: it can reach a cruising speed of 40-50 knots. Growls are so loud that the sound reaches 174 dB. Godzilla's blood volume is 2,400 cubic meters, and the tensile strength of his bones is three thousand megapascals. The energy of his famous heat beam is 315 trillion joules!

And some character history. Godzilla has risen from the ocean, from its darkest depths! With the help of his heat ray, he is ready to destroy the coast, which he announces with his magnificent roar. But why? Who knows? It remains a mystery even to Monarch, the monster protection agency. Even more puzzling is why Godzilla has set out to destroy everything around him on the Caldera map - almost the entire island has already burned out!

When thelizard's scales begin to glow, blueandred circles appear on the player's mini-map. These are the ones talking about the heat ray! Do not approach these areas. When it touches you, there will be no ashes left. The lizard does not seem to be aiming at the players. However, if you are already in the line of fire - run away from Godzilla quickly.

King Kong

Now about Kong, whose scientific name is TITANUS KONG. He is smaller than Godzilla - only 103 meters. Kong hits the ground, jumps and breaks fins. His punch is about 4.2 on the Richter scale, and his bones are strong at 2800 megapascals. Kong growls at up to 170 dB! He swings his arm at a maximum speed of 28 meters per second. On two legs, he runs at a speed of 35 meters per second, on four legs - 46 meters per second. He feeds on leaves, bamboo, and marsh squid.

For many years, theKing of Skull Island, aka Kong, has defended his island from the most dangerous creatures on the planet. Now he's ready for anything! And right now, he shows up in the Caldera, along with the giant lizard. Which one has come to save the island from the other?Or just to fight? Whatever it was, Kong is here now. He moves around the island, jumping. You will need to do a lot of additional research to understand where it will go and what it will crush!

Kong won't intentionally destroy anyone, especially players and vehicles. But if he touches the character, it will completely neutralize his combat abilities. It is better to stay away - it will help you stay alive. Also, the mission of "Monarch" is not to destroy Godzilla and Kong but to live with them side by side, so that no one interferes with anyone. But the player can find a way to use their powers that will help them survive!

The reality is that Godzilla and King Kong are controllable. So now Godzilla and King Kong Skins in Warzone are available. If the user has a SCREAM device, everything will work out - it will be possible to specify targets for monsters to attack directly! However, players can use a heat beam or hit the ground. Only one monster can be under control at a time, as it will simply disappear after using the device. But a player can set it to any place on the map!

The most straightforward way to reach this trickery device is to fulfill in-game achievements. You need to destroy enemy operatives, search boxes with supplies, and complete contracts. Prizes are awarded for achievements, the most useful of which is the coveted SCREAM. Also, you can enter the Titan Frenzy mode before Godzilla and Kong land. A countdown timer will emerge on the screen, after which the monsters will enter the battlefield. Shoot the giants with your weapons and stationary anti-aircraft arms available on the level. The team that inflicts the most damage on the monsters will receive the device. Therefore it is recommended to occupy anti-aircraft guns in advance so that the other team does not get them.

Though the release of Godzilla vs. Kong Warzone Skins was a long-awaited time, the Godzilla and Kong mode is temporary. It's a game event, not a permanent storyline. But you can purchase Mosterverse skins, thanks to which you can dress up as these monsters! Like all previous crossover sets, skins are sold both in Warzone and in the Vanguard store. You will have to buy each of the skins separately, moreover, with some difficulties!

King Kong and Godzilla Warzone Skins

So, the Godzilla skin is acquired through the Tracer Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Bundle for 2400 points (about twenty US dollars). The set includes the scheme for the Breath of Godzilla, the legendary Alpha weapon, and additional small items. There is a Godzilla skin and a vibrant emblem - in a word, a lot of everything.

A specific item (Tracer Pack: Kong Limited Time Bundle) is purchased to buy Kong. Its cost is the same. There will be a Temple Kong Sniper Rifle skin, Kong's Axe skin, several tricks and treats, and an animated emblem - in a word, the set is worth the money!

There is also a Mechagodzilla Skin - the most popular and extraordinary! It comes with the Tracer Pack: Mechagodzilla Limited Time Bundle (same price). There will be a lot of arms and other nice things in the set (the Cybernetic Destroyer Assault Rifle, Melee Weapons, Machine Gun, Emblem, etc.) By the way, players can buy Godzilla and Kong and get Mechagodzilla for free. To do this, open the "Operation Monarch" tab in the menu, select "buy several sets" there, and purchase Kong and Godzilla. The Mechagodzilla set will appear by itself.

Thus, the most delinquent high-profile match affair in Call of Duty: Warzone gave participants a fantastic opportunity touse the skins of the mythical giant monsters. Those players who wanted to know how to get Godzilla and Kong Skins in Warzone are on top now! These exciting skins include a bunch of other things like powerful weapons. Let's wait and see what characters will appear in the game next!

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