What Are COD Mobile Ranks?

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In Call of Duty Mobile, there are seven ranks in the game. These include Rookie, Veteran, Elite, Pro, Master, Grandmaster, and Legendary. The first four ranks are also divided into levels. You can participate in ranked games as soon as you reach level 10.

Questions about ranks and advancement can be found on Reddit, where more experienced players explain how the system works. We have written this ranking guide to explain all the details.

Despite the fact that the game is designed for mobile, many people install it on the computer. We have created a guide: How to Download COD Mobile on PC.


  • A detailed overview of ranks in COD Mobile in 2024
  • All the details on how the ranking system works and how to advance through it more effectively

Overview of COD Mobile Ranks

What Are COD Mobile Ranks?

Rank measures your skills in the game and the level of play you have achieved. The more skills you have in the game and the better you play, the higher your rank. You must battle other players and earn enough points to advance. Achieving a new rank leads to obtaining in-game items.

Importance of Ranking in COD Mobile

The ranking system is essential because you will play with real players at the same level as you get higher in rank.

Thus, playing at the Legendary rank means you'll compete with experienced players like you instead of overwhelming newcomers who are still learning the game's strategies and intricacies.

Detailed Breakdown of COD Mobile Rank Tiers

COD Mobile Ranks

There are seven different ranks in total. We'll break down each one in detail. The first four ranks are divided into five levels, and players need to complete all five to reach the next rank.


The Rookie rank

This is the lowest rank in CODM. Here, you will only encounter new players who are new to the game.

At times, you may also come across bots. This level is appropriate for getting familiar with the fundamental aspects of gameplay in COD Mobile. Players on Reddit say that the higher the levels, the fewer bots you will see in the game.

Here's the number of points needed for each level in this rank:

Rookie I - 1 - 200

Rookie II - 201 - 400

Rookie III - 401 - 600

Rookie IV - 601 - 800

Rookie V - 801 - 1000


The Veteran rank

Here, you will learn to understand even more about the features of the game and map details. The quicker you understand this, the faster you can move on to the next rank.

The number of points needed at each level in the Veteran rank:

Veteran I - 1001 - 1200

Veteran II - 1201 - 1400

Veteran III - 1401 - 1600

Veteran IV - 1601 - 1800


The Elite rank

At this rank, you can sometimes find players who are already good at the game and understand the subtleties perfectly.

And if you want to advance to the next rank, you must complete five Elite levels:

Elite I - 2001 – 2200

Elite II - 2201 – 2400

Elite III - 2401 – 2600

Elite IV - 2601 – 2800

Elite V - 2801 – 3000


The Pro rank

Pro is the middle rank in CODM. At this rank, you will often encounter good enemies who are just as good at strategy, decision-making, or whatever else you are good at.

This rank is quite challenging to pass, especially if you're playing ranked multiplayer.

The number of points for each Pro level:

Pro I - 3001 – 3300

Pro II - 3301 – 3600

Pro III - 3601 – 3900

Pro IV - 3901 – 4200

Pro V - 4201 – 4500


The Master rank

If you pass the Pro rank, you already have qualified skills. You will be immediately directed to the second most crucial rank in CODM, Master.

In the Master rank, you must be more creative in your strategy to win more often and move up to the next level.

You need 6000 points to advance to the next rank.


The Grandmaster rank

Your level will be designated as Grandmaster from 6001 to 8000. There will be no lower ranked players here or at the next level. You are almost a legend, but you need 2,000 more points.


Legendary rank

Successfully scoring over 8000 points will immediately earn you the Legendary rank. Once you reach the Legendary level, the points system will remain, but the Top-5000 Leaderboard will also come into play.

To conclude the explanation of each rank, it's worth asking the question: so, at what rank is it safe to say you play well? None, as the gaming community on Reddit confirms. The best answer we found is: "When you can have a good easy casual time at any rank around legendary people".

How the COD Mobile Ranking System Works

Normal Kill

Points and Progression

There are differences in how points are distributed depending on your rank and game mode: standard multiplayer or battle royal.

Standard Multiplayer

Game Modes:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Hardpoint
  • Search & Destroy
  • Payout Search & Destroy (S4 Limited)

Beginners start with Team Deathmatch and unlock other modes as they increase in rank. Each game uses a random map.

The total number of points depends on your performance in the match (kills, etc.), results (wins/losses), and win streaks.

Players under the Elite I rank can not lose progress. It also helps to remember that quitting a match results in a temporary ban and losing points.

For Rookie to Pro players, the rank gap in a match can be two ranks next to their rank. However, for players at Master rank and above, the rank gap in a squad-ranked game can only be a rank next to their rank.

Whether you think it's fair or unfair, the last person to hit an enemy will get 100 points for a normal kill.

Minor Assist

If you do significant damage to an enemy, you get 50 points; if you do minor damage, you get 20 points.

You also have the opportunity to get bonus points for multiple kills - killing numerous enemies in a row and the traditional kill streak.

Quick Kill Bonuses

Players earn bonuses and multipliers depending on how many kills they achieve before their streak gets interrupted.

Killstreak Bonuses

Unlike quick kill bonuses, killstreaks are not time-sensitive but do reset upon the player's death. CoD: Mobile rewards not only bonus points but medals for those adept at staying alive and hunting the enemy.

Battle Royale

The ranking system will decide for Battle Royale based on your survival time and the kill points you get in each Battle Royale match.

The more time you stay alive and the more opponents you eliminate in a match, the more ranked points you will earn for yourself.

And Battle Royal mode has an important distinction: when you leave a match, you get points based on your performance up to that point.

Seasonal Resets and Rewards


Let's move on to the most challenging part: resetting the rank after each ranked series. Seasons in COD: Mobile typically lasts 4 to 6 weeks, while ranked series previous 14 weeks.

You will only get a rank reset at the end of a ranked series, not when you change seasons. Rewards for ranked series are distributed throughout the season, with the corresponding reward each time a player rises to the correct rank.

To make it easier for players of all levels to climb the ranks, the game resets you not to the beginning, which would make no sense, but to a certain number of ranks depending on where you were at the end of the rank series.

Here's the sequence of how, depending on your rank at the end of the series, your rank at the beginning of the next ranked series will change:

  • Legendary/Grandmaster/Master - Pro I
  • Pro V - Veteran V
  • Pro III-IV - Veteran IV
  • Pro I-II - Veteran III
  • Elite IV-V - Veteran II
  • Elite II-III - Veteran I
  • Veteran V to Elite I - Rookie V
  • Veteran III-IV - Rookie III
  • Veteran I-II - Rookie II
  • Rookie I-V - Rookie I

Tips and Strategies to Rank Up Faster in COD Mobile

Effective Gameplay Tips

There are so many tips for beginners on Reddit. You can check it out for yourself or read them from us.

Multiple-select bonus

You can rank up faster in COD in several ways. One way is the multiple-select bonus, which gives you a bonus experience for choosing more than one game mode in the standard multiplayer mode. The more game modes you choose, the more bonus experience you get.

Another bonus is the daily first-win bonus. Each day is different, so check what conditions you must fulfill to activate them.

To join a clan, you will get a clan bonus.

Also, pick up a few tips to better understand the game and advance through the ranks faster:

Learn and utilize the different movement mechanics available. Sliding, dolphin diving, jumping, and mantling allow you to move quickly and avoid becoming an easy target. Also, find a weapon that you are comfortable playing with - this is crucial.

We have a guide to the best guns for COD Mobile: What Is The Best Gun In COD Mobile 2024.

Use the mini-map to track your enemies' locations and points of appearance. This gives you a serious tactical advantage.

Know when to use fragmentation grenades for breakout groups and when to use Molotovs to block off areas. Use smoke grenades as mobile cover to advance and achieve objectives.

Study maps side-by-side, including high-traffic areas, long-range visibility, elevations, and routes. This extensive knowledge helps with navigation and strategy.

Watch Kill Cam and analyze your mistakes.

It's best to stay with your team. You have less chance of being killed one at a time when you play together. If you face an opponent, your chances of winning that battle are higher, and his chances are much lower.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While new players make quite a few mistakes, here are some of the most common ones:

They were getting far away from their team. This means almost certain death, as no one will be able to help you, and any indiscretion will be fatal.

The second mistake is forgetting the high ground. Being on high ground gives you superior sight lines and an overall superior position, and it is much harder for the enemy to get to you and kill you.

Poor positioning and speaking at the same angle only make it worse. As we have already recommended, learn to move and strategize. Don't look out from behind cover from the same side. Look for different opportunities.

The last mistake is Hard Peeking. Peeking half a meter from the cover to hit your opponent is a bad strategy. To benefit from this action, it would help to learn how to do it correctly.


How do I rank up in COD Mobile?

Try to play with others. Customize your equipment as much as possible to have the most powerful weapons in every match.

What is the highest rank in COD Mobile?

The highest rank in Call of Duty Mobile is Legendary. Achieving this rank is highly challenging as it requires 8,000 points or more.

Do COD Mobile ranks reset?

You will receive a rank reset at the end of the ranking series. But to make the process easier for players, you will only drop a certain number of ranks depending on your rank at the end of the ranking series.

What are the rewards for ranking up in COD Mobile?

Each ranked series offers cosmetic and different rewards for standard multiplayer and battle royal modes.

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