Here's What Happened in North America's DPC During Week 5

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The 2021/2022 DPC in all regions is wrapping up in every region, and North America is not an exception. After five weeks of non-stop action, we finally have a good idea of the teams that might attend the Major.

The battle between QC, EG, TSM, and nouns will continue in Week 6, but until then, let’s take a look at some of the results we should be aware of. Check each game’s replay if you want to learn more.

EG won a crucial match that gave them a chance to qualify for the Major

There is no arguing that Evil Geniuses is the big favorite to win Division I in North America. Even though TSM performed way better during ESL One Stockholm 2022, EG has always been the force to be reckoned with in this region.

The team only made one mistake so far, and it was in Week 1. Tal "Fly" Aizik and the rest won every match afterward, including the last against Felt. This gives them excellent chances of qualifying for the Major, as long as they defeat QC next week.

Felt is not the best performing team in North America, so it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that EG had little to no problems. Their opponents used Dawn in both games, whereas EG relied on their Tiny.

The first match was a bit more interesting because Felt had some chances of securing a lead. However, the second match was one-sided, so it only lasted 20 minutes.

The victory puts EG in second place but has the same score as nouns. This means Arteezy and the rest have to do everything in their power to defeat QC to secure an invite.

nouns death with TSM

People expected TSM to perform incredibly well during Tour 3 because the team reached the final of ESL One Stockholm 2022. However, the reality is different because TSM made many crucial mistakes. The last one took place a couple of days ago, and it was the final nail in the coffin for their hopes of securing a slot for the PGL Arlington Major 2022.

Game 1

The first match between nouns and TSM was a joy to watch because it gave access to many cool heroes. David "Moo" Hull and his team relied on their strong Alchemist, whereas TSM used the Zeus and Bloodseeker combo.

Despite having Alch, nouns managed to keep up with their opponents, at least for the first 20 minutes. Their heroes allowed them to secure loads of kills and prevent Alch from becoming too hard to kill.

TSM didn’t give up and kept trying to bounce back in the series by providing their Alch with as much farm as possible. Even though the hero had the most net worth, it seems like this was not enough to carry his team. At one point, he had almost double the net worth of nouns’ BS, but Moo and the rest did the impossible and won the match.

Game 2

Sadly, TSM lost a game they should’ve won, and it seems like it affected their morale. Even though the laning stage was not that bad for Jonathan Bryle "Bryle" Santos De Guia and the rest, the team couldn’t do anything to use it.

A couple of big mistakes near the 8th minute of the game allowed nouns to get tons of kills and stop TSM’s cores from farming. A couple of minutes after the fight, Zeus, Tiny and Lifestealer got their first big item, and things became really difficult for TSM.

The NA powerhouse had Morhpling and Kunkka, so they needed some farm in order to be effective. However, they could not find the space as nouns kept playing super aggressively. In the end, TSM had no way of dealing with their opponents and had to use the GG call. This means that the team will play in Division I during the first tour of the next DPC, but it won’t attend the Major.

QC remains undefeated

Following EG and nouns’s victories, the third big player in NA’s DPC also won this week’s match. QC had to deal with The Cut, a team that does not look that strong on paper, but in reality, it has everything it needs to win against the big guys. Sadly, Muhammad Saad Ali "high_shaggy" Ghaznavi and the rest were unlucky in the series against QC, especially in game 1.

The first map

The first match between these two was a lot slower than we expected, but it seems like neither team wanted to take any risks. Both focused on farming so that their cores would have enough items for the mid-game. Hence, we only saw five kills for the first 15 minutes.

Once the mid-game arrived, QC showed everyone why they are the only NA team that has yet to lose a single match. The team took advantage of the situation and got the Aegis for their DK. This is one of the most problematic heroes to kill, so it wasn’t surprising that he became immortal.

The Cut tried to turtle as much as possible so their BB and Tiny combo could bounce back. However, QC was in control and prevented their opponents from winning.

Game 2

Sadly, the loss in the match's first game had a harmful effect on The Cut’s motivation for game two. Needless to say, this was welcomed by Quincy Crew because the team needed to win this match to guarantee itself a slot for the Major.

Unlike the slow start in game one, Quinn "Quinn" Callahan and the rest wanted to win this match as fast as possible. Thankfully, the team had the chance to play Bloodseeker and Puck, two of their best heroes.

Unsurprisingly, the team quickly took advantage of their opponent's weakness and gained a massive advantage. No one likes playing against overly-farmed Bloodseeker, so The Cut couldn’t do much to stop him.

This loss was harrowing for The Cut, because it might send them to Division II. We'll have to wait for the next round to see what will happen.

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