How Furia can surprise with their new roster at Champions

Modified  26 Aug, 07:05
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Difficult times, made for difficult measures. And sometimes bittersweet ones. Since the announcement in January 2021 Furia roster saw a number of changes. Teddy out, Mazin in. Xand out, Abblej in. NZR to IGL (in-game leader).

The last change was bringing Douglas “Dgzin” Dgzin from Gamelanders to the active roster on loan.

More than roster changes, Furia’s moves change everything. Today the roles are more comfortable for the players, with 5 flex on the active roster.

Yes, you read that right. All of the five players can play any role. The star power we have in Dgzin now may put him on more maps with duelists, but it's not only DG who brings Furia’s firepower. Matheus “Mazin” and Gabriel “QCK” took on secondary roles, but primarily they played as initiator and controller (or even sometimes duelist).

Qck & Mazin

As duelist are Qck’s numbers higher? Maybe, but he can add more to the sentinel role with Killjoy, Chamber and Sage; with 77%,75% and 68% on KAST stats for a better teamplay on general. Qck plays 15 out of 18 agents in competitive games, and he can add more to his list, or bring back an old favorite like Phoenix.

But back to Mazin, he definitely hits another level on his game. Look at his insane performance for Furia in the Last Chance Qualifier, scoring the MVP in the last qualifying match against TBK Sports in front of a first crowded Lan in Brazil. Mazin was insane on Fracture, the second map, taking 24 kills with 13 deaths(The first six kills with Sage!) And add 18 kills more on Jett for a 3-0 Breeze victory and a spot on Champions.


Even with little time to practice, Dgzin's presence brought a lot of chemistry to Furia's team and improved communication. DG and Mazin have a long term friendship, why not call it a brotherhood? And that already reflects in their play.

In game situations the main role for Douglas is duelist, the firecracker himself. He’s racked up an insane 527 first kills with Jett alone in his career over 116 games played with the agent. That’s an average of 4.54 first kills with the duelist per map. If coach Carlão needs, DG can bring Kayo in again, or Chamber. But with his numbers, it probably doesn't make any sense to change his role.


The youngest of the team but at the same time the most veteran. Cold blooded Khalil "Khalil" Schmidt brings even more versatility to the team, albeit with a smaller agent pool than some of his teammates. Although his primary role is controller, the kid Khalil, can still masterfully perform the roles of sentinel, Cypher, Killjoy and even Chamber or initiators like Sova (perhaps a surprise Fade?) Or even the well-known Reyna from Icebox. While his skill with agents isn’t lacking, in the current line-up Khalil’s main focus will be choices like Omen, Brimstone and Viper.


On paper as just an initiator, in practice a great leader and an underrated captain, Argentinian player Agustin "Nozwerr" Ibarra brings all his experience from previous teams; including Estral and 9z, to lead Furia for their second consecutive run in the biggest Valorant tournament in the world.

NZR is the glue that unites all these talented players. His calm demeanor and talent for capitalizing on decisive moments are key. His quiet leadership is an essential component for Furia in reaching their potential. Plus he has the experience to understand how they can reach the playoffs, and how to take down a difficult group where they are present like Fnatic, DRX and 100 Thieves. NZR brings the most pain on Sova, his main choice, taking the hero in over 73% of maps played in career so far. However he’s no slouch with Fade, Kayo or Breach when it’s needed.