How the Dota 2 meta is looking after the end of the DPC Tour 2, Division I

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Tour 2 of the 2023 DPC is over, meaning our focus on the upcoming ESL One Berlin Major 2023. Of course, the Division II matches have begun, so we can also watch those. Although they tend to be less impactful on the scenes meta.

Dota 2’s latest patch affected the current meta. 7.32e didn’t have many changes, but even the small nerf changed some of the most popular heroes. You can learn more about the PUB Dota 2 meta and some of the heroes to focus on.

Of course, the PUB and the PRO meta are usually different because professional Dota 2 players focus on other heroes. With the tour all wrapped up, it’s time to take a look at the meta and cover some of the more popular names in Dota 2.


Like the previous Dota 2 Patch situation, Rubick remains one of the most critical and dominant heroes in the professional meta. The position 4 support was the go-to option in almost all 2023 DPC regions. Even though the hero’s win rate is not that impressive in Southeast Asia and China, Rubick’s results are pretty good in WEU, EEU, SA, and NA.

One of the big reasons for his success is his incredible flexibility. The hero can easily lane against the top offlaners and assist all hot carries. But, of course, we must also address the elephant in the room - his ultimate. This ability can more than decide the outcome of almost every fight. No wonder Rubick is a typical pick against everything with a big ultimate, such as Enigma.

Unless the current meta changes before the ESL One Berlin Major 2023, we expect to see the hero a lot at the event.


The second option on the list is also a support, and he can be played in Position 4 or 5. Disruptor is one of the names that has always been big in Western Europe. However, looking at the other regions in the 2023 DPC, we can see that he also appeared more often than the rest.

Disruptor’s main strength is his incredibly powerful ultimate, especially when combined with Aghs. A well-placed Static Storm can be enough to kill pretty much everyone. With that said, this ability is incredibly strong against some of the late-game monsters in the current patch, such as TB or Anti-Mage.

Another advantage of having Disruptor in your team is that you can always rely on the Glimpse + Kinetic Field combo. The latter is powerful and is usually enough to score a kill at most stages of the game.


We haven’t seen a Dota 2 meta where Tiny is not one of the go-to heroes among professional players in a long time. Even though this hero is not trendy among pub stars, he is among the preferred options across all DPC Tour 2 Division I leagues. Consequently, we will see much more from him at the Berlin Major.

What’s interesting about this Dota 2 hero is that he can fill different roles. Even though most people only consider Tiny to be a carry, he is often the team’s midder (in the case of beastcoast), as well as the support. In fact, players like Puppey from Team Secret were among the first that “introduced” Tiny to this position.

Nowadays, the hero fills in different roles and often swaps them while playing. It is common to see a Tiny that starts as support but transitions into a carry later in the game.


Although this hero is not as popular as other options on the list, he’s definitely up there. Undying is a hero that can work in various lineups, but most professional teams and players rely on him when they get a draft that focuses on the early and mid-game. Everyone knows Undying is one of the best for early-game skirmishes, especially against weak lanes.

Heroes like Anti-Mage are becoming more popular weekly, following the buffs he received. Although he’s strong later on, the hero can’t do much against Undying, so teams often get the aggressive Dota 2 support/offlane against him.

Ember Spirit

Despite not being as popular as the rest in picks, Ember Spirit remains one of the most common midders in the professional scene. Like Tiny, this hero has always been a part of the meta, and patch 7.32e isn’t an exception.

If we look at Western Europe, for example, we can see that players like BZM from OG often use Ember. The hero also appeared in several other regions and was usually used alongside aggressive supports. Even though this hero can become a late-game monster, most people focus on his mid-game dominance and try to make the most of it.

Interestingly, Ember Spirit didn’t receive that many changes after the arrival of the new patch. However, we expect to see many new things in the future update because it always affects some of the popular heroes in the game.


A quick look at some of the most popular picks in the 2023 DPC Tour 2 Division I shows Beastmaster is on the list. The hero is viral in the meta when used alongside the likes of Drow Ranger, Anti-Mage, TB, or any other right-click carry. After all, BM is among the best for pushing.

We want to finish by saying that we expect to see the same heroes in most Division II matches. The games will begin in just a couple of days from now, so make sure to follow BLIX.GG for more information. We also cover the latest Dota 2 news, so you can always learn something new.

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