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Published  14 Feb, 09:28
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Controllers were a tell-tale sign of playing on a console for a long time. PS, Xbox, and earlier entities. For an apparent reason, console players were forced to use controllers. Anyway, FPS was always a console thing primarily. Battlefield, Medal of Honor, and so on. Things have changed... and not. Valorant is one of the fastest-growing shooters out there. Of course, it mainly concentrates on using a mouse plus a keyboard, but a player can use a controller if wishes.

Playing Valorant With a Controller

There is a way to connect a controller and play Valorant, but there are some tricks and downsides. The main problem is that there is no Valorant controller - Valorant does not support controllers "out of the box". You can't just plug and play with a controller in the game. So a player will have to install additional software that virtually 'tricks' the game into accepting input from the controller. The game may decide that it is being hacked (which is generally true) and ban the player completely.

However, no pain - no gain. It is possible to use several applications. We'd recommend reWASD as the most versatile and customizable tool.

Download reWASD or an equivalent app that allows you to bind your keys to a controller. After downloading the app, just connect the PC with the controller and launch the app. Then create a new profile for Valorant and adjust the keybinds in it. You need to re-map keys to the controller of your choice, whether it looks like an Xbox controller or not), and that's it.

It is possible to play Valorant on a controller but it is not recommended due to the lack of official support.

Using third-party controller mapping apps like reWASD or Joy2Key can help you use a controller on PC.

There is a lack of aim assist on controller and official support may never be added unless the game makes it to consoles.

While Valorant does not offer native controller support, it is possible to play the game with a controller if you really want to. There are some downsides to using a controller to play Valorant on PC as the lack of aim assist can pose a major problem if you are used to it in other games. Controller support is likely to be available for Valorant but it is not available on PC just yet and you will need to rely on third-party apps like reWASD.

How to use a controller in Valorant

To play Valorant using a controller, here’s what you need to do:

  • Download reWASD or an equivalent app that allows you to bind your keys to a controller.
  • Connect your controller to your PC and launch the app.
  • Create a new profile for Valorant and manually set your keybinds.
  • Make sure that you do not add any multi-key binds or add key combo macros that are not possible on PC as it can lead to a ban. Multi-key macros are bannable in most games and Valorant is no different. If you are concerned about the safety of any app that you use to play on a controller, you should talk to Valorant support before trying anything.
  • With there being no official controller support in the game, we strongly recommend against using third-party apps. If you still wish to try out controllers, you should do so at your own risk and discretion.

Should you use a controller to play Valorant?

While it is possible to use a controller to play Valorant, the lack of native support makes it very tricky to properly customize your sensitivity and key binds. It can be a time-consuming process and it might not be worth the hassle.

Since you are tricking the game into thinking you are using a mouse and keyboard by using a third-party app, you may get banned by Riot Games. While reWASD has not led to bans so far, it does not mean that the developers will not consider it as a bannable offense in the future.

Re-mapping means assigning the keyboard and mouse clicks to certain controller buttons. So when you push a controller button, the mapper imitates the keyboard key press.

Also, re-mapping may allow the player some additional tricks. Invert X and Y if needed, put favorite commands closer at hand, and so on. But only add macro sets or extra commands available on a PC. That will lead to an almost guaranteed ban. We recommend binding grenades and ultimates - but sincerely, just look at what commands are at the top of the keyboard settings.

And remember: so far, Riot did not ban controller users permanently, but that does not guarantee safety in the future.

Tips for setting up a controller in VALORANT

  1. Remap their controller for set key binds. Those keys must be manually inputted into both reWASD and Valorant.
  2. Sensitivity is an issue when first loading into a game of VALORANT with a controller. Controllers require a high sensitivity to function well in any FPS. Sensitivity is best changed in the VALORANT client itself .
  3. VALORANT abilities are activated by double-click, which is a thing to be set separately. ReWASD’s allows doing it through the D-pad and pressing the button twice. Also players can use whatever they mapped left click and perform ”double-click” that way.

Why Play Valorant on Controller

Using a controller may be just the upper hand that a specific player needs. Still, there is a risk that Riot will ban your account. That will make quite a trouble to un-ban. We recommend creating a deniable account to practice. If you see that you need to play with a controller, let it be so. Playing Valorant with a controller is far more complicated than mastering the mouse and keyboard. Plus, the squirmy nature of not an Xbox-y Valorant needs precise aiming that you can't get from a conventional console controller. Choose for yourself.


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