HYDRA to add SuperNova and nthh

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Published  23 Jul, 19:22
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Kyrgyz esports organization HYDRA has refreshed the Dota 2 roster.

Saidzhan "icq" Shayit Uulu and Dmitry "kickeed" Pilyaev left the team and HYDRA signed Viktor "SuperNova" Galichkin and Ildar "nthh" Sitdikov in place of them.

Before HYDRA, SuperNova played for Russian Luna Gaming Ildar for Ukrainian Cascade esports and also for Russian idcrunes twice in May 2022.

Now Hydra is preparing to qualify for The International 2022.

Earlier, HYDRA was eliminated from the second division of DPC 2021/2022: Season 3 for Eastern Europe. The team was ranked seventh in the championship and did not earn any prize money.

HYDRA Dota 2 roster is now:

  • Dinar "Rari" Sharipov- Carry
  • Ruslan "Askold" Temiraliev - Middle
  • Viktor "SuperNova" Galichkin - Offlane
  • Anton "qoval" Kovalyov - Support
  • Ildar "nthh" Sitdikov - Support