AsK about Nuxxga: “He’s like Paluh, I’ve never seen something like that”

Rafael Ferreira
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Gabriel “AsK” Santos told to BLIX.GG his expectations and the process of building the new project. The ex-Team Liquid player end up being replaced in Liquid’s active roster by Gabriel “Volpz” Fernandes. However, AsK had to change his role with Lorenzo “Lagonis” Volpi signing in September of the past year as André “nesk” Oliveira explained to BLIX.GG. The young player described his experience in the team.

“In my experience at Team Liquid, I can say that we had two “Ask”. The boy that joined the team was more authentic I could be who I was but as time passed I adapted to the standards of the organization. I changed during that time including the role inside the game but I only thank them for the time, I learned a lot.”

Image: João Ferreira

“Today I can be who I am, I’ve more freedom as IGL than I was at the beginning of Team Liquid. Nothing against Lagonis, he inspired me in the beginning, I learned a lot with him and I hope to share that knowledge in future experiences.”

Before the Six Invitational started it was unanimous in the community that Team Liquid was one of the favorites to lift the trophy or finish in the top three at least. The last Major was great for the team losing to BDS in the grand final. A frustrated 13th-16th place was the best the team made.

“I agreed with the community on putting us as favorites to win the competition, our practices were going really well. I got scared with our performance in SI but the team as a collective broke during the tournament, we didn’t understand each other inside the server anymore, outside yes.”

Writing a new story

“After the Liquid departure, I realized that I wanted to be IGL again, it was the position where I performed better in my opinion. I got some offers but I had a buyout, so it didn’t happen. I was a time without being IGL so I wanted to return to doing that role in tier 2.”

“The first thing I thought was to talk with Budega, he had Escolinha do Bubu in the past, and the first roster of that project was with me that later joined Team oNe as Academy. I and Budega are close because we both came from PS4.”

“I only thought about continuing his project and calling some new players to practice and develop them. I thought of me, Florio, and “Loira” as the base of the team.

“I see Loira as one of the most promising players in the scene alongside Nyjl, today in MIBR. He has a lot of talent, and he still has a lot to improve but he’s insane, I swear! ”

“I picked Florio because I’m close to him and with the help of Loira and he showed to me players from his past team.”

“The first one was Nuxxga and I’m delighted with him, he’s like Paluh, I’ve never seen something like that.”

Image: Florio in the SI Latam Closed Qualifier / Saymon Sampaio

“After I have that base with a lot of skill, I prioritized the environment in the team with players I knew wouldn’t be problematic for us because of their behavior. In that way, I picked up Icah and Guto.”

Bubupédia’s roster now consists in:

  • Gabriel “AsK” Santos
  • Gustavo “Guto” Vieira
  • João Pedro “Nuxxga” Weiss
  • Lucas “Icah” Nuvolini
  • João Vitor “Florio” Potiens
  • Roberto “Loira” Camargo (6th player)
  • Thiago “Yankkz” Quelhas (Coach)
  • Matheus “Budega” Budega (Manager)

“Loira still has 17, he can only play with 18 but I think he makes 18 in the middle of the year. He thinks he could play the qualifiers with us but we gave a chance to Guto and wait for Loira to make 18. Loira practised sometimes with us and performs insanely but he follows our work and it’s our sixth player.”

“Budega is like our manager trying to put us in M80 as an Academy team, something unlikely to happen. He gives us a salary to help us because he knows that is hard to compete without a salary. He also brings visibility to us, always tweeting about us and that’s why we joined the R6 Pédia, it’s a way to show and give an engagement on the team.”

Image: Budega still helps the community with his project / Eric Ananmalay

“About a week ago, Yankkz joined us, he worked with me in Team oNe Academy. However, before that, I was the coach, IGL, and psychologist of the team. This last one is very important and something I learned in Team Liquid.”

Tier 1 interest

The last Escolinha do Bubu project was dominating the tier 2 scene and the offers started to come. Gustavo “Wizard” Gomes was the first leaving at the time to join Ninjas in Pyjamas, then Raul “kondz” Romão joined TropiCaos and Victor “VITAKING” Santos signed with FaZe Clan. The project replaced those players and joined Magic Squad but the question is how this new roster will face those offers that will come eventually.

“Our mindset is, if anyone receives offers from tier 1 is free to listen and accept it, it’s the dream of all of us. However, the project is very strong and no matter who leaves the project will continue.”

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