Interview with Venomzera: Breaking down his Past, Present and Future

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    Carlos “Venomzera” Eduardo and Paquetá, a story that almost ended up with a historic qualification for the Brazilian-based team for the last CS:GO Major. A heartbreaking loss against Fluxo in the decisive match cut all hope for Paquetá.

    BLIX.GG sat down with Venomzera to speak about the RMR, Paquetá, his career, and much more.

    The beginning of Venomzera's career

    He’s only eighteen, but Venomzera’s career started a while back in Bears Concept and later in Young Gods, GODSENT’s academy team. There, the player met some known names in the scene like João “Snowzin” Vinicius, now in Case Esports, Leonardo “n9xtz” Santos still in TACO’s place in 00Nation and Bruno “brn$” de Araújo, playing in MIBR Academy.

    “I face that project as the beginning of my career. Snowzin called me at the end of 2021 to be part of the team with him. I'd played with him before that project, and it was very cool to be part of the first steps of his competitive career. I didn’t think twice about his invitation. I still have contact with them, it was great to play with them, and I’m very happy to know that some of them reached tier one in Brazil.”

    Venomzera on Godsent (Image Credits: GODSENT)

    RMR – an unexpected almost

    With other big teams in the game, no one was expecting much from Paquetá. But, surprisingly, they almost made it, an achievement that would be a tribute to Venomzera’s brother, who passed away earlier this year and was one of the biggest supporters of the young player.

    “It was an incredible feeling knowing we went so far being underdogs, no one was expecting us to pass through the next stage. We knew the potential of our team, and we knew that if we played our game, we would be tough to beat. We ended up making some mistakes against Fluxo in the decisive match, but I think we had a beautiful run at the RMR.”

    “I believe that if we had more experience in international tournaments and LANs, the result could be different, but our boot camp in Madrid was very important.”

    “I think a good team needs some boot camps and practicing against the best teams. The level is very high. I believe the path is now different than when it was like FURIA and Team oNe; the teams need to practice outside of the country against the best teams in the world and play the largest possible number of tournaments. In NA could also be good, but it’s not comparable with Europe.”

    (Image Credits: Godsent)

    Even young, Venomzera keeps putting good numbers in his performances and assuming a star role in Paquetá.

    “There’s a bit of pressure, yes, it’s complicated, but with the help of my friends supporting me, the team psychologist helps us also, and my family helps me a lot in believing in myself and to know that I’m good enough to get good performances. I believe I can handle the pressure well.”

    For Paquetá and even if not officially yet, the rumors about changes in the Brazilian teams already started. A potential interest from FURIA in the legend Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo leads the recent rumors, but Paquetá already farewelled a few days ago the captain and IGL, Gustavo “yeL” Knittel.

    For the rest of the season, Venomzera says: “We are finishing the last CS:GO tournaments and later to get a good entrance into the CS2 and hopefully play the first CS2 Major.”

    Goals for the future and dreams

    “My biggest dream is to be in the ranking of the best players in the world, and collectively it’s not also winning a Major but also playing it. My idols in Brazil are coldzera and FalleN. I think they are the reason for me to start my career, and my biggest supporter was my friend. He encouraged me to play more and more. Players that I would love to play alongside would be coldzera or FalleN.”

    Rafael Ferreira

    From Portugal to the esports world. Esports is my passion as also journalism, so I found the perfect junction.


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