Is the Episode 6 Act 3 Valorant Battle Pass worth it

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With the end of Valorant Episode 6 Act 2, we’ve seen plenty of discussions on the upcoming Battle Pass. With the launch of the new act, we’ll also see the return of the map Bind. Each act in the game brings exclusive skins to the new battle pass. As Valorant gets bigger, there’s a higher expectation from the fanbase surrounding the guns included.

Since the launch of skins into the world of first-person shooter games, they’ve added a new form of customization to each game. Players can choose guns in themes they resonate with and change things up whenever they want. But, there is a higher chance of oversaturation as well if there are many variations of a particular skin line.

So, let’s take a look at the upcoming skins available in the Battle Pass for Episode 6 Act 3.

Monstrosity Skinline

First up in the Battle Pass, we have the Monstrocity skinline. It comes with four unique color variants. The main design theme is a cartoonish monster, with different parts of this monster's body seen in the different guns. The guns included in this skinline are

· Vandal

· Spectre

· Sheriff

· Aries

The first color variant of the skins is mainly grey and blue accents with hints of orange. The second variant features a bronze and brown color scheme with splashes of green. (Sadly, this variant of the skin looks quite generic. Very obviously a battle pass skin.) The third variant, however, is quite pleasing to the eyes, with shades of blue as well as purple and pink, emulating a bubble gun-themed monster. Last but not least, the funkiest of the variants is gold and yellow with hints of dark cyan. A few small details, such as the dots and the buildings on the guns, seem quite simple, but they’re still aesthetically pleasing.

There’s also a small easter egg within this skin line which some might be able to notice. A small story is depicted on each gun. Starting from the spectre, you can see the monster rising above the buildings. On the Vandal, the monster is above the skyline, roaring. Finally, on the Aries variant of the skin, you can see the monster shooting an energy beam from its mouth. Small details like this are part of what makes Valorant skins such a treat to inspect.

Moondash Skinline In Valorant Battle Pass

Our next skinline in Episode 6, Act 3 Battle Pass is the Moondash Skinline. Looking at the skins, you can see the inspiration for them was foxes beneath the full moon, an image featured in many age-old stories. These skins consist of just one color variant, which is fair considering the inspiration. The main variant of the skin consists of an antique bronze and dark blue colorway. The guns which are a part of this skinline are:

· Marshal

· Frenzy

· Guardian

· Stinger

Out of all the four guns, the Guardian Variant of the skin is our favorite. Similar to the Monstrocity Skinline, Moondash also includes a little easter egg on each gun. On Frenzy, you can see brown leaves flying around which are a similar color to the tail of the fox. On The Marshal, you can see that the aura around the fox is covering the night lamps. The Stinger features butterflies and the fox is watching them. Finally, in the Guardian skin, we see the full moon and the clouds signifying the presence of the fox in the woods.

Bound Skinline In Valorant Battle Pass

Finally, we have the Bound skinline which, in our opinion, is one of the best Battle Pass skin lines ever.

This skinline blends modern themes with ancient art. There’s only one colorway for this skinline included in the Battle Pass, and it seems to be inspired by the cloth wrapping of a katana’s hilt. The skinline features black and grey accents with wooden handles for each gun. The guns included in this skinline are

· Judge

· Bulldog

· Classic

· Phantom

· Melee Knife

Ideally, we’d hope that this skin would have some form of inspection or animation, especially since the design is quite beautiful.

So, does it seem like the Episode 6 Act 3 Valorant Battle Pass is worth the money? We think the skinline designs and their easter eggs are top-notch, which means we rate this Battle Pass worth the money.

Hopefully, in the future, these Battle Pass skins will have some basic animation. This would increase their appeal and easily make them worth the Valorant points.


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