Is The New Valorant Imperium Skin Bundle Worth $90?

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    With VCT Champions 2023 coming to a close, we are officially in the off-season of Valorant. The next major patch coming out this week, Valorant, has also announced the next skin bundle. This skin bundle is called Imperium, which takes inspiration from various precious gems and dragons. It does feel like this skin line was released a year prior, as the year of the dragon, according to Chinese tradition, is next year. Within this article, we will look at all the new weapon skins and conclude if it is worth the money.

    Which Weapons Are Included In the Valorant Imperium Skin Bundle?

    Being the first skin released for the new act, the Valorant Imperium skin bundle is under the premium tier. Each gun within this skin is available for 2175 Valorant Points, and the melee is priced at 4350 Valorant Points. The Imperium bundle will cost 8700 Valorant Points, around $90. The weapons available in the bundle are as follows:

    · Vandal

    · Judge

    · Sheriff

    · Operator

    · Melee

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    The unique part of the skin is the melee. The melee weapon is called the “Blades Of Imperium”. These blades are available on either hand of the character. The knife looks like two brass knuckles being modified into knives made of a particular stone. There are 4 variants of this skin bundle, which are called Emerald (Green), Ruby (Red), Pearl (Pinkish White), and Obsidian (Black). Due to each variant being a reference to a particular precious stone, the animations for each are unique.

    Do The Unique Animation and Finisher Make the Imperium Bundle Worth $90?

    Each weapon in this skin bundle has a similar inspection animation in the game. The shooting sounds on the Vandal are pretty heavy and have a sound similar to the swing of a bell. During the inspection animation based on the variant, there will be an aura around the gun, moving from the front to the back. The music during animation has a very calm and mellow tone to it. Getting to the best part about this skin line is the finisher of the skin. The finisher consists of the body of the enemy crystalizing. During this, a dragon appears in the sky and looks into the eyes of the player. Based on the variant that is being used, the color of the dragon and the crystal changes.

    The best variant of the Imperium weapon bundle is a very close tie between the pearl and obsidian variants of the gun. This finisher and skin has many references to some popular animes. The dragon in the finisher is quite similar to the dragon called Shenron in Dragon Ball Z.

    What's in the new bundle?

    The pearl and obsidian variant finishers reference two Pokemon called Zekrom and Reshiram, which are based on the idea of Yin and Yang. The obsidian variant dragon has references to Zekrom, while the pearl variant dragon has connections to Reshiram.

    Pearl variation.

    In our opinion, the best part about this skin in Valorant is the dragon finisher. This finisher is one of the best launched in the game until now. Due to no unique and interactive reload or equipped animations, we believe this skin isn’t worth it. The only gun that players can look to buy could be the Vandal or the judge as the judge, as very few skins are available in-game. The Imperium Valorant skin bundle isn’t worth the $90 one needs to shell out.


    Bryan Francis is an avid Pokemon fan currently pursuing his Btech. He is passionate about football while being an Arsenal fan. Since the age of four, he enjoys being in front of a computer to play video games the first being counter strike 1.6.


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