Is the VCT Champions 2023 Bundle Worth It?

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It is that time again; every year, we ask ourselves whether this skin bundle is worth it. When that skin bundle in question is the VCT Champions bundle, there are many debates. The VCT Champions Bundle is one of the game's most looked-a-out-for and hype skins. Valorant launched a new knife skin, a new weapon skin, and some accessories each year. This skin will be available from August 4th worldwide until the end of VCT Champions LA. So, let us look at the VCT Champions 2023 Bundle and discuss whether it is worth the money.

What Is The Price Of The Bundle

The VCT Champions Bundle will cost 6175 VP to purchase in-game. The breakdown of the cost is as follows.

  • Vandal: 2675VP
  • Melee - Kunai: 5350VP
  • Player card: 375VP
  • Gunbuddy: 475VP
  • Spray: 325VP
VCT Champions 2023 Bundle (Image Credits: Riot Games)

Unlike the LOCK/IN knife bundle, one can buy the bundle's contents separately in the store. It would make sense for many to purchase the bundle as a whole as they would save over 2000 VP. The interesting point is that Valorant hasn't increased the price drastically compared to the VCT Champions 2022 bundle. When compared, that bundle consisted of a Phantom and a Butterfly Knife. The gun buddy is a box of the VCT Champions Logo; the spray is of a wingman carrying the VCT Champions trophy over his head. The player card is the most basic, consisting of the trophy.

A Deep Dive Into The VCT Champions Vandal and Knife

Let us understand the various aspects of the VCT Champions 2023 Vandal skin. The skin has four levels on it, which you can upgrade. Tier 2 consists of a new kill effect and inspect animation. Tier 3 will unlock the finisher for the weapon, which we will get into later. Tier 4 will unlock the Champions Aura. In its base form, the gun consists of a Gold and Royal Violet color tone, providing this royal feel. The skin also has the VCT logo on its body. Fully upgrading the skin also provides this gold LED body. The logo glows after each kill. The unique part of the logo is that if the user is in a clutch situation, the logo will start beating like a heartbeat. Fully upgrading the skin and inspecting the gun will play an instrumental of the song Ticking Away by Valorant.

VCT Champion 2023 Bundle Image Credits: Riot Games

Like the VCT Champions Phantom in 2023, the skin also evolves after a certain kill count during a match. After every three kills, a new line is displayed on the body, and this is capped at 30 kills, after which you will see ten glowing lines on the main body of the skin. The finisher animation is similar to last year's, with the enemy's body under the Champions trophy. The major difference is that the character will kill the last enemy on a screen similar to that seen at the arenas with the same instrumental from the inspect animation playing.

The part of the skin we liked the most was when you entered the ring created by the finisher and looked at the sky. Suddenly the sky has a golden tone, with the music getting mellow and having a surround sound effect. If you look around, you will see lights and figures of people jumping like in a tournament arena. It provides this aura that the player is in the arena and playing in front of the crowd, soaking that moment in.

Finally, we come to the knife, similar to the Jett skin knife in the game. It has the same color scheme as that of the Vandal. It consists of 3 levels as well, with tier 2 unlocking a new pull-out animation and sound effects. Whereas tier 3 unlocks the champion's aura. Similar to the Vandal, it has a mini evolution based on the skins in the game; this is based on the multiple of 6, with a small gold edge added in the body.


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