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    As you know, League of Legends is a completely free game. Of course, if the players do not plan to purchase skins - namely, the main charm of the gameplay is built on skins! And it is not surprising that skins are often grouped according to the topic. Otherwise, it will be difficult to promote this or that skin. It is easier to boost the topic itself. Of course that is a win-win situation. The developers receive a topic to work upon, so the necessary efforts are lesser. At the same time, the team needed to do quite a research to find out which better skins from projects. So, here is our pick!

    Pentakill Skins

    For example, a prevalent theme is Pentakill, a legendary metal band led by Karthus, the grim reaper theme champion. An entire metal album has been released! It accompanies both of the group's existing releases. And after Viego, the Furious King was added to the game, the theme became even more popular. When combined with fantasy, heavy metal promises something interesting by default. And here, the designers have done a great job organically embedding musical instruments into character designs.

    1. Pentakill Mordekaiser
    2. Pentakill Karthus
    3. Pentakill Yorick
    4. Pentakill Sona
    5. Pentakill Olaf
    6. Pentakill Kayle
    7. Pentakill Smite Ward

    You can find skins of this series in our skins section

    Battle Academy skins

    For example, the very popular are Battle Academy skins. In Lol Battle Academy, many characters are already in the League. The creation of it is the decision of the designers inspired by this or that anime. But this theme is a full-fledged school of superheroes, created under the influence of My Hero Academia. The brilliant inventor Jace is presented as a rival and the adventurer Ezreal as a hero. At the same time, the champions that can be selected correspond one to one to the archetypes of shounen anime! And they also have school jackets, seemingly from the same school but absolutely unique. And the characters are so entirely different!

    1. Battle Academy Ahri
    2. Battle Academy Darius
    3. Battle Academy Ezreal
    4. Battle Academy Jayce
    5. Battle Academy Katarina
    6. Battle Academy Lux
    7. Battle Academy Graves
    8. Battle Academy Katarina (Prestige Edition)
    9. Battle Academy Garen (Legacy)

    Arcana Skins

    An excellent issue is also the Arcana theme skins. Mythical creatures appeared due to the influence of the creators of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Representatives of the Arcana theme study the citizens of their world, doing everything to ensure that people correspond to the world that considers this or that lasso to be correct. The theme is so famous that there have already been two issues. The story of how Xaya from the highest Arcana and Rakan from the lower ones fell in love with each other has become super popular! The red and black theme is mysterious and dark by default, which is why players love Arcana.

    1. Arcana Ahri (2022)
    2. Arcana Xayah (2022)
    3. Arcana Rakan (2022)
    4. Arcana Ryze (2022)
    5. Arcana Hecarim (2022)
    6. Arcana Lucian (2022)
    7. Arcana Camille (2022)
    8. Arcana Tahm Kench (2022)
    9. Arcana Xerath (2022)

    The Coven skins

    The Coven theme fits perfectly into the same cohort of dark mysticism. These are cultists whose minds have been invaded by the dark gods. And the task of the Coven is to raise the Old Gods from the graves! The cultists' leader is Morgana herself, and the ice queen Lissandra is generally a favorite of the players. And what beauty Camille with ebony ram's horns is! The fact that the "Eclipse" skin pack, which personifies the "light" opponents of the Coven cultists, was released not so long ago only emphasizes the fantastic popularity of the Coven theme.

    1. Coven Camille
    2. Coven Lissandra
    3. Coven Morgana
    4. Coven Zyra
    5. Coven Evelynn
    6. Coven Ashe

    Spirit Blossom skins

    A specific theme is Spirit Blossom. This is a selection of characters from the world of Runeterra, reimagined specifically for the theme. For example, Yone was once famous as Spirit Blossom Yone. It was initially an in-game visual romance where characters could interact with and even romance characters from Spirit Blossom! And all this - in the aesthetics of Japanese kimonos, with cherry blossoms everywhere. Great Japanese Theme!

    1. Spirit Blossom Thresh
    2. Spirit Blossom Vayne
    3. Spirit Blossom Yasuo
    4. Spirit Blossom Teemo
    5. Spirit Blossom Lillia
    6. Spirit Blossom Riven
    7. Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia
    8. Spirit Blossom Kindred
    9. Spirit Blossom Yone
    10. Spirit Blossom Lulu
    11. Spirit Blossom Riven (Prestige Edition)

    Victorious skins

    One of the most popular skin themes in League of Legends is Victorious. These skins are given out every year to players who win the most games - and for those with a low ELO so far, this is a great way to get ahead! At the same time, the skins are stunning - they are a kind of premium version of the champions that the players own. And if the winner does not have a champion yet, it is attached to the victorious skin. Victorious comes out once a year, so this is, without exaggeration, the result of the painstaking work of designers for a whole year!

    1. Victorious Jarvan IV (Season 1)
    2. Victorious Janna (Season 2)
    3. Victorious Elise (Season 3)
    4. Victorious Morgana (Season 4)
    5. Victorious Sivir (Season 5)
    6. Victorious Maokai (Season 6)
    7. Victorious Graves (Season 7)
    8. Victorious Orianna (Season 8)
    9. Victorious Aatrox (Season 9)
    10. Victorious Lucian (Season 10)
    11. Victorious Sejuani (Season 13)

    Dragon World Skins

    There is also the famous line of Dragon World skins. All the working classes are associated with dragons, from assassins to trainers. These are some of the most aesthetically cool skins in the game! A universally successful combination of red and black, beautiful armor, which can be ideally repeated in cosplay. In a word, the theme gives all fans a luxurious topic.

    1. Dragonslayer Braum (2012)
    2. Dragonslayer Kayle & Dragon Guardian Galio (2014)
    3. Dragon Knight Mordekaiser (2015)
    4. Dragonslayer Pantheon (2014)
    5. Dragon Master Swain (2020)
    6. Dragonslayer Trundle (2014)
    7. Dragon Oracle Udyr (2014)

    High Noon skins

    The High Noon theme deserves special mention - a combination of heavenly fantasy and a genuine Wild West. The prominent colors here are orange and gray. They show whether the character is an angel or a demon. Americans and Easterners who are into cowboy culture love this line! And while Lucian is the most popular, there his name is Ash. He has a delightful horse with fascinating behavior. Lucian perfectly personifies the classic eternal idea of ​​​​cowboys and their heroism.

    1. High Noon Lucian
    2. High Noon Thresh
    3. High Noon Jhin
    4. High Noon Urgot
    5. High Noon Senna
    6. High Noon Hecarim
    7. High Noon Irelia
    8. High Noon Darius
    9. High Noon Yasuo
    10. High Noon Ashe
    11. High Noon Talon (2023)
    12. High Noon Twisted Fate (2017)
    13. High Noon Pantheon (2022)

    PROJECT skins

    There is also an excellent PROJECT theme - this is no longer the Wild West. The PROJECT skins in Lol are about a city of cyberpunk, people with amplifications - for example, with added artificial intelligence. Cyberpunk is everywhere and in everything, and although the champions look similar, style connoisseurs are pleased about this. If each new winner is made in the same beloved style, you should take it! And each of the skins of the theme is really equally successful. There is even a dedicated website dedicated exclusively to this topic! And thanks to the luxurious motorcycle, Vane’s is the most popular skin.

    1. PROJECT: Yasuo
    2. PROJECT: Yi
    3. PROJECT: Leona
    4. PROJECT: Lucian
    5. PROJECT: Zed
    6. PROJECT: Fiora
    7. PROJECT: Vayne
    8. PROJECT: Jhin
    9. PROJECT: Vi
    10. PROJECT: Ashe
    11. PROJECT: Ekko
    12. PROJECT: Katarina
    13. PROJECT: Akali
    14. PROJECT: Pyke
    15. PROJECT: Warwick
    16. PROJECT: Renekton
    17. PROJECT: Sylas

    Space Groove skins

    And if we talk about new lines of skins that have already made it to the top of the League of Legends, then we must definitely mention Space Groove. There is lovely music here, which can really be called groovy, and also - animal pilots, funny aliens, in a word, complete delight! Great voice lines, dancing, fun - and sometimes you can't say this is a full-fledged line of skins in League of Legends and not in some incredible children's game.

    1. Space Groove Blitzcrank
    2. Space Groove Lulu
    3. Space Groove Lux
    4. Space Groove Nunu & Willump
    5. Space Groove Rumble
    6. Space Groove Samira
    7. Space Groove Nidalee (Prestige Edition)

    Blood Moon skins

    One of the best themes in the game is the Blood Moon - a kind of cool and sharp design created for killer champions, around which the atmosphere of death shimmers! There are bloody masks here, and the moon in the background is also bloody. And the blood that flows from the animation of the skins! There is only admiration and respect, truly.

    1. Blood Moon Akali
    2. Blood Moon Alistar
    3. Blood Moon Elise
    4. Blood Moon Jhin
    5. Blood Moon Kalista
    6. Blood Moon Katarina
    7. Blood Moon Kennen
    8. Blood Moon Shen
    9. Blood Moon Talon
    10. Blood Moon Diana
    11. Blood Moon Twisted Fate
    12. Blood Moon Yasuo
    13. Blood Moon Zilean
    14. Blood Moon Pyke
    15. Blood Moon Sivir
    16. Blood Moon Thresh
    17. Blood Moon Tryndamere (Legacy)

    Star Guardian skins

    There is also the deservedly famous line of Star Guardian skins - the result of work with Sailor Moon. Plus, the renowned male star guardian, Ezreal, is deservedly called the one and only. The series is led by Jinx in a legendary fantasy skin. The anime we all grew up on just blows the minds of the former children of the nineties - those who play today, mainly League of Legends! Yes, this is the most popular line in the game. Fantastic design that makes champions incredibly attractive, great music videos - in short, it's no wonder that fans of these skins are everywhere!

    1. Star Guardian Ahri
    2. Star Guardian Ezreal
    3. Star Guardian Janna
    4. Star Guardian Jinx
    5. Star Guardian Lulu
    6. Star Guardian Lux
    7. Star Guardian Miss Fortune
    8. Star Guardian Neeko
    9. Star Guardian Poppy
    10. Star Guardian Rakan
    11. Star Guardian Syndra
    12. Star Guardian Soraka
    13. Star Guardian Xayah
    14. Star Guardian Zoe

    Arcade skins

    Arcade is one more famous line of skins. Heroes and Battles Bosses subcategories are familiar favorites of retro gamers. Eight-bit sound and pixel animation - all of that is there! A completely different aesthetic than any other line - thanks to this old-fashioned approach, the skins differ from everyone else. And it's also easy, with the help of such skins, to tell others that the player was already a gamer in the nineties - early zero. Today's teenagers, this topic is undoubtedly unlikely to be interesting. And Arcade Caitlyn, for instance, is 1000% worth it!

    1. Arcade Ahri
    2. Arcade Corki
    3. Arcade Ezreal
    4. Arcade Hecarim
    5. Arcade Kai'Sa
    6. Arcade Kassadin
    7. Arcade Kog'Maw
    8. Arcade Leona
    9. Arcade Miss Fortune
    10. Arcade Riven
    11. Arcade Sona
    12. Arcade Varus
    13. Arcade Vel'Koz
    14. Arcade Vi
    15. Arcade Yorick
    16. Arcade Ziggs
    17. Arcade Ahri (Prestige Edition)

    Cafe Cuties skins

    Cafe Cuties are great-themed skins because they are incredibly original. This is not a traditional fantasy - these are champions who went to work in the most ordinary cafe! At the same time, the geomancer, to maintain his magic, drinks tea instead of blood. The alien's head became a teapot. Just some kind of Wonderland - but in your own way! And really, really cute.

    1. Cafe Cuties Annie
    2. Cafe Cuties Bard
    3. Cafe Cuties Gwen
    4. Cafe Cuties Jinx
    5. Cafe Cuties Lulu
    6. Cafe Cuties Poppy
    7. Cafe Cuties Rumble

    Porcelain skins

    Porcelain can also be attributed to the continuous Wonderland - there are solid objects made of porcelain. But the heroes receive the powers of the Chinese zodiac and do not participate in the Crazy Tea Party at all! The characters' skin reflects the zodiac sign's personality just fine: it combines two porcelain aspects, white and blue. Well, the artifacts associated with totem animals are worn by the characters as accessories!

    1. Porcelain Ahri
    2. Porcelain Darius
    3. Porcelain Graves
    4. Porcelain Lux
    5. Porcelain Miss Fortune
    6. Porcelain Swain
    7. Porcelain Xin Zhao

    Pool Party skins

    The Pool Party is the oldest series of League of Legends spins that has not lost its popularity so far. After all, a pool party involves quite a lot of nudity! Teenagers love skins from the Party series, and people busy with work also love to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a future vacation, at least in the virtual world, having a drink by the pool among beautiful people.

    1. Pool Party Leona
    2. Pool Party Graves
    3. Pool Party Renekton
    4. Pool Party Lee Sin
    5. Pool Party Fiora
    6. Pool Party Miss Fortune
    7. Pool Party Zac
    8. Pool Party Lulu
    9. Pool Party Draven
    10. Pool Party Taric
    11. Pool Party Gangplank
    12. Pool Party Caitlyn
    13. Pool Party Ahri
    14. Pool Party Zoe
    15. Pool Party Orianna
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