TOP-10 Best Mid Champions in LoL 2024

Andrea "Larkey" Cherubini
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In the ever-evolving battleground of League of Legends, mastering the mid-lane is a dance of strategy, skill, and adaptability. This article delves into the top 10 mid-champions of 2024, exploring their unique strengths, potential weaknesses, and the tactical nuances they bring to the Rift.


  • List of the best mid-laners of 2024
  • A thorough analysis of each
  • Description of that Champion and its playstyle
  • Blix team's review of the given Champion's strengths and weaknesses

From the dynamic playstyle of Ahri to the relentless aggression of Yasuo and the sinister burst of Katarina, we share our personalized insights on what makes each Champion stand out and the challenges players might face. Whether you're a seasoned mid-laner or looking to expand your champion pool, understanding these key players can profoundly impact your approach to conquering the mid-lane.

Top Mid-lane Champions List

  1. Ahri
  2. Yasuo
  3. Zed
  4. Yone
  5. Veigar
  6. Vex
  7. Viktor
  8. Lux
  9. Katarina
  10. Akali

Best Mid-laners Review



Tier - S+

Class - Burst

Role - Mage, Assassin

Release date - December 14, 2011

Last changed - patch 14.4

Price - BE 3150 or RP 790

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 1890

Ahri is known for her mobility and Charm ("E"), allowing her to pick off targets or escape danger. Her Ultimate ("R") provides exceptional repositioning ability, which is crucial for engaging and disengaging.

Ahri's kit balances burst damage, crowd control, and escape mechanisms, making her a versatile pick in various matchups.


Essence Theft (passive) - after killing nine minions or monsters, Ahri heals. After taking down an enemy champion, she heals for a more significant amount.

"Q" - Orb of Deception - deals magic damage on the way out and true damage on the way back to enemies.

"W" - Fox-Fire - releases fox-fires that seek nearby enemies, dealing magic damage and granting Ahri a burst of decaying movement speed for 2 seconds.

"E" - Charm - blows a kiss that deals magic damage and charms the first enemy hit, causing them to walk harmlessly toward Ahri.

"R" - Spirit Rush - Ahri nimbly dashes forward, firing essence bolts at nearby enemies, prioritizing champions. This can be recast up to 2 more times within a certain period.

Ahri offers a great blend of mobility, Charm, and burst damage, making her an excellent choice for players who enjoy a dynamic playstyle. Her ability to charm enemies and deal significant damage allows impressive outplay potential. However, her reliance on skill shots means that missing her Charm can significantly reduce her effectiveness in skirmishes and team fights.



Tier - S+

Release date - December 13, 2013

Last changed - patch 13.15

Class - Skirmisher

Role - Fighter, Assassin

Price - BE 1350 or RP 585

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 810

Yasuo's high skill ceiling comes from his unique wind-themed abilities, including a wind wall that can block enemy projectiles, offering strategic depth in team fights.

His potential to chain abilities for great damage and his passive double critical strike chance make him a formidable opponent in sustained fights.


Way of the Wanderer (passive) - Yasuo's Critical Strike Chance is doubled, and he builds a shield when moving. The shield activates upon taking damage from champions or monsters, absorbing damage.

"Q" - Steel Tempest - A forward thrust dealing physical damage. Hitting an enemy grants a stack of Gathering Storm; at two stacks, it fires a whirlwind, knocking enemies airborne. It's treated as a basic attack, can critically strike, apply on-hit effects, and Attack Speed reduces its cooldown.

"W" - Wind Wall - Creates a wall, blocking all enemy projectiles for a short duration.

"E" - Sweeping Blade - Allows Yasuo to dash through an enemy, dealing magic damage. Each cast increases the subsequent dash's base damage and cannot be recast on the same enemy briefly.

"R" - Last Breath - Teleports Yasuo to an airborne enemy champion, dealing significant physical damage and holding airborne enemies in the area for an additional second. It grants maximum Flow and resets Gathering Storm stacks, with subsequent critical strikes gaining bonus armor penetration.

With his high skill ceiling, Yasuo provides a rewarding experience for players who dedicate time to mastering him. His wind wall and passive shield give him a solid defensive toolkit, while his critical strike synergy offers explosive damage output.

The downside is his vulnerability to crowd control and the steep learning curve that can be punishing for less experienced players.



Tier - S+

Release date - November 13, 2012

Last changed - patch 13.20

Class - Assassin

Role - Assassin

Price - BE 1350 or RP 585

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 810

Mastery of Zed involves using shadows to outmaneuver opponents, dealing massive burst damage, and escaping unscathed.

Zed can dominate the laning phase and assassinate key targets in skirmishes and team fights, making him a constant threat.


Contempt for the Weak (Passive) - Zed deals bonus magic damage to enemies below a certain health threshold.

"Q" - Razor Shuriken - Zed and his shadows throw their shurikens, dealing damage to the first enemy hit and less damage to subsequent enemies.

"W" - Living Shadow - Zed's shadow dashes forward, remaining in place for a brief period, and Zed can reactivate this ability to swap places with this shadow.

"E" - Shadow Slash - Zed and his shadows slash, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

"R" - Death Mark - Zed becomes untargetable and dashes to an enemy champion, marking them. After a short delay, the mark triggers, dealing a percentage of the damage Zed dealt to the target while they were marked.

Zed is highly favored for his assassination potential and ability to outmaneuver opponents with his shadows. His capacity for dealing massive damage in a short window makes him a threat to even the most guarded adversaries. However, Zed struggles if he falls behind early in the game, and his energy resource must be carefully managed to maintain his lethal threat.



Tier - S+

Release date - August 6, 2020

Last changed - patch 13.19

Class - Assassin, Skirmisher

Role - Assassin, Fighter

Price - BE 3150 or RP 790

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 1890

Yone uses a combination of swordplay and spirit magic to deal damage, similar to Yasuo but with his unique twist, including the ability to snap back to a safe location after attacking.

His dual-phase playstyle and critical strike synergy make him a powerhouse in 1v1 and team engagements.


Way of the Hunter (Passive) - Yone uses two kinds of attacks: one deals physical damage, and the other deals magic damage.

"Q" - Mortal Steel - Yone thrusts forward, dealing damage to enemies. After hitting an enemy twice, Yone can activate this ability to dash forward with a wave that knocks enemies airborne.

"W" - Spirit Cleave - Yone cleaves before him, dealing damage based on the enemy's max health and granting himself a temporary shield.

"E" - Soul Unbound - Yone dashes forward, leaving his body behind. After a brief period, or if this ability is reactivated, Yone snaps back to his body and deals some of the damage he dealt with while in spirit form.

"R" - Fate Sealed - Yone strikes all enemies in his path, teleporting behind the last enemy hit and knocking enemies airborne towards him.

Yone shares similarities with Yasuo but brings his unique flair to the mid-lane. His dual damage output (physical and magic) allows him to deal with various opponents effectively. His spirit form provides exciting playmaking opportunities but can also expose him recklessly.



Tier - I+Tier

Release date - July 24, 2009

Last changed - patch 14.2

Class - Burst

Role - Mage

Price - BE 1350 or RP 585

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 810

Veigar is the archetypal "scale into late game" champion, where his ability to infinitely stackability power makes him a ticking time bomb.

His Event Horizon ("E") can change the outcome of team fights, and his ultimate is a formidable execution tool.


Phenomenal Evil Power (passive) - Veigar gains ability power by hitting an enemy with an ability or when an enemy champion dies near him.

"Q" - Baleful Strike - Veigar shoots a bolt of dark energy, damaging the first two enemies hit.

"W" - Dark Matter - After a brief delay, Veigar calls a meteor to strike a target area, dealing significant damage.

"E" - Event Horizon - Veigar creates a cage that stuns enemies who pass through its edges.

"R" - Primordial Burst - Veigar blasts an enemy champion, dealing massive damage that increases based on the target's missing health.

Veigar's infinite scaling potential and Q ability make him a late-game monster capable of one-shotting enemies with his massive burst damage. The area control provided by his Event Horizon can change the tide of team fights. However, his lack of mobility and vulnerability in the early game can be exploited by aggressive opponents.



Tier - S+

Release date - September 23, 2021

Last changed - patch 13.21

Class - Burst

Role - Mage

Price - BE 3150 or RP 790

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 1890

Vex specializes in anti-mobility, with abilities designed to disrupt and punish high-movement champions.

Her fear mechanic and ability to mitigate enemy dashes make her a strong pick against various popular mid-laners.


Doom 'n Gloom (passive) - Vex periodically gains a shield, which causes her next essential ability to fear enemies.

"Q" - Mistral Bolt - Vex launches a wave of mist that deals damage.

"W" - Personal Space - Vex creates a field around her, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

"E" - Looming Darkness - Vex sends her shadow to a location, dealing damage and slowing enemies.

"R" - Shadow Surge - Vex launches a wave of darkness forward. If it hits an enemy champion, Vex can reactivate the ability to dash to the target, dealing additional damage.

Vex's power to disrupt and fear her enemies makes her a formidable control mage with significant area denial capabilities. Her gloomy demeanor is well-matched to her playstyle, focusing on thwarting enemy advances and picking off vulnerable targets. The main drawback is her reliance on proper positioning to maximize her impact, as she can be overwhelmed by fast-paced assassins.



Tier - S+

Release date - December 29, 2011

Last changed - patch 14.2

Class - Battlemage

Role - Mage

Price - BE 4800 or RP 880

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 2880

Viktor's power grows with item upgrades, allowing his abilities to scale effectively into the late game. His laser ("E") offers both poke and wave clear.

Substantial zone control and scaling damage output make Viktor a threat at all game stages.


Glorious Evolution (passive) - Viktor can augment his abilities when he gets kills, assists, or farms.

"Q" - Siphon Power - Viktor blasts an enemy unit, dealing damage, shielding himself, and empowering his next basic attack.

"W" - Gravity Field - Viktor deploys a gravitational anomaly, slowing and potentially stunning enemies in the area.

"E" - Death Ray - Viktor uses his robotic arm to fire a laser across a path, damaging all enemies.

"R" - Chaos Storm - Viktor summons a singularity on the field, dealing damage and interrupting enemy channels. The storm follows his cursor or attacks nearby enemies.

Viktor's evolving abilities offer him a unique growth path throughout the game, providing consequential area damage and crowd control. His laser, in particular, can deal devastating damage in team fights. However, his immobility and the need for precise positioning can leave him susceptible to ganks and agile adversaries.



Tier - S+

Release date - October 19, 2010

Last changed - patch 14.2

Class - Burst, Artillery

Role - Mage, Support

Price - BE 450 or RP 260

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 270

Lux excels at long-range engagements, with her snare ("Q") and ultimate ("R") allowing for devastating combos from a safe distance.

Her ability to control space with light-binding and zone with her E and a potent long-range laser makes her a valuable asset in team compositions focused on pick potential and siege.


Illumination (passive)- Lux's damaging spells charge the target with energy for a few seconds. Lux's next attack ignites the energy, dealing bonus magic damage.

"Q" - Light Binding - Lux releases a sphere of light that binds and damages up to two enemy units.

"W" - Prismatic Barrier - Lux throws her wand and bends the light around any friendly target it touches, protecting them and absorbing damage.

"E" - Lucent Singularity - Lux sends an anomaly of twisted light to an area, slowing nearby enemies. Reactivating this ability detonates the light, dealing damage.

"R" - Final Spark - Lux fires a giant laser that damages all enemies in the line.

Lux is celebrated for her long-range poke, binding crowd control, and potent burst combo with her ultimate. She excels in sieges and team fights, where she can safely dispatch enemies from afar. Missing her Light Binding can significantly diminish her threat level, and her spells have noticeable cooldowns that can be exploited.



Tier - S+

Release date - September 19, 2009

Last changed - patch 14.2

Class - Assassin

Role - Assassin, Mage

Price - BE 3150 or RP 790

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 1890

Known for her reset-based mechanics, Katarina thrives in chaotic team fights, using her mobility to dart around enemies and pick up kills.

High burst damage and cleanup potential make her a constant threat, especially after securing a few early kills.


Voracity (passive) - Katarina reduces her ability to cool down upon getting a kill or assist.

"Q" - Bouncing Blade - Katarina throws a dagger that bounces between enemies before landing on the ground.

"W" - Preparation - Katarina gains speed and throws a dagger above her.

"E" - Shunpo - Katarina blinks at a target, dealing damage if it's an enemy or striking a nearby dagger, picking it up.

"R" - Death Lotus - Katarina becomes a flurry of blades, rapidly throwing knives at the nearest three enemy champions, dealing massive damage.

Katarina is known for her incredible mobility and snowball potential, thriving in chaotic team fights where she can reset her cooldowns by picking up kills and assists. Her high-risk, high-reward gameplay can be thrilling but requires keen awareness and precision to avoid getting shut down by crowd control or burst damage.



Tier - S+

Release date - May 11, 2010

Last changed - patch 14.2

Class - Assassin

Role - Assassin

Price - BE 3150 or RP 790

Crafting - Hextech Crafting Shard + BE 1890

Akali excels in short, burst-heavy trades and has significant escape mechanisms, allowing her to weave in and out of combat.

Her mobility and assassination potential make Akali essential for applying pressure and taking out high-value targets.


Assassin's Mark (passive) - Damaging a champion with an ability grants Akali a burst of movement speed and empowers her next auto-attack.

"Q" - Five Point Strike - Akali throws out five kunai, dealing damage to enemies before her.

"W" - Twilight Shroud - Akali drops a smoke bomb, which expands into a ring, cloaking her and granting movement speed.

"E" - Shuriken Flip - Akali flips backward and throws a shuriken forward, marking the first enemy hit. Akali can reactivate this ability to dash to the marked target, dealing additional damage.

"R" - Perfect Execution - Akali dashes forward, dealing damage. She can reactivate this ability within a few seconds to dash again, dealing execution damage based on missing health.

Akali stands out for her agility and assassination prowess, capable of diving into the fray and escaping unscathed. Her shroud provides unique tactical advantages, enabling bold plays. However, Akali's effectiveness relies heavily on player skill and timing, as misjudging her engagements or mistiming her abilities can lead to quick demises.

LoL's mid-lane landscape is ever-evolving, with champions rising and falling in the meta. These top picks reflect the current state of play, where versatility, impact on team fights, and laning strength are paramount. Mastery of any of these champions requires understanding their mechanics and when to roam, how to manage wave control, and the best ways to contribute to team objectives.


Beyond the champions we've discussed, the League of Legends mid-lane roster is diverse, offering a champion for nearly every playstyle. Champions like Syndra, with her potent burst damage and ability to control the battlefield, and Orianna, known for her versatility and impactful area of effect abilities, are just a few examples.

LeBlanc's high mobility and deceptive play can dismantle even the most cautious opponents, making her a fearsome pick. Meanwhile, Twisted Fate offers global presence with his ultimate, impacting not just the mid-lane but the entire map.

Each of these champions brings something unique, from Azir's long-range command of his soldiers to control space and poke from afar to Malzahar's ability to lock down and swiftly neutralize key targets with his ultimate.

Exploring these champions can uncover new strategies and playstyles, enriching your mid-lane repertoire and adapting to the ever-changing meta of the game.

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