MAJ3R returns from Valorant to CS:GO

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Modified  9 Jul, 13:25
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Turkish-French professional esports player Engin "MAJ3R" Küpeli has joined Eternal Fire. Thus he returned to the CS:GO after six months of playing Valorant.

31-year MAJ3R will replace 23-year Buğra "Calyx" Arkın, who left the Turkish team in early July.

In January 2022, MAJ3R joined Digital Athletics' Valorant roster with other former Sangal Esports CS:GO members. In the Riot Games' shooter, the team did not qualify for any major tournament.

Eternal Fire are now:

  • Ismailcan "⁠XANTARES⁠" Dörtkardeş
  • Özgür "⁠woxic⁠" Eker
  • Ömer "⁠imoRR⁠" Karataş
  • Yasin "⁠xfl0ud⁠" Koç
  • Engin "⁠MAJ3R⁠" Küpeli
  • Timur "⁠bishop⁠" Şengül (coach)