Sources: Mirage Elyandra reached a signed agreement with Highlight Event to sell their spot in LFL for 2023

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Report done in collaboration between Anonimotum and LEC_Gliscor.

Mirage Elyandra, the French-Canadian organization competing in LFL as a collaboration between Mirage Esports from Quebec and Elyandra Esport from France, would have reached an agreement for the acquisition of its spot in LFL for the next 2023 season due to economic struggle from Mirage Esports, as per sources close to BLIX.GG said.

They new investor would be Highlight Event and Entertainment AG, a Swiss organization based in Lucern that has no previous involvement with esports. The ownership of Highlight Event traces up to famous Swiss businessman Alexander Studhalter, the corporate group would be formed by another company called Highlight Communications AG . For now, the Mirage Elyandra branding will remain unchanged, but it is planned to change to a complete new brand for 2023. Sources also confirm that British based organization Guild Esports was in talks for acquire the spot, but negotiations didn't go through in the end.

The Mirage Elyandra project would eventually be acquired by Studhalter, and the spot would then become part of the Swiss millionaire

Somewhere at the end of April, one of the main investors on the Mirage part of the organization brought out less resources than what it was agreed upon, which meant a sudden deficit of money and not being able to pay neither players and staff salaries nor infrastructure needed for the Summer Split. Highlight Event would manage the maintenance of the team for the remainder of the season.

Highlight Event would act as a main sponsor for this Summer Split, the Swiss company would be acting as the new owner, even though it is still in the name of the old companies. However Vincent "Shaolan" Dalagi is still acting and representing the organization for now. The signed agreement between the two parties would not take place in case the team does not manage to keep the spot in 1st division and is relegated at the end of it, as well as needing the approval of both Riot Games and the LFL itself.

This sudden change of plans inside of the organization brought a lot of chaos into the decision-making process of the roster for Summer. Some of the changes planned for Mirage Elyandra by the owners from the Quebecois organization included the signing of Ludovic “Lud0'' Callier as new Head Coach for the team, as well as establishing negotiations with French legendary toplaner Paul “sOAZ” Boyer to join the organization as either a top laner or positional coach, while curren toplaner Lucas “Badlulu” Piochaud would remain with the team anyway.

Mirage Elyandra is currently still competing in the LFL 2022 Summer Split, with a record of 1-3 after the second week. It is unclear what their plans for the 2023 season will be.