Report: ODDIK set their sights on r1see

Modified  27 Jul, 17:46
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According to sources close to the situation, ODDIK is close to adding Nicolas “r1see” Kubitza. The 19-year-old used to play for Los Grandes Academy is replacing Felipe “skullz” Medeiros, who is on his way to sign with paiN, as reported previously by Dust2 Brasil. Negotiations between both parties are in the advanced stage, BLIX.GG has learned.

R1see hasn’t much experience in the competitive scene beside the experience in the Academy of the Brazilian organization Los Grandes. He is expected to debut for ODDIK in the South America RMR for the Major in Rio.

ODDIK will consist of:

  • João “naitte” Maia
  • Victor “remix” Monteiro
  • Victor “vLa” Luiz
  • Felipe “RICIOLI” Ricioli
  • Nicolas “r1see” Kubitza