Report: OG signs an academy CS:GO team ahead WePlay Academy League

Published  23 May, 16:49
Reading time  ~2  mins

After participating in WePlay Academy League Season 4 was confirmed, as BLIX.GG previously reported, OG already got in line a roster to compete in the tournament. Sources told BLIX.GG that OG made a trialing process with various players. The IGL will be Arbnor “dementor” Pacolli, that lastly played with the “X” team, a rooster with Kosovo compatriots.

The Bulgarian talent Kaloyan “shaiK” Borisov will AWP the OG Academy team after experiences in the last year in FATE. Also from Bulgaria, Blagoi “oxygen” Dimitrov is joining OG too, a player that finished his adventure in SKADE in October 2021, after one year in the team.

Dispensed by Sprout, Max “Marix” Kugener is also set to join the team. Added by the German organization since the beginning of the year, Marix couldn’t keep his level in the team and parted away with the organization in early May.

Alexandru “s0und” Ștefan from Romania will be part of the project after experiences in teams like GameAgents and Nexus.

OG already confirmed the signing of Christian “crisby” Schmitt, the coach that will lead the team that will debut in WePlay Academy League Season 4, which starts tomorrow.

OG Academy team is:

• Arbnor “dementor” Pacolli
• Kaloyan “shaiK” Borisov
• Blagoi “oxygen” Dimitrov
• Max “Marix” Kugener
• Alexandru “s0und” Ștefan
• Christian “crisby” Schmitt (coach)